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Espresso Translations is a translation company offering fashion translation services in more than 150 languages completed by native-speaking translators with industry-specific experience. 

Whether you’re a high-street brand, haute couture specialist or a small-scale fabrics start-up, our fashion translations are the perfect way to break into the international market and build your brand overseas. Whatever your target market, we understand that quality and client trust are crucial elements of the fashion industry, and our specialist language services can help you foster this on an international scale.

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Why Choose Espresso Translations?

Our years of working as a fashion translation agency have shown us that specialised knowledge is necessary for a quality translation, rather than simply linguistic ability. 

Our focus on hand-selecting translators with experience in and a passion for the fashion industry, from production and fabric technologies to marketing and branding, means that we can guarantee a word-perfect translation that is adapted to your target market.

Fashion gives us all more choices. Some people crave the latest styles, while others yearn for the old-fashioned quality of a garment lovingly stitched by hand. Some consumers browse sprawling retail websites in search of a bargain, while others are happy to spend a pretty penny to look pretty. 

No matter what kind of customer you are targeting, we can help you reach out and tell your story about fashion in a way that speaks the language of your customers.

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Expert Fashion Translators

This industry knowledge is complemented by the fact that our translation experts will only ever translate into their native language, which means that the final translated text will sound natural and fluent to international users.

This may sound like a small detail, but when it’s a question of product description translations for look books, fashion magazines, catalogues, and websites, tapping into idiomatic terminology and tone of voice can have a hugely positive impact on sales and the strength of your international fashion brand.

Your brand may be bold or traditional, urban chic or ruggedly outdoorsy, geared to the young or aimed at those seeking timeless style. Perhaps you provide raw materials, fabrics or new technologies that designers need so their imaginations can soar. Regardless of the niche, we offer fashion translation services that can help fashion professionals communicate their ideas and their products.

We take care to provide accurate translations that convey concepts in a way that make sense in a different culture. We can help translate your fashion documents regardless of the scale, whether you have a small start-up or a massive enterprise.

“An extremely professional service and high-quality language skills. Very quick and efficient. A lovely team to work with, very helpful and professional with competitive prices.”

Translate Fashion Documents

If you are in the fashion industry, there is no reason not to market your products and services around the world. Fashionistas are open to new styles from anywhere – novelty is always in vogue – and today’s consumers are increasingly interested in artisanal work. 

Pictures can indeed be worth a thousand words, but to tell the whole story about fashion you must be able to describe your special materials, your approach to style, your business practices, and many other intangibles. Knowing what you want to tell your customers is a great start, but in order to take the next step, you need to be able to speak to global consumers.

Our fashion translations go far beyond pinpointing the hottest trends in our product listing translations. Our clothes label translations can help retail suppliers around the world demonstrate compliance with international regulations while making sure they perfectly match the specificity of your apparel brands, from High-Fashion to the High Street.

Crucially, our low-cost translations never compromise on quality or accuracy, with our professional fashion translators double proofreading every project they complete prior to delivery. With our promise to have all involved parties, from translators to your dedicated Project Manager, agree to confidentiality terms, you can rest assured that your hard-kept insider secrets are safe in the lead up to big launches or high-profile events.

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