Healthcare & Medical Translation Services

    The ability to communicate clearly is vital in the medical field, so any healthcare and medical translations must be done with as much accuracy and precision as possible. Whether you need to share data from clinical trials or collaborate with medical colleagues in other countries, Espresso Translations can help you through our professional translation services. 

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    Our professional medical and healthcare translation services in UK for the healthcare industry

    With specialised translators dealing only with medical content, Espresso Translations offers a high-quality service for all healthcare services. As part of a wider scientific translation service, our experienced medical translators can work with the public and private healthcare sectors providing the best medical translations and interpretations. 

    Our translators are capable of translating documents into 200 different languages including Chinese, German, Spanish and Russian. Accurate translation and interpretation of medical information are fundamental to our high quality service so we only use linguists who are native speakers of your target language. 

    These experienced linguists also have first-hand experience in the medical industry ensuring that your medical translation is in the best hands. Our team of medical translators who are experts in their field, can translate even the most complex medical information and texts providing medical translation services to the private and public sectors. 

    Whether you are a healthcare provider, pharmaceutical company, or medical equipment manufacturer, Espresso Translations provides a great service for any translation project.

    Service TypeMedical Translation
    Industries CoveredPharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Devices, Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Research, Diagnostics
    Document TypesMedical Records, Research Reports, Clinical Protocols, Medical Device Manuals, Informed Consents, Scientific Articles
    Languages OfferedSpanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, etc.
    Translator ExpertiseDoctors, Pharmacists, Biologists, Medical Device Specialists, Medical Terminology Experts
    Quality AssuranceReview by Medical Professionals, Proofreading, Editing, Medical Terminology Management
    Technology UsedCAT Tools (e.g., SDL Trados, MemoQ), Terminology Databases, Translation Memory Systems
    Turnaround TimeVaries by project size, typically ranging from a few days to several weeks
    Pricing ModelPer word, Per hour, Per project
    Confidentiality MeasuresNon-disclosure Agreements, Secure File Transfer, Encrypted Communications
    Additional ServicesLocalization, Desktop Publishing, Medical Software Translation, Review of Scientific Publications
    Client Support24/7 Customer Service, Project Management, Dedicated Account Managers
    Sample ProjectsTranslation of Medical Records, Translation of Medical Device Manuals, Translation of Scientific Articles
    CertificationISO 17100, ATA Certification, Native-level Proficiency

    NHS approved healthcare translation services

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    Why are medical translations important?

    Communication in the health care and medical sector is vital and often a matter of life and death, so medical information must be translated accurately. With so much at stake, it is essential to use a professional medical translation agency and not rely on machine translations. 

    The National Health Service serves a multicultural population in the UK who use a wide range of spoken and written languages. To ensure that healthcare services are available to all UK residents and to improve patient experience accurate medical translations are needed. Our experienced service provides certified translations of a wide range of medical and health care documents. 

    Quality medical translations for documents such as hospital discharge letters can include instructions for the use of medication or other medical information, so it is essential that this is accurate. That’s where our medical translation experts come in. We can translate medical terms, specialised medical instructions, financial transactions or any other documents that relate to health care. 

    As a trusted medical translation agency, Espresso Translations takes confidentiality very seriously and you can rest assured that your medical information will be treated with the strictest confidence and respect.  For more information, contact us today for a free consultation and to learn about our non-disclosure and privacy policies.

    What are the types of NHS documents we translate?

    The translations of medical documents that we offer include the following:

    • Medical records
    • Hospital discharge letters
    • Test results
    • Informed consent forms
    • Pharmaceutical leaflets and product labels
    • Vaccination certificates
    • Compensation requests
    • Health insurance documents
    • Informational materials for patients and clinicians
    • Medical research and clinical studies
    • Scientific publications
    • Medical glossaries
    • Industry regulations
    • User manuals for medical devices and instruments

    Our certified translation services provide medical translations to clients in the private and public healthcare sectors, pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment fields. We also receive translation requests from leading medical education institutes and supply translations within the medical training sphere. 

    As part of our language services, we also offer website translation, financial translations, legal translations and medical transcriptions. Whenever you need the services of a professional translator, you can trust Espresso Translations for our translation accuracy and high standards.

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    What steps are involved in the process of medical document translation services?

    Medical translations require an experienced translation expert with knowledge of the source and target languages as well as deep medical knowledge.

    1. Your document will be passed to one of our medical experts who will complete the translation process. 
    2. When the translation is complete, the documents will be forwarded to another linguistics expert who will proofread and check the translation.
    3. The proofreader will also have experience and knowledge of the medical, healthcare or pharmaceutical industries. This is part of our quality control process and ensures our standards of precision and accuracy are maintained. 
    4. The whole translation project will be overseen by a manager who ensures that all stages of the process are completed with diligence and accuracy. 

    Where can I find the best certified medical translators near me?

    If you are looking for medical interpretation services or translation of documents from your health care provider in the United Kingdom or abroad, there’s no need to find someone local. Espresso Translations offer an online service for translating medical documents, technical translations or personal paperwork related to services for healthcare or medicine. 

    We have team members across the UK and around the world who can carry out medical terminology translations in more than 200 languages. Using industry-leading translation technology, our certified medical translation services can offer a comprehensive service for all your documents.

    Translation of certified medical prescription example

    traduzioni mediche

    How much does medical translation cost per word?

    The cost of medical translation from Espresso Translations starts at £30 plus VAT for a certified translation. If a notarised, legalised or sworn translation is required,  the prices will be slightly higher due to the added involvement of public or court officials. 

    For documents such as medical reports, pharmaceutical leaflets, or health insurance paperwork you will be charged a fixed rate which will be detailed in your free quote.  There are no hidden fees and the price that you are quoted is the price that you will pay. 

    Some factors may influence the final cost of your translated documents including the length, complexity, and formatting of the text. Rare languages or unusual language combinations can increase the cost and expedited delivery will incur an extra fee. 

    Whether you access publicly funded health care or private medical services, you will pay the same amount for our services, clients in private healthcare are not charged more.  All our prices are competitive and we can get a quote to you in an hour so you know exactly what you will be paying. 

    Contact us today using our online contact form to discuss your medical translation needs. Alternatively, you can email or phone us again with your requirements.

    How long does medical document translation take?

    Espresso Translations offer a 48 hour turnaround for most certified translations with the option for expedited services of 24 hours or same day delivery. Sworn, notarised and legalised translations will take longer as the documents need to be verified by court or public officials. 

    Other factors that can extend the time it takes to complete your medical document translation include:

    • Length of document
    • Specialised text
    • Formatting 
    • Language pair

    Bear in mind that translation services for medical documents involve precise medical terminology which needs to be faithfully and accurately translated so some documents may take longer than others. We will always let you know what a realistic timeframe is for your translation project.

    Why choose our medical translation company?

    By choosing Espresso Translations, you are engaging an experienced service in the medical translation industry. We offer medical experts who are also qualified linguists to complete your document translation, with a detailed quote so you know exactly what you are paying for and a choice of timescales for delivery. 

    Our clients in private healthcare and clinical research as well as numerous healthcare professionals trust us to provide the precise medical translations that they require with a guarantee of accuracy and faithfulness to the original document. 

    What do our clients say?

    Our accredited translation agency is proud of its excellent customer service, which includes quick support and comprehensive guidance from its project managers. Take a look at our customers’ reviews.

    I am delighted to share my overwhelmingly positive experience with Espresso Translations and their exceptional medical translation services. Their highly skilled and knowledgeable team of medical translators delivers accurate and detail-oriented translations for technical medical documents.

    – Laura

    The process of working with Espresso Translations is seamless, with friendly and responsive customer support. Their commitment to strict confidentiality and data security measures gives me peace of mind. The translations are not only accurate but also show a deep understanding of medical terminology.

    – Marco

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between a medical translator and a medical interpreter?

    A medical translator works with written documents such as medical records, insurance documents, or research papers. In essence, if a medical text requires changing from one language to another, for example Italian to English, it is done by a medical translator.

    An interpreter translates the spoken word from one language to another such as in medical discussions between people speaking different languages. Translation and interpretation are disparate skillsets, requiring separate training and are rarely done by the same person.

    How do I choose the right medical translator for my needs?

    Depending on the medical translation that you require, we can offer a wide range of professionals to meet your needs. Our team of qualified translators include those with extensive experience in the medical field who can translate a variety of texts and documents.

    With a clear quote and fast turnaround time, Espresso Translations provide all you will need to complete your medical translation project.

    Can you use google translate for medical translation?

    It is possible to use certain apps such as Google Translate for everyday situations but it is not recommended for a medical translation. Medical terminology is complex and most apps will not translate them accurately.

    It is preferable to use a professional translation agency for any medical or clinical translations to ensure precision and clarity.