The desktop publishing translation services we offer reflect our firm belief that a translation project should make things as straightforward as possible for our clients. The technological outlook of our translation agency means we happily take care of the formatting needs of your translated document so that your finished translation means less work for your company, not more. Whether it’s a question of some Photoshop, Illustrator or FrameMaker files with embedded text that you need us to translate, or an InDesign file where you want to preserve the complex formatting with the newly translated copy, get in touch to receive a competitive quote within the hour, and see how we can collaborate with you to meet whatever needs you may have.

desktop publishing translation services

Desktop Publishing Translation

Our technologically fluent translation services have access to a broad range of software programs that allow us to preserve your original layouts and formatting whatever your DTP translation project involves. Whether it is a question of complex graphic design templates embedded with text to be translated or files created by Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Publisher or PowerPoint, no job is too simple or complex for our professional translators and tech-experts. As with all of our translations, we can promise excellent value and a tireless respect for deadlines, so you can expect to receive your translated material in the way that best suits you.

As we work both with experienced translators and in-house tech-experts for every multi-lingual desktop publishing project we undertake, you can be sure that both aspects of the work we do for you, on the linguistic and design side, will be to the highest possible standard. Where your text to be translated includes industry-specific vocabulary and knowledge, whether it be medical, legal, technological or financial to name but a few, we can offer you a translator with knowledge in that field so that none of the subtleties of meaning are lost in the process of translation. Likewise, your DTP translation will be formatted by someone familiar with the specific software program you need, with access to many Microsoft and Adobe Suite programs to suit the needs of all the page layout translations we take on. With a Project Manager assigned to coordinate your project, you can relax knowing you're in safe hands, with a reliable point of contact throughout to answer any of your questions.

Formatting and Layout of Localised Materials

As we know how crucial international communication is for all of our clients, we can offer our complete translation services between an ever-expanding range of languages that will perfectly situate you to forge international links in whatever domain you work in. Given the all-inclusive nature of our desktop publishing translation services, you may be surprised to hear that we don't charge extortionate prices for the work that we carry out. The most important thing for us is that you receive high-quality multilingual DTP translations at a fair price, and from a friendly translation company you can trust.

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