Vaccination Record Translation Services

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    Trusted Vaccination record translation services

    Most official documents require certified translations, vaccination records are no exception as they form an important part of immigration processes. While different countries may have various configurations such as vaccine certificates or immunisation cards, translating vaccine records must be done by a professional translator with the right expertise. 

    There are many instances when you may need to have a medical translation done, such as when moving to certain countries, working abroad or sending a child to school in another country. Vaccination proof for diseases such as TB, yellow fever or polio are required by many governments and you should be prepared to get your documents translated into the official language of your destination country. 

    Espresso Translations has expert translators who are well-versed in vaccination certificate translation and who will ensure your documents are translated faithfully and quickly. If you are moving abroad we can also offer official translations for your passport, birth certificate or academic transcripts. Our document translation services can provide notarised, legalised or sworn translations completed by native-speaking translation specialists and tailored to your needs. 

    Contact us today through our contact form to discuss having your important vaccine documents translated and to get a free quote. Alternatively, you can email or telephone. You can count on us to provide a response to your enquiry within one hour. 

    The table below gives a brief overview of our vaccination record translation service:

    Accepted byUnited Kingdom Visas & Immigration, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, foreign visa and immigration agencies, universities, banks, and embassies
    Translator credentialsQualified translators with at least 5 years of experience
    Quality guaranteeISO 17100:2015 certified agency
    PricesFixed rates per word starting from £30 plus VAT
    Turnaround times 48 hours, 24 hours, same-day delivery
    DeliveryFree digital delivery. Postal shipping starts at £5.
    Supported document formatsPDF, JPG, PNG, Word, and many others
    LanguagesMore than 150 different language combinations possible
    Types of documentsVaccination certificates, vaccination booklets, immunisation cards
    Services offeredStandard, sworn, notarised and apostille translations
    Service areasUnited Kingdom, Europe, United States, Canada, and other international locations

    Certified immunization record translation services accepted by Home Office, local authorities, courts and universities

    Based in our head office in London and with specialist translators working across the globe, our translations are accepted by all major UK authorities including: 

    • Home Office
    • United Kingdom Visas & Immigration
    • Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office
    • UK Passport Office
    • UK Border Agency
    • HM Courts & Tribunal
    • UK ENIC, the UK National Information Centre for global qualifications and skills

    Espresso Translations has a reputation for precise and accurate translations and our document translations are accepted by government agencies and foreign authorities around the world. 

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    How to translate vaccination records or immunisation records?

    If you are required to submit your vaccination card or immunisation record to a foreign authority you will need a vaccine record translation. Espresso Translations can provide these certified documents in over 100 languages with a guarantee for the quality of work, which will meet medical standards. 

    Our precise translations of your personal documents will accurately reflect the vaccinations you have received to demonstrate your personal health  For an expedited turnaround, we can complete your vaccine record translation as a matter of urgency without compromising the quality of translation. 

    When a document requires notarisation, our translator can take the certified vaccination translation to a notary public who will add their signature and seal to the document. This further verifies the authenticity of the translation.

    Where can I get my vaccination record translated for Immigration?

    Espresso Translations is one of the most respected translation agencies in the UK with professional, certified translators. When you need a vaccine record or immunisation card translation you must use a professional, certified translator. 

    To obtain a vaccination record translation:

    1. Use our online contact form, email or phone to discuss your translation needs. 
    2. We will respond to your enquiry within an hour and provide you with a detailed quote. 
    3. On accepting the quote, send us your original document in digital format, ensuring you include the back and front of the vaccine record. 
    4. Typically, translations are delivered within a couple of days unless you have requested expedited delivery. 
    5. Any hard copies will be posted to you for an extra fee starting at £5.

    All of our translators are native speakers of the language that they are translating into and have more than five years of experience. 

    What do our clients say?

    Espresso Translations takes particular pride in its outstanding customer service and translation accuracy. We go the extra mile to help our customers, including expert assistance from our project managers. Take a look at reviews from our happy customers:

    When I needed a sworn translation of a vaccination booklet to enroll my son in kindergarten in a foreign state I moved to, I turned to Espresso Translations and experienced rapid delivery times, affordable prices and satisfaction for all, including my son!

    – Giulio


    Some time ago I urgently needed a Covid vaccination certificate for a work trip to Singapore. After a quick internet search, I contacted Espresso Translation to ask for more information. Even though it wasn’t really business hours, I received a very fast response.

    – A.C

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    Example of certified translations of vaccination records

    certificato di vaccinazione

    This is a sample of a certified translation of a vaccination certificate:

    certified translation services uk

    Do I need to translate my vaccination records?

    There are several situations where you will need to have a professional translation of your vaccination records. They are most often required in the following instances:

    • Moving to another country 
    • Applying for a visa
    • Working abroad 
    • Enrolling a child in a school in another country e.g. school certificate
    • Providing proof of vaccinations from a foreign country
    • When requested by embassies, government departments and foreign authorities

    Some countries have mandatory vaccinations for certain diseases which you will need to demonstrate, while others are recommended for safe, healthy travel. In all instances, you will need certified translations in the official language of the requesting country. 

    A certified translation of vaccination records is accompanied by a statement from the translator. This certification  attests to the true and accurate nature of the translated document. 

    It may be that there is no official requirement for you to provide your immunisation records when you travel abroad. However, in the unfortunate event that you are hospitalised, it will help your situation if you already have your documents translated into the country’s language.

    How much do vaccine translation services cost?

    The cost of a certified translation from Espresso Translations starts at £30 plus VAT. Depending on your particular documents, the price that you pay can be influenced by many factors including: 

    • Length of the document: prices are typically charged according to the word count. Prices can be per word or per page so longer documents will cost more. 
    • Language pair: rare or unusual languages or combinations call for a translator with particular skills which may add to the cost
    • Complex language: uncommon or specialist terminology may require a specialist translator which could incur an extra fee
    • Expedited delivery: if you need your translation quickly there is an added cost for this service
    • Additional services: a notarised, legalised or sworn translation will require extra steps in the process and will cost more
    • Postage: for delivery of hard copies a fee of £5 is applied

    Espresso Translations gives you a detailed quote for your translated documents and there are no hidden fees. The price you are quoted is the price that you will pay and it is always competitive.

    How long does it take to translate a vaccination record?

    A standard translation with certification for a vaccination record will typically take up to 48 hours. If you require a notarised, legalised or sworn translation then there is a need to involve a notary public or court official which can add to the time for the translation.  Rare or uncommon languages or pairs can also extend the translation process for a vaccination record translation as a specialist linguist will be needed.

    From providing a quote to you within an hour to a rapid turnaround time for your translated documents, Espresso Translations can be relied upon to meet your required deadlines. Be assured, that speed of service never compromises our standards and quality of work.

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    How do I access my immunization records?

    You can access your immunisation records as part of your GP records either online through the NHS app, by logging into your account on the NHS website or by visiting your GP’s surgery. Online records may only have the most recent information and if you want older data you will need to visit the surgery in person and ask for the information. To access your medical records you must be registered with a GP and be aged 16 or over.

    Can I translate my vaccination record in UK?

    If you need to demonstrate your status for particular vaccines when travelling abroad you can have your vaccination record translated into the requesting country’s official language. Contact Espresso Translations today to discuss how to translate your vaccination record or immunisation card.