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When Translations Go Wrong

translation fail

Translators have been around for a long time—and over the years, many mistakes have been made in translation. Here are some examples of problematic translation errors that have occurred throughout history.

12 Tips to Provide Quality Document Translations

Quality Translations

Quality translation requires a company to control and manage their translators, if the project is be delivered per the client’s specifications. Though the qualifications and experience of the translators contribute to an excellent job, the evaluation of the management system makes a difference.

Legal Transcription: 5 Benefits

Legal Transcription

Legal transcription is a specialized branch of general transcription that converts legal proceedings in verbatim from the audio form into the written word. Although the field does not require specialized skills, a background education in law or familiarity with legal jargon is essential.

What is Localization?

translation vs localization

Many clients ask us “what is localization?” and “what is the difference between translation and localization?”. In this post, we define the meaning of the two individually, explain how localization and translation are related, and highlight what the distinct differences are.