Legal Transcription Services

    Espresso Translations offers prompt and accurate legal transcription services from our in-house team of expert legal transcriptionists. We convert legal audio and video from court proceedings, police interviews and witness statements into high quality transcripts.

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    Our court certified transcription services of audio and video files

    Our dedicated legal transcription team works with audio recordings and video files providing secure transcription of the content. We offer a high level of service in producing legal transcripts for every area of the legal industry including family law, criminal court cases, civil legal proceedings and police interviews.

    Getting a legal transcription can save your legal firm time – time you can then spend on the actual legal proceedings. Accurate transcriptions can be used in place of note-taking, helping make sure that you always have the information you need at your fingertips. Whether you have recorded court proceedings, witness statements, legal proceedings or other meetings with attorneys within the legal sector, we can help turn your spoken files into written documents for easy referencing. We can also translate into over 150 languages, ideal for when you need to deal with legal systems or lawyers abroad.

    We offer all types of transcription. Verbatim transcription means that the transcription includes any errors in the original, including false starts, fill words, and misspeak. We also offer more streamlined transcripts which can be used for reference of the points covered, but without these spoken errors. Getting the right kind of transcript can help make your legal practice more efficient.

    Each member of our team has extensive experience in the legal profession and the ability to offer transcriptions that are meticulously produced. We understand the importance of transcribing legal files and giving an accurate representation of audio and video content. 

    Accurate court transcripts can mean the difference between winning and losing a case so our professional legal transcription team give each legal project their utmost care and attention. We also pride ourselves on our accuracy and speed for a quick and reliable turnaround and can translate into over 150 languages when dealing with foreign legal systems. 

    Espresso Translations offers all our clients complete confidentiality and we are fully compliant with GDPR and data protection. You can be assured that your files and data are safe and secure throughout the entire transcription service.

    Service TypeLegal Transcription Services
    Industries CoveredLaw Firms, Courts, Corporate Legal Departments, Notaries, Government Agencies
    Types of DocumentsCourt Hearings, Depositions, Contracts, Legal Briefs, Witness Statements, Meeting Minutes, Interrogations
    Transcriber ExpertiseLegal Experts, Certified Stenographers, Experienced Legal Professionals
    Quality AssuranceAccuracy Checks, Quality Control, Compliance with Legal Standards
    Technology UsedTranscription Software, Voice Recognition Systems, Legal Databases
    Turnaround TimeVaries based on project complexity, typically from a few hours to several days
    Pricing ModelPer word, Per hour, Per project
    Confidentiality MeasuresConfidentiality Agreements, Secure File Transfer, Encrypted Communications
    Additional ServicesLegal Translation, Notarization, Document Summarization, Legal Consulting
    Client Support24/7 Customer Service, Project Management, Dedicated Account Managers
    Sample ProjectsTranscription of Court Hearings, Transcription of Depositions, Transcription of Interrogations, Contract Drafting
    CertificationISO 9001, ATA Certification, Compliance with Local Regulations

    Court approved audio and video transcription services for law firms

    There are numerous benefits for your law firm when engaging court-approved audio and video transcription services from Espresso Translations.

    Legal firms are always busy and typically under severe time constraints, from court appearances to client meetings not to mention the mountain of paperwork that accompanies all aspects of legal work. Our audio transcription services offer your firm high-quality legal transcriptions in a fast turnaround time. So, when you outsource your transcription requirements to our team of legal transcribers you free up your legal secretaries to deal with other areas of your business.

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    When you use our services for your transcription needs, you will also save money by not having to employ an in-house legal transcriber. Rather than having a full-time employee just to handle your legal audio, video and dictation files, let us administer your transcription projects for a fraction of the cost.  

    Finally, and arguably most importantly, you can count on Espresso Translations to provide the highest quality transcription of all your audio and video files. As a leading transcription agency in the United Kingdom, we offer exemplary human transcription backed up by the latest transcription technology and software. In addition, our specialist legal transcription team will adhere to your house style, guidelines and rules to maintain consistency and compliance.

    What is legal transcription and translation?

    Legal transcription is the process of converting legal audio, video files into written form for use as internal notes, client correspondence or court proceedings. Many file types can be used for transcription, legal or otherwise. These include MP4, MOV, WAV, MP3, AVI and Windows media audio.

    An audio transcript can be from a variety of sources such as depositions otherwise known as witness statements, meetings, phone conversations, police interviews and court hearings. The verbal dialogue is transcribed by the legal transcriptionist according to the needs of the requesting law firm. This can be a verbatim transcription where all dialogue is recorded word for word and includes pauses, non-speech sounds, and misspeak. Alternatively, it may be a cleaned-up transcription with repetition and non-speech sounds removed for increased clarity. 

    Espresso Translations also offer translation of audio and video files. These can either be transcribed and then translated or translated directly from the files without transcription. Our translation services work in more than 150 languages and our translators understand legal terminology and vocabulary.

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    What does it mean to transcribe legal documents?

    There are many types of legal proceedings and situations where it is vital to have transcription (service) i.e. converting audio into legal documents, including the following:

    • Witness statements, police interviews and testimonies are recorded for accuracy, expediency and openness. These audio recordings are converted into written text and may be used as evidence in court. 
    • Legal proceedings and hearings can take a long time to complete therefore legal transcription for all audio recordings allows accurate records to be kept for the duration of the process. 
    • Meetings between lawyers and clients are frequent when a case is ongoing and these legal consultations are often recorded and then transcribed. The transcription of these meetings forms an integral part of a case file. 
    • Dictation is an essential tool for busy lawyers and solicitors who deal with contracts, court judgments, deeds and client correspondence. Transcribing these dictations is another important task for a legal transcriptionist. 
    • Audio and video files are transcribed to allow them to be more easily used in court and added to case files. 
    • Phone calls and messages are frequently used in legal proceedings as evidence and are legitimate candidates for legal transcription. 

    Legal transcription requirements vary depending on the type of work in which a lawyer or solicitor specialises. Espresso Translations is here to help, whatever your legal transcription need. 

    Who needs a law transcription service?

    Heavy caseloads mean that most legal professionals rely on digital audio recordings of notes, testimonies, meetings and interviews. These all have to be transcribed and so law transcripts constitute a fundamental and necessary part of any legal case paperwork. 

    The team at Espresso Translations offer legal transcription services for Crown Court proceedings, magistrate courts, client consultations, depositions, and many other situations including interviews of suspects by the police. Under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, audio and in some cases, video recording of interviewees is permitted. 

    Written material can expedite the search for important information, allows for content to be shared more easily and serves to streamline the legal process. For example, audio recordings of witness testimonies may be hard to follow if the sound recording and reproduction are not of the best quality whereas a transcript can be read without difficulty. Transcription experts can transcribe precisely and accurately as they are trained in transcription (linguistics) to convert the speech phonetically or phonemically.  This is vital as a single error can create confusion or change the meaning of a sentence. 

    Legal transcription can be used for important video evidence. For example, If a DVD is played in court as part of the proceedings, subtitles may need to be transcribed for accuracy and to allow the hard-of-hearing to understand the content. 

    All of our transcript services are subject to our strict non-disclosure and privacy policy. This means from the moment you upload your file, your data will be treated with the strictest confidentiality and utmost care to prevent unauthorised access. To contact our customer support with a request for quote for our high quality legal transcription services, use our online contact form, send an email or call us on the phone.

    What Do Our Clients Say?

    Our accredited translation agency is proud of its excellent customer service, which includes quick support and comprehensive guidance from its project managers. Check out our client reviews:

    Espresso Translations has provided impeccable service for transcribing our legal hearings. The precision and attention to detail of their team are extraordinary. Thanks to their professionalism, we received accurate and timely transcriptions, essential for our legal processes.

    – Laura

    We chose Espresso Translations for transcribing depositions and were very satisfied. Their customer service is excellent and guided us throughout the process. Transcriptions were delivered quickly and with a high level of accuracy, demonstrating great expertise in the legal field.

    – Marco

    How does legal transcription process work?

    There are three ways in which legal transcription work can be done:

    • Manual transcription involves the transcriber listening to the audio and typing what they hear. They will typically have pedals which are operated by the transcriber’s feet to slow down, stop or rewind the audio recording. 
    • Automatic transcription is done using speech recognition software and more recently, an AI platform. The quality of the recording needs to be of a high standard for the best results with an automatic translation. 
    • Combined automatic and manual transcription is quite common now and typically the recording is run through an AI platform and then the transcript is edited and formatted by a human transcriber. 

    An accurate legal transcription requires a good quality audio or video recording. Many people use their smartphones to dictate messages and numerous software packages can enhance the calibre of the recording giving it a professional edge. 

    Some of the latest transcription software for the legal profession include Rev, Otter and Sonix Espresso Translations is experienced in the latest digital transcription technology and tools to provide legal transcriptions that are accurate and reliable.

    How much does an accurate legal transcription service cost?

    Espresso Translations has a transparent pricing policy for all of its language services. We provide legal transcription services which are priced per minute for audio files. However, there are several factors which can affect the final transcription rates: 

    • Length of the recording. Longer audio and video files will cost more to transcribe. 
    • Complexity of the content. This can include things like multiple speakers, poor-quality recording or speakers with strong accents which can extend the time it takes to transcribe the dialogue. 
    • Audio or video files that need to be transcribed and then translated will incur extra charges. 

    Transcribers’ costs can be calculated in three different ways:

    1. The duration of the recording. This is the most common method of pricing and typically costs £1 per minute or £80 per hour of audio or video converted into written text. 
    2. The length of the transcription. Costs in this case are based on the amount of text generated from the recording and pricing is typically between 5 and 10 pence per line of the document. 
    3. The transcription time. This approach is based on the amount of time the transcriber spends on the transcription, not on the length of the recording. A typical fee is about £45 per hour. 

    These service costs are purely indicative and each transcription is different with its own challenges. For example, a court transcription is more difficult to transcribe than a judgment, due to the number of people speaking on the recordings. Court transcripts will involve several speakers including the judge, lawyers and witnesses all of whom may vary in volume, accent and speed. 

    A judgment is typically solely the judge speaking in full knowledge that what they are saying will be transcribed so they tend to speak deliberately and at a good pace. These factors will have an impact on the cost of a legal transcription. 

    There is only one way to know exactly how much you will pay for your transcription and that is to contact us for a quote. You can do this via our online form, by sending and emailing or giving us a call.

    Where can I find the best UK legal transcription company near me?

    When looking for legal transcription services, it is important to know what the services include as well as the quality, speed and reliability of the finished work. Finding an experienced and knowledgeable transcription agency with a good reputation for transcribing for legal clients is easier than you think. 

    Espresso Translations offers a complete online service so you can contact us with your transcription needs, request a quote and upload your files from wherever you are located. We are a UK based translation and transcription agency with a network of experienced and professional translators and transcribers around the world. 

    Contact us today via our online form, by email or by phone and get a quote for your transcription needs.

    How long do legal transcribing services take?

    A regular typist or inexperienced transcriber averages between 40 to 60 words per minute although with a complex transcription, this may vary. For a novice transcriber, this can equate to ten hours of work for a one-hour recording. However, a professional transcriber has a significantly faster typing speed of between 80 to 100 words per minute meaning they can transcribe an hour of audio or video in just a couple of hours. 

    The skilled transcription team at Espresso Translations deliver highly accurate transcripts with a fast turnaround time while never compromising on quality or accuracy. Every transcription project is different with varying requirements, house styles and guidelines so there is no standardised timeframe for producing a legal transcription. 

    Many factors will affect how long legal transcribing takes including:

    • Type of transcription required. Verbatim transcriptions must include every sound that is made on the recording including throat clearing, repetition, and background noises and record all dialogue literally, not correcting grammar mistakes and misspeak. This can take longer than an edited transcription which removes references to noises and repetitions. 
    • The quality of the recording. If the sound quality is sub-standard or there is a lot of background noise it can make it harder for the transcriber to work quickly as accuracy is a priority. 
    • Multiple speakers. When several people are speaking on a single recording it becomes more challenging for the legal transcriber who has to deal with varying accents, pronunciation, volume and speed of speech from each person. When this is audio only with no visual prompts of who is speaking it makes the process more difficult and protracted. 
    • Speech characteristics. The accent, tone, rhythm and cadence of people’s voices vary widely and can sometimes make for a more complicated transcription. 
    • Content. When the subject matter of the recording is very complex or technical it can slow down the rate at which the audio can be accurately transcribed. 
    • Translation. If the audio or video recording needs to be transcribed and translated this will extend the timeframe for completion. 

    Although we cannot give you a standard delivery time for transcribing services we can deliver your detailed quote to you within an hour. We also offer delivery times of 48 hours, 24 hours and same-day delivery on many of our language services. Urgent requests will also be given high priority so don’t hesitate to let us know if your project needs to be completed rapidly. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the differences between a legal transcriber and a court reporter?

    While Espresso Translations does offer transcription services for Crown Court proceedings this is not the same as being a court reporter.

    A legal transcriber converts an audio or video recording into written text while a court reporter creates a record of the court proceedings as they happen.

    A transcriptionist can transcribe the recording of an event that has already taken place such as a meeting, police interview or hearing whereas a court reporter is always working in real time. Legal transcribers use a standard computer and keyboard but a court reporter uses a special device called a stenotype machine.

    What is a legal transcriptionist?

    A legal transcriptionist converts the spoken word into written text for various legal situations such as depositions, disputes, lawyer and client meeting notes etc. Professional transcription is not a secretarial job but a profession in its own right with the need for knowledge and experience in the legal realm. Transcribers must also have faster-than-average typing speeds of between 80 and 100 words per minute, have excellent listening skills and an interest in linguistics is a bonus.

    How to become a court transcriber in the UK?

    To become a court transcriber in the UK it is helpful if you are already working in the legal sector but if not you can take a legal transcription course. These courses cover all aspects of being a court transcriber however, some skills should come naturally if you want to be successful. These include attention to detail, excellent listening skills and time management. On a training course, you will learn to increase your typing speed to over 85 words per minute, acquire knowledge of legal terminology and improve your grammar skills.

    If you already have some of these skills you could learn on the job by applying for entry-level transcription roles and work your way up.

    What is the legal aid transcription service?

    The legal aid system funds many legal cases for those who cannot afford to pay for their own legal support. Legal transcribers work at a special rate set by legal aid while still providing top quality, expert and accurate transcription services. 

    What file formats can be transcribed?

    The professional transcribers at Espresso Translations can work with a variety of file formats including MP4, AVI, MKV, MP3, AAC, WAV, MOV, or YouTube links. We can also work with Realplayer and Windows media player for dictations.  If you have a different file format, get in touch and discuss your needs with us, we’ll do all we can to help.