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Our top-quality French to English translation services are the ideal choice for anyone working to create links between France and the UK in business, tourism, media or retail. For two countries that have historically been so closely connected, it makes sense to cross the linguistic barrier in a range of sectors, to benefit from the shared interests and culture that binds both nations. Our team of experienced translators with a range of specialisms can expertly cater to any needs you may have regarding French to English translations.

French to English Translations

French may be the language most anglophone children learn at school, but it’s unusual for English speakers to take their language learning much further, and an ability to offer English translations of any French documentation your business may have is the perfect way to build strong links with your French counterparts and boost your chances of international trade. Whether you are in the service industry, entertainment, law or medicine, our French to English translations can adapt to your needs, and produce word-perfect results every time.

French to English Translation Services

With English ranking the third most common language for native speakers in the world, and the second most widely spoken in total, expert French to English translations allow our clients to connect with a global audience beyond just the English-speaking world. Nowhere is this truer than in the tourism industry. France consistently tops charts as the most visited country by tourists, so whether you’re a hotel looking for French to English translation services for your website, or a local attraction hoping to wow visitors with your word-perfect guided tours, we can assign you an experienced French to English translator who perfectly understands the nature of your project and can transform your French text into colloquial English.

Mother Tongue French to English Translators

We understand that our clients have a number of different needs and projects, and so we offer French to English translations in formats as varied as videos, sound recordings, websites, apps, and books. Whether you require simple French to English document translations, or more complex subtitling or content localisation work to be carried out, our flexible and friendly team will focus on providing you with exactly the service you require.

Our willingness to adapt to your needs means we work hard to pair clients with professional translators who speak the precise dialects they need. We know that clients often want to engage with French and English speakers around the world, and make sure we offer FR to EN translations that reflect this. So, whether you need translations from Québécois to US English or other varieties of each language, we are the perfect translation company to carry out your project.

Translate a Document from French to English

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly welcome to all clients who use our FR to EN translation services, and we will assign you a Project Manager from day one to address your questions and concerns. The comprehensive service of our French to English translation agency does not mean you need to pay through the roof to get what you need, however. We continually provide excellent value and flawless translations, no matter how big the project, or how quickly you need it turned around.

Contact us for French to English translations, and we will get back to you with a competitive quote within the hour.

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