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Espresso Translations is a leading translation company offering clinical research translation services in over 150 languages completed by native-speaking translators with experience in the sector. 

With important and groundbreaking medical research constantly taking place across the globe, professional clinical trial translations are essential to sharing your important advances and gaining global standing, whatever your field of research. 

Our Clinical Translation Solutions

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Why Espresso Translations?

Perhaps you are at the start of your research and need a medical questionnaire translation, a healthcare information leaflet, or an informed consent form translation to ensure you can work with participants from a broader pool and strengthen the reliability of your study.  

Our clinical research translation services are completed by qualified translators who have advanced, up-to-date knowledge of the medical sector, meaning we guarantee an accurate, fluent and technically proficient translation of any documentation relating to your clinical trial. 

Our commitment to excellence means we work exclusively with knowledgeable and experienced mother tongue translators. They focus their skills on ensuring your translation reads fluently to other native speakers and is presented in a clear, readable style that stays true to the original document, whether it’s packed with figures or complex technical vocabulary. 


Clinical Research Translators

The up-to-date insight we always offer from our specialised clinical translators we believe sets us apart from our competitors. The assigning of a thorough and committed Project Manager to for every project means all the extra details behind your clinical study translation are taken care of, as well as reassuring you that important elements relating to the confidentiality of your project are respected. 

If the documents you need us to translate are ones that you have put time and energy into formatting, we have the wherewithal to return your multilingual clinical study translations with the same layout, whatever software you have been using. 

Thanks to our desktop publishing services completed by tech-experts, you can rest assured that your important research is kept uniform for whatever you need to do with it next.

“An extremely professional service and high-quality language skills. Very quick and efficient. A lovely team to work with, very helpful and professional with competitive prices.”

Translate Clinical Documents

Take advantage of our clinical documentation translations to ensure that every last bit of paperwork and record-keeping respects industry standards and is readable to the widest possible pool of international doctors, researchers and investors.

Our clinical research agency’s commitment to completing translations on time, every time, means you can rest assured that any further stages of your project waiting for clinical trial translations can continue to run smoothly and on schedule. 

To get started, contact us for a competitively priced quote, and within an hour of you getting in touch, you will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will guide you through the drug trials translation process. Alternatively, discover more about our other medical translation services. 

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