German Translation Services

    Espresso Translations is a highly respected translation company that offers German speaking human translators for all your business and personal translation needs. If you need to translate documents, engage transcription services or provide certified translations to the German government our team of qualified German speakers can help you.

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    Our professional German translation services UK

    Offering high-quality translation services in London and across the globe with a team of professional German translators, Espresso Translations works with international organisations, businesses and individuals. 

    We offer certified translation services in more than 150 languages including German. All of our translators are native speakers of the target language, fluent in the source language and have more than five years of experience. Whatever your business, industry or personal requirements, we have subject matter experts who can provide high-quality German translation for a range of documents. If you are looking to expand your business, our German linguists can help with German localization of your website, marketing materials or product descriptions.

    Here is a detailed table regarding German translation services:

    Service TypeGerman Translation Services
    Industries CoveredAutomotive, Engineering, Legal, Medical, Financial, Technology, Tourism, Education
    Document TypesTechnical Manuals, Legal Documents, Medical Reports, Financial Statements, Marketing Materials, Websites, User Guides
    Languages OfferedEnglish to German, Spanish to German, French to German, Italian to German, Chinese to German, Japanese to German, etc.
    Translator ExpertiseNative German Speakers, Subject Matter Experts, Certified Translators, Professional Linguists
    Quality AssuranceProofreading, Editing, Terminology Management, In-country Review
    Technology UsedCAT Tools (e.g., SDL Trados, MemoQ), Terminology Databases, Translation Memory Systems
    Turnaround TimeVaries by project size, typically ranging from a few days to several weeks
    Pricing ModelPer word, Per hour, Per project
    Confidentiality MeasuresNon-disclosure Agreements, Secure File Transfer, Encrypted Communications
    Additional ServicesLocalisation, Desktop Publishing, Multilingual SEO, Interpretation Services
    Client Support24/7 Customer Service, Project Management, Dedicated Account Managers
    Sample ProjectsTranslation of Technical Manuals, Translation of Legal Contracts, Localisation of Software, Translation of Financial Reports
    CertificationISO 17100, ATA Certification, Native-level Proficiency

    German to English translation services

    For the best German to English translation services, contact Espresso Translations. Our translation team is fully certified and provides accurate translation of any material from German to English. This includes identity documents for immigration purposes, German websites, training material and videos. We also offer German interpreting and transcription services. 

    The expert German to English translators at Espresso Translations have English as their mother tongue and are fluent in German. They are also familiar with the sector, industry or business the translated material relates to and its associated terminology and jargon. This combination of skill and expertise means that as well as being accurate and precise, your translated material will flow and sound natural. 

    We work with a large range of clients on a variety of German translation projects. Our team is recognised for its quality translation of different German dialects, fast turnaround times and competitive prices. 

    Areas in which we can provide quality German translation services include:

    • Legal documents
    • Identity documents for immigration
    • Website translation
    • Medical records
    • Financial and bank documents

    Whatever you need a Greman to English translation for, Espresso Translations can help you. Just get in touch via our online contact form, email, or phone to discuss your project. 

    English to German translation services

    When your business is targeting a German audience, you may require online translation of your website, translations of documents and product user guides. For professional English to German translation, our expert German translators can provide all the services you need including the necessary subject matter experience. 

    We only use qualified linguists who speak German as their native language and are fluent in English. As German is the official language of six countries including Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, there are various dialects and cultural nuances depending on which country you are aiming your translation at. For example, although German is the official language of Switzerland it is different to that which is spoken in Germany. For business or legal purposes, these distinctions are crucial and why you must use a professional translation agency. 

    Espresso Translations has qualified linguists who offer the best German translation with a guarantee of precision, accuracy and faithfulness to the source document or file.

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    Why do I need certified German translation services?

    When you are submitting important documents to government departments or other official bodies, it is necessary to have certified translations. This type of translation is accompanied by a statement of truth attesting to the accuracy of the translated material in relation to the source text. The document also bears the stamp and signature of the qualified translator or accredited translation company.

    Professional translation services from certified translators are required for most official purposes including:

    • Visa and immigration paperwork
    • Identity documents
    • Academic transcripts
    • Birth, death and marriage certificates
    • Court rulings

    A certified translation is not the same as a sworn or legalised translation but Espresso Translations also offer these important translation services. If you require German English or English German translation for any purpose, contact us today to discuss your project and get a free quote.

    How can I find a certified German translator near me?

    If you are looking for professional German translation services, you don’t need to find one in your location. All Espresso Translations’ services can be done online and we can match you with a reliable German to English and English to German translator.

    We have a vast network of experienced and knowledgeable linguists who provide fast German translation services without compromising quality. So, whether you are in the United Kingdom, Germany or anywhere in the world, we can offer you our language service and guarantee the quality of our translations.

    To use our translation agency for German translations, get in touch today via our online form or call or email us for more information.

    What Do Our Clients Say?

    Our accredited translation agency is proud of its excellent customer service, which includes quick support and comprehensive guidance from its project managers. Check out our customer reviews:

    The German translation provided by Espresso Translations was astounding. The words were chosen carefully, and linguistic coherence was maintained exceptionally, preserving the atmosphere and meaning of the original work.

    – Laura

    Working with Espresso Translations for German translation has been an exceptional experience. The precision in the choice of words and faithfulness to the original have been impeccable, allowing for successfully conveying the essence and spirit of the text.

    – Marco

    Where can I get a document translated into German?

    When looking for quality translation services for either personal or business use, Espresso Translations can provide everything you need. Whether it’s a German translation of your website, transcription of videos or German business translations, we have a team of professional German English linguists with experience in various sectors and industries.

    To find out more, use our online form and send us the details of your translation needs. We will get back to you within an hour with a detailed quote.

    Why choose our German translation agency?

    Choose Espresso Translations for all your German and English translations and be assured of high standards, rapid turnaround times and precise localisation of your material. When looking for a professional translator for English to German translation, you need a German native speaker who is fluent in English. For German to English, the translator will have the English language as their mother tongue and be fluent in German.

    This allows us to provide you with a natural-sounding translation which is error-free and takes into account any linguistic or cultural nuances that non-native speakers may miss. 

    All of our translators have more than five years of experience and are subject-matter experts ensuring that all terminology is accurately translated while maintaining the meaning and context of the content.  We also match the dialect that you require with the most suitably qualified translator so you can precisely target the area of the German market that your business wants to break into.

    How much do German document translation services cost?

    Espresso Translations provides a transparent pricing policy and a free quote so you know exactly how much your specific translation process will cost. When translating German documents or text files, we charge per word while for translation of video or audio files, our pricing is per minute. 

    Of course, no two translations are the same and there are several variables which can affect the price that you pay including: 

    • Length of the text or file
    • Complexity of language e.g. technical, legal or medical terminology
    • Expedited delivery e.g. if you require same-day service for an urgent translation
    • Postage, hard copies carry a small extra fee 
    • Sworn or legalised translations cost more due to the need for the verification of the translation by a court or public official which incurs a fee

    A typical German certified translation will cost from £30 plus VAT while a sworn translation will be more expensive at £50 plus VAT. If you require a notarised translation the price is from £90 plus VAT. 

    The best way to know how much your translation project will cost is to request a free quote which will be provided to you in as little as an hour. When our team are providing German translations, requests are matched with German translators with years of experience in the required dialect and subject matter expertise.

    How long do professional German translations take?

    At Espresso Translations, we provide services to match your delivery needs. A document such as a birth certificate for which you need German translation can be done in as little as 24 hours while longer, more technical or complex documents can take a few days. 

    Specialist translations such as scientific papers or German legal texts will require the linguistics and experience of a particular translator who may take longer to locate. However, as German is a relatively widely spoken language in Europe, it is usually possible to match your translation project with an appropriately qualified translator quite quickly. 

    As a client of Espresso Translations, you will have a dedicated project manager who will ensure that you are kept updated on the progress of your translation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most accurate German translator?

    The most accurate German translator is someone who is a German native speaker and fluent in the source language, as all Espresso Translations’ translators are. This ensures that the translated text flows naturally and any slang German words, idioms or cultural expressions are faithfully and appropriately translated while maintaining the meaning of the content. Human translators pick up nuances and dialect differences better than machine translation which translates individual words and short phrases, often resulting in errors, unintended meanings and confusion.

    How to become a German translator?

    To become a German translator it is necessary to have the proper linguistic skills and qualifications in at least two languages one of which should be German. This may be a Bachelors’s or Master’s degree, or an appropriately recognised diploma. Accredited translation agencies will only work with a translator who has the necessary expertise in language as well as appropriate professional experience.

    What types of German translations are most commonly requested?

    Our experts at Espresso Translations provide translation services for documents and texts, transcriptions service for audio and video files in English and German and German interpreting services. As the German language is also an official language in five other countries in Europe, translating documents from German into English for submission to the UK government as part of immigration procedures is a common request. Similarly, translating English documents and files into German for the European market is an important part of our business. German is spoken by over 96 million people worldwide so our interpreting services are always in demand.