Spanish Translation Services

    Espresso Translations offers accurate translation of Spanish content into English across various sectors, industries and areas of life.

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    Our professional Spanish translation service

    Espresso Translations are a leading Spanish to English translation company based in the United Kingdom and with a network of Spanish translators available around the globe. As a leading provider of Latin American and European Spanish language services, we provide translation, interpreting, transcription and subtitling services.  We offer the best Spanish English translations and our expert team can help you with translating a number of different documents, files, and texts.

    With years of translation and localization experience, we can help your business reach 400 million Spanish speakers globally by translating your website. If you have personal translation needs, we can help with that too. No translation job is too large or too small.

    Each of our translators is a native speaker of either English or Spanish with fluency in the other language. This allows us to offer our clients the highest quality in natural sounding translations and access to thousands of certified, professional translators. We take pride in the high-quality Spanish translation process that our services provide. Our network of experienced and qualified translators means that Espresso Transalations can provide quality Spanish translation at scale.

    While a lot of people want to avoid the cost associated with getting a professional translation or language service, there are many reasons to use a professional language agency for your language and translation needs. Using a professional Spanish language service will make sure that your finished document is accurately translated and flows with the proper nuance of the language – something that a lot of computer aided translation software lacks. Compared to using a friend or family member to help you translate documents to or from Spanish, a professional language service will also have much higher accuracy and a professional linguist will have knowledge of specialist terminology and translation theory to help make sure that your translated document is perfect. You can also rest assured that our professional Spanish translators do more than simply translate your docum,ents – we can also help localise your documents – this means that our experts can help you get the wording and focus right for your intended Spanish audience, which is especially important for marketing content such as flyers, adverts, and websites.

    Here is a detailed table regarding Spanish translation services:

    Service TypeSpanish Translation Services
    Industries CoveredTourism, Legal, Medical, Marketing, Finance, Technology, Public Sector, Education
    Document TypesLegal Documents, Scientific Articles, Marketing Brochures, Websites, Financial Reports, Technical Manuals, Educational Materials
    Languages OfferedEnglish to Spanish, French to Spanish, German to Spanish, Italian to Spanish, Chinese to Spanish, Japanese to Spanish, etc.
    Translator ExpertiseNative Spanish Speakers, Subject Matter Experts, Certified Translators, Professional Linguists
    Quality AssuranceProofreading, Editing, Terminology Management, Review by Experts
    Technology UsedCAT Tools (e.g., SDL Trados, MemoQ), Translation Memory Systems, Terminology Databases
    Turnaround TimeVaries by project size, typically ranging from a few days to several weeks
    Pricing ModelPer word, Per hour, Per project
    Confidentiality MeasuresNon-disclosure Agreements, Secure File Transfer, Encrypted Communications
    Additional ServicesLocalization, Desktop Publishing, Multilingual SEO, Interpretation Services
    Client Support24/7 Customer Service, Project Management, Dedicated Account Managers
    Sample ProjectsTranslation of Legal Documents, Translation of Marketing Materials, Localization of Websites, Translation of Medical Reports
    CertificationISO 17100, ATA Certification, Native-level Proficiency

    Spanish to English translation services

    For a professional translation from Spanish to English, look no further than the certified translators with years of experience at Espresso Translations. Our translators, native speakers of English, are all fluent in either Latin American Spanish or European Spanish. 

    Our Spanish English translation service is available for all types of documents, texts, websites and videos. Each project is undertaken by a translator who is bilingual but also an expert in the profession, sector or field that the translation material relates to. This ensures that they are familiar with industry terms and jargon to create a natural sounding translation. So, whether your translation project is medical, legal, commercial or literary our translators will make it sound natural while maintaining the context, form and tone of the original document. 

    As part of our professional translation services, Spanish to English translation is one of the most commonly requested. From immigration documentation to website translation, our Spanish English translators have experience translating a wide range of projects. Spanish, official language of 21 different countries, has a range of dialects which can be substantially different from one another. This is why you must use a company specialising in professional translation from Spanish to English, particularly for official or legal documents.

    English to Spanish translation services

    Our translation services from English to Spanish cover all text types, documents and files including technical translation, personal documentation and business contracts. Espresso Translations’ translators possess a deep knowledge of the Spanish language and its complexities and each translator ensures a quality English to Spanish translation. 

    As a translation provider with years of professional experience translating a range of materials, our team can help you manage your English to Spanish translation project. Whether you need to get a certified translation of your birth certificate for immigration authorities or want to translate a business contract, our Spanish speaking translators are here to help. 

    Spanish is the official language of 21 countries so getting the right English to Spanish translation means looking for professional translation services. With between seven and eleven different dialects of Spanish, it’s important to use native Spanish speaking translators who are fluent in the English language for quality Spanish translation. The differences between dialects can render some sentences in your translation meaningless if you don’t have a professional translator.

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    What types of Spanish translation services do you offer?

    Espresso Translations offers certified translation, Spanish to English and vice versa for any type of document or text. We also have a network of translators with years of translation experience who can work in more than 150 languages in various industries, sectors and businesses.

    Spanish document translation

    Many situations call for documents to be translated from English into Spanish or vice versa as they are both widely spoken languages. The team of translators at Espresso Translations has extensive experience with all kinds of document translations in Spanish and English for various purposes including:

    • Immigration
    • Education 
    • Employment
    • Market expansion
    • Medical care
    • Legal procedures

    The translation requirements of the requesting authority will vary depending on the reason for the translation and the legal framework of the country. Civil law countries such as Spain typically require sworn translations for official purposes.

    Spanish website localization

    Espresso Translations’ website localization services help you manage Spanish versions of your website by tailoring the translation of the content to the local dialect and linguistic nuances of the region. 

    This service helps your business to connect with a wider global audience while delivering accurate Spanish translations by native speakers with years of experience. Differing cultural norms and geographical variations often make translating a website into another language difficult and it can often pose significant challenges for translators. However, the Spanish localization tips and methods used by our translators provide accurate Spanish translations in all dialects for your website. 

    Spanish audio and video transcription

    As part of our translation services from English to Spanish, Espresso Translations also offers audio and video translation, transcription, subtitling, closed captioning, voiceover and dubbing. We offer this service for promotional and training videos, TV shows, films, YouTube and streaming media to fuel their global growth so you can reach a wider audience.

    Why do I need certified Spanish translation services?

    We provide official translation services, Spanish to English and English to Spanish, all of which are certified. As well as standard translations, we can offer certified or sworn translation services into Spanish. This means that they are accompanied by a statement of truth signed and stamped by the translator that attests to the veracity of the translation as a true representation of the original document.

    In order to certify a translation, the translator has to meet certain requirements, such as having a level of proficiency or qualifications in their language and translation services. A certified translated document will often be needed for official purposes – this is most often needed for legal uses, immigration applications, and some contracts. If you need a certified translation, we have professional translators who can help.

    Certified translations are accepted by all authorities in England while in Spain, a sworn translation may be required for official and legal purposes. It is a type of certified translation done by a qualified sworn translator who must take an oath in front of a court or public official that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original. 

    Most authorities will only accept certified translations for official use. So, if you need any documents translated for official or legal reasons, they must be done by a professional translator who can supply the required certification.

    What do our customers say?

    Our accredited translation agency is proud of its excellent customer service, which includes prompt support and comprehensive guidance from its project managers. Take a look at our customers’ reviews:

    Our company has used Espresso Translations’ Spanish translation services for various business documents and we were extremely satisfied. The precision and promptness with which they handled our requests far exceeded expectations. We recommend their services to anyone in need of professional translations.

    – Laura

    The team of professional translators at Espresso Translations has shown competence and reliability in translating our documents into Spanish. The quality of the work performed has been exceptional, always meeting the agreed deadlines. We would not hesitate to use their services again for future translation work.

    – Marco

    How can I find a certified Spanish translator near me?

    To find a certified Spanish translator near you, you only need to go as far as your computer or laptop. Espresso Translations offers a complete online service which gives you access to thousands of certified Spanish translators with years of experience for all your translation needs. As a respected provider of English to Spanish and Spanish to English language services, our team will supply a precise and accurate translation, deliver it to you promptly and at an affordable price. 

    All of our Spanish translation and interpretation services are available for personal or business use and performed by expert Spanish translators who are native speakers. Just get in touch via our online contact form, email or phone to discuss your project and we will send you a free quote within one hour.

    Where can I get a document translated into Spanish?

    If you are looking for reliable Spanish to English document translation services, Espresso Translations is here to help. We have a network of Spanish translators who are native speakers of both the European language and the Spanish spoken in the Americas. 

    We only use human translators, backed up by the best software in the industry to ensure your translation is accurate, localized and of the highest standard. Whether you need translations of technical documents, an e-commerce website or personal paperwork our services, UK and worldwide means we are providers of certified translations wherever you need them. 

    To access our high cabilbre translators, simply send us a request for quote as well as details of the document to be translated including a timescale for the work to be completed. We will get back to you within an hour with a detailed quotation.

    Why choose our Spanish translation agency?

    There are many reasons why you should choose Espresso Translations for your translation project including:

    • Native speaking translators with European or Latin American Spanish as their mother tongue
    • Qualified translators who are also subject-matter experts for your industry, specialist field or business
    • Localization experts with knowledge of markets, regional and cultural nuances 
    • Sworn translators for English to Spanish, certified translators for official translation Spanish to English
    • Fast turnaround times of 48 hours, 24 hours or same day delivery
    • Competitive rates and clear pricing policy
    • Human translators backed up by cutting edge software and technology
    • Commitment to top quality, natural sounding translations

    We are a leading provider of English to Spanish, Spanish to English translations completed by native speakers with years of professional experience and knowledge.

    How much does it cost to hire a Spanish translator?

    Espresso Translations offers a clear pricing policy as well as giving all our clients a detailed quote within one hour of request. As soon as we know the details of your translation project, we can provide an accurate quotation so you know exactly what you are paying. 

    We have certified translation rates that start at £30 plus VAT, sworn translations from £50 plus VAT and notarised and legalised translations from £90 plus VAT. Sworn and notarised translations cost more as there is a requirement for a court or public official to verify the identity of the translator and this incurs an extra fee. 

    When you need to translate documents and text, we provide per word rates and for audio and video files we have a per minute rate. However, there are several factors which will affect the price that you pay for your translation including the length of the document or file, the language pair (rare languages cost more), complexity of the content and how quickly you need the translation completed. 

    Our affordable rates coupled with a commitment to provide high-quality translations make Espresso Translations the best choice for your Spanish translation project.

    How long do professional Spanish translations take?

    Our team of native speaking Spanish translators offer a rapid turnaround for your documents or files without compromising the quality of the translation. We provide a 48 hour, 24 hour or same-day delivery for urgent requests to suit most clients. However, there are several elements of the work which affect exactly how long each translation will take. These include:

    • Length of the document or text, duration of the audio or video file
    • Dialect required, some Spanish dialects are more rare than others so it can take longer to locate a suitable translator
    • Technical, scientific or medical documents may take longer to translate due to the complexity of the content

    When you get in touch regarding your Spanish translation, let us know what your required timeframe is and we will do our utmost to meet your deadline.

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    Espresso Translations Reviews

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the most professional Spanish translator?

    It is important when translating official, legal or personally important documents that you use a professional translation agency such as Espresso Translation. All of our translators are accredited and your translation will be proofread by a second native speaking translator before being passed to your dedicated project manager for final quality control. Having someone gifted in linguistics complete your translation will not give you the same level of translation accuracy, localization or professionalism.

    How to become a certified translator in Spain?

    To become a certified or sworn translator in Spain it’s necessary to pass an official exam at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, which is notoriously difficult. The exam consists of four parts in two phases and includes written and spoken components. You will need to pay a fee, be of legal age and have Spanish or EU citizenship. A degree from a Spanish university or a recognised foreign qualification is necessary.

    In which sectors is Spanish most commonly used?

    With more than twenty Spanish-speaking nations in the world, the sectors in which Spanish is used are incredibly numerous. The Iberian Peninsula has a thrivng livestock and agricultural sector and is also rich in precious metals and raw materials. Spain and in Latin America both have flourishing music and entertainment industries as well as growth in technology, science and of course, tourism.

    Naturally, each area is different and this means that native Spanish translators must be familiar with local variations and specialize in specific areas and industries to produce accurate and localized translations.

    What Spanish dialects do you offer?

    We are able to offer a full range of Spanish regional dialects, variations, and versions. This includes European Spanish, as spoken in Spain and other parts of Europe. We also have expert native speaking Spanish translators who can translate into Latin American Spanish, as spoken in Latin America such as Mexico and the United States of America. Whatever regional variety of the language you need for your Spanish document translation, we are a translation company with experts in a range of Spanish language options, meaning we can always match your translation project up to an individual with the right experience and expertise for your Spanish language translation project.