Best WordPress Multi-Lingual Plugins

WordPress Multi-Lingual plugins help you to translate your website into multiple languages to make it more accommodating to people of different languages. Similar to other WordPress plugins, you will need to be extra careful when selecting multi-lingual plugins.

To help you select the best option, we have compiled a list of six best-rated WordPress Multi-Lingual plugins for your site.


When it comes to WordPress multi-lingual plugins, not many plugins can match the effectiveness of WPML. The plugin comes with a state-of-the-art translation management system designed to allow you to translate plugins, themes, and content with ease.

WPML has a user-friendly interface that enables you to add your desired translation. Impressively, WPML supports all custom fields, taxonomies, strings, and post types generated by your WordPress plugins and themes.

It also boasts of impressive third-party translation features. Third-party translation allows for efficient content translation and direct submission to the site.

2. Polylang

Polylang ranks highly due to its user-friendly interface that allows you to add translations for various posts, widgets, pages, and more. When using the plugin, you will be able to create a perfectly bilingual or multi-lingual WordPress site.

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Another advantage that comes with Polylang is its compatibility with other Word press plugins, especially SEO plugins. To select your preferred language, you simply use the sidebar widget to add the language switcher.

However, Polylang doesn’t come with eCommerce support, which means you will be required to purchase a paid add on.

3. Translate Press

TranslatePress is among the leading multi-lingual WordPress plugins primarily due to its ability to handle front-end translation. Impressively, TranslatePress allows users to switch up languages with ease. The translations occur instantly on the live preview.

The ease of translation allows users to retain the original interface while translating plugins, themes, and content. TranslatePress is best for manual translations. You can either choose to translate yourself or hire a professional to translate content on your behalf. Worry not though—with TranslatePress, your translators can do their work without accessing the admin area.

4. Weglot

Weglot is an easy to use, cloud-based translation platform that works well with WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify, and many more. During set-up, you will be required to select your preferred site language and the foreign languages you would like to add.

When using Weglot, however, you will need to use its website to manage translation and push them directly to your site. You should also expect monthly billing when using the Weglot translator.

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The presence of a language-switcher button makes Weglot easy to use, especially for first-time users.  The multi-language plugin also comes with WooCommerce support as well as URL support that is SEO friendly.

5. Multi-lingual Press

When it comes to spot-on translation accuracy, very few plugins can match the popular MultilingualPress. The multi-lingual plugin is unique in that it utilizes the effective WordPress multisite network to translate every language.

The plugin loads one language at a time, allowing for proper content management. Multi-lingual press supports pages, custom posts, posts, and taxonomies, among others. The user-friendly interface makes it appropriate for first-timers.

6. Transposh WordPress Translation.

Transposh translation utilizes an effective translation strategy that combines both human and automated machine translations. The plugin also allows website visitors to contribute to relevant translations, which increases the accuracy of the plugins.

Transposh translation also allows for third-party translations, meaning you can hire a professional to perform the heavy translation work. The automated translation supports Bing, Google, Apertium, and Yandex translation services.


With several translation plugins available in the WordPress market, finding the best multi-lingual plugin is anything but a walk in the park. Automated translations are often erroneous, which highlights the need for manual translations for sites looking to rank highly in SEO.

The WordPress multi-lingual plugins discussed above are among the best when it comes to accurate translation. Plugins like Transposh give you more power when it comes to correct translation as it allows for professional, machine, and even user translation.

When selecting the best WordPress multi-lingual plugin, it is advisable to choose plugins that meet your intended use. The Multilingual Press plugin, for instance, only translates one language at a time, making it appropriate for websites dealing with two to three languages. For multiple translations, popular options like WPML and Translate Press can help you provide error-free translations.