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    Professional Translation Services Quote

    Here at Espresso Translations, we are one of the leading translation agencies for a wide range of linguistics services. Whatever help you need for your translation project, we have translation experts who can help. Our services include translation, transcription, subtitling, and interpretation in over 150 languages and hundreds of language combinations. We offer a competitive cost, and all our translation prices are based on word count or audio length to make sure that we have a clear price structure that represents great value for money.

    What is a language combination?

    Language combination is the term for a document’s source language and the target language for the translation. We have translation experts who only translate into their native language – and if you need a translation in multiple languages, each translation will be handled by a native speaker. This helps guarantee the best quality translation. Using a native tongue translator means that your finished translation will look accurate and will read smoothly to native speakers of your target area, with correct words and terminology. This means you can save money and time by getting a perfect and suitable translation the first time, rather than risking getting a sub-par translation.

    We also have translators with expertise in a range of technical or specialist fields, such as legal translation, medical translation, or engineering translation – and all of these special translation projects can be handled under one roof with our low document translation costs. Whatever industry you are in, our translation service can help meet your language needs – from one-page documents to high-volume projects.

    Our Translation Quotes

    To get a free quote for the total cost of your translation project, simply get in touch with us via our online form, by email, or by phone. We will get back to you with our translation pricing within one hour. We use a clear pricing structure with translation rates per word. This means that you will easily see how our translation fees work, and you can be reassured that there are no hidden fees involved. If you want a better understanding of our translation prices, our dedicated project managers will be happy to help explain the translation rate to you.

    Professional Translators

    At Espresso Translations we have a network of professional translators who can translate documents into over 150 languages. Whatever language pair you need a translation for, we can help. We cover most common languages such as French, Spanish, and German, as well as uncommon languages such as Nordic languages, Arabic languages, and Asian languages – we also cover a lot of rarer languages. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading translation companies to offer such a wide range of options, all available with short delivery times at a reasonable price.

    Why Choose Us for your translation project?

    We are a professional translation agency that always aims to be at the forefront of the translation industry. We only use native tongue translators with at least 5 years’ worth of experience in their field. Whether you want to expand your business to overseas markets, communicate with industry experts from abroad, or need a translation for immigration, healthcare, or any other projects, we can help. We handpick everyone in our translator team to make sure that we can fulfill the demand for high-quality document and audio translation.

    Why Is an agency better than machine translation?

    Google Translate and other machine translation software may seem like an easy solution for translations – many people ask why they would hire a professional translator when they could simply load up Google Translate, especially when computer translation often has a lower cost or may charge per translation rather than charging for the number of words in a file. However, these Computer Aided Translation tools (or CAT tools) are rarely able to give the same high-quality translation as a professional translator. Software like Google Translate works on Translation Memory – that is, it will use a catalogue of previous translations to work out how to translate any new files that it has to translate. Unfortunately, Translation Memory loses a lot of the nuance and meaning of the original document, leaving a stilted and jarring translation that is often not suitable for purpose, with words that are translated as individual words, not as part of a whole. That is why we always recommend hiring a professional translator who can use their expertise to make sure that your file is perfect.

    What are your translation rates?

    There are so many different factors in translation pricing that we cannot give quotes for translation rates until we have seen your project. This is because the translation rates per word may be different if the project is a specialist subject with specialist terminology or if it uses an uncommon language pair. However, once you request a translation cost for your project, you will be contacted by a project manager within one hour. We will supply clear per-word pricing for any written document. If you have a more general query about average translation rates, you can also get in touch.

    Why use per-word pricing?

    We offer clear per-word pricing to make sure that you know exactly what you would be charged for your translation needs – more words mean a higher charge than files with fewer words since the translator spends longer translating a file with more words. We always make sure that we use the best translators to help us provide translation services, giving you great value for money. We know that if you have paid for a service you expect it to be flawless, so that is what we aim to achieve. Our clear per-word pricing also means that you can see how we compare to other agencies, and per-word price structures also helps you avoid minimum charges for a short page with low word counts. For some documents, we may use per-page pricing, for example with birth certificates or marriage licenses. Again, the translation cost can be explained.

    What about audio or video translation?

    For video or audio translations or subtitling we offer per-minute pricing. This means that the translation price or transcription/subtitling price will depend on the length of the audio or video you need to have worked on. If you need a video or audio file transcribed and translated, this will of course increase the cost of translating it, but we also offer services of simply translating the audio as well.

    What about extras?

    We also offer extra service options for our clients once their document is translated – for example, our skilled translators can offer certified translations, which can be vital for legal documents, for example, marriage licenses or other official paperwork. We are able to offer this service for a wide range of different countries. We also have tech experts who can help with the layout of translated files for our clients. This means that if you need a certificate, letter or flyer translated and presented in a certain format, we can help. These services may increase the cost of the translation you need to be done, but this price will be explained when you request a quote – and again, the price is primarily based on the number of words.

    How do I get translation pricing?

    To get a quote, simply get in touch. You can contact us via the contact form on our website. You can also get in touch via email or over the phone. The best way to get a quick and free quote is to send over the document or file that you need to be translated. This will let us see the number of words, the skills and language combination needed, and any other factors, allowing us to give a clear, easy-to-understand quote based on the number of words.