Document Transcription Services

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    Espresso Translations is an ISO-certified transcription agency with an extensive and successful history within the transcription industry. With years of industry experience, our professional document transcription services offer accurate and affordable transcriptions undertaken by some of the industry’s finest transcribers from around the globe.

    As an ISO-certified agency, our document transcription services carry out an extensive and rigorous quality control process with our embedded quality tools to ensure that all transcription and certification processes are conducted to the highest possible standard. So, no matter the purpose of your transcription or to whom it will be sent, you will have peace of mind that it will be well-received and that all legal processes are carried out to the fullest.

    To see how the UK’s leading transcription specialists can fulfil your transcription specifications and requirements, place your trust in Espresso Translations.

    What is Document Transcription?

    Document transcription involves converting one form of a written document, such as a fax, handwritten documents, old letters, books, research papers, or a PDF file into a digital document format, such as Microsoft Word.

    The transcription process accurately reproduces and depicts the content of the original documents or conversations between differing parties. Whilst the mode of communication could be anything from video and audio to written text, the precise use will depend greatly on the ease of the speaker or situation where it has been delivered.

    The Benefits of Document Transcription

    Document transcription allows people from all around the world to read or hear a particular conversation with greater ease and availability.

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    Whilst there are many reasons for opting for the transcription of your documents, whether it be to reduce the memory storage of some types of recordings; archive or sort any kind of information in a particular database or keep it in digital form; or to make it available to read the document later anytime whenever required, document transcription can be invaluable. Below, we have highlighted some key areas in which we feel document transcription holds its greatest benefits:

    1. Improve Turnaround Time

    In fields where audio or video material plays a prominent role, the use of transcripts can really speed up a video editor’s workflow. With a written document, editors can easily mark sections where revision must be completed all at once and then return to editing. This is a much more seamless workflow, as having to switch between tasks can be very time-consuming. With the advantage of a transcript, editors won’t have to move between watching and editing constantly throughout the process.

    2. Boost the Value of Content

    Many businesses use transcription services to make video content easily searchable. Search engines can’t watch a video or listen to audio. If a video is transcribed or captioned, Google bots can read the transcriptions and know exactly what content is contained within the video.

    Depending on the length of the videos you produce, there may be valuable information on a number of different topics contained within a single video. Transcripts of these longer videos may reveal some natural breaking points between different topics, so each transcript could be broken up into several distinct pages or blog posts on your website.

    3. Help Employees Focus

    In all industries, transcribing meetings and speaker events gives employees scannable records without forcing someone to take notes. This can help with everything from project management to repurposing a transcript into various marketing content.

    Research has proven that visual memory is significantly stronger than auditory memory. If employees are given transcripts of all auditory or visual training content, they’re more likely to retain the information.

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    Transcription of Audio and Video Files

    When submitting audio files or a video recording, it is important that the audio quality is as clear as possible. Whilst some background noise is expected, when recording your work, doing so in a quiet space is paramount. This way, the ability for our service to transcribe your work becomes easier and guarantees greater accuracy in the final document transcription without the risk of impeding your project.

    Which Documents Can Be Transcribed?

    Our services are capable of transcribing all written documents, including, but not limited to, divorce documents, death certificates, birth certificates, and loan documents. However, it is important that all handwritten documents are easily legible so that the transcription process isn’t hindered due to miscommunication and illegible writing found in the original document.

    Plus, in order to strengthen client confidentiality, it is important to note that as you are sharing your personal documents with us, that you make sure that you never share anything too sensitive or things that don’t need to be necessarily transcribed. Whilst we have a rigorous security system in place to ensure the safekeeping of all client information and data, by double-checking what you are sharing with us you can help mitigate any safety and confidentiality issues that could appear down the line.

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    Quality Transcription Services

    We provide high-quality transcription services with competitive pricing that offer highly accurate transcripts and certifications of your important documents in multiple languages that are both signed and stamped by us.

    Our document transcription services not only certify their transcription processes but as an ISO-certified agency, all work is carried out to the highest quality.

    There are many situations where the need for document transcription can arise. In the health care field, for example, patient records, death certificates, birth certificates, or a doctor’s notes on surgery often need to be transcribed. In the legal field, transcribing documents such as court proceedings is common. When it comes to other industries, Espresso Translations’ expert team can transcribe text related to interviews, conference calls, training sessions, lectures, or virtually any other activity where some form of the documents involved needs to be transcribed into another.

    We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction, and as the UK’s leading document transcription services, we ensure that when it comes to text transcription, we always put our clients and their needs first to guarantee that our service meets a level of professionalism that we know our clients would be proud to be a part of. After all, it is their trust in us as an agency that has given us the ability to excel as much as we have done in the industry.

    Our document transcription services continuously deliver high-quality transcriptions by professional transcribers. What sets us apart from other companies is our extensive global network of professional transcriptionists, all of whom have a minimum of 5-years’ experience in the industry.

    When it comes to document transcription, our service offers translation into many languages at highly competitive rates. Whilst our service always has a dedicated team of native English speakers at hand to help transcribe your audio and video recordings, by having an international network of transcribers, we can transcribe from your source language to over 150 languages from around the world.

    With our integrated global service, you will have peace of mind that your transcriptions will be produced in a way that sounds natural, and that a deep understanding of any technical terminology used within your document will be had.

    When we develop and format your transcript, we never use computer technology. Instead, we use human transcribers with years of prior industry experience and expertise. Not only does this guarantee accuracy (with issues such as difficult accents being mitigated), but their ability to accurately transcribe digital audio files and video recordings mean that we can have your completed transcript delivered to you in a prompt and timely manner.

    As an additional bonus to our service, we also offer free revisions for 14 days for the correction of any errors, should there be any.

    So, for all your document transcription needs, be sure to get in contact with Espresso Translations to see how we can be of service to you and allow our expert and efficient service to transcribe your important documents with both ease and professionalism.

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