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    Espresso Translations is a professional service offering skilled subtitle translation or transcription for movies, training films or YouTube videos. We provide a high level of accuracy and work with a range of subtitle styles to help make your content accessible to an international audience.

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    Our professional subtitle translation service

    As one of the leading agencies in the translation industry, we offer comprehensive subtitle translation services including closed captioning services and subtitle services in over 150 languages. Our subtitle services cover any type of source video format. Whether you have common formats or other formats for your videos, we can help.

    We can supply the subtitle you need as a srt file with position markers, meaning that you do not have to do any tedious video editing in order to get your subtitle translations into your videos.

    Our subtitling services make it affordable to get quality subtitle options as an srt file. We are one of the leading subtitle translation agencies and can help with subtitle services and closed captions for accessibility, search engine optimisation, and more.

    The expert team at Espresso Translations have years of experience in the translation of subtitles and closed captions. Each subtitle translation project involves changing the language of the original subtitles into one or more different languages. 

    We offer subtitle translation for personal projects or business requirements and all of our translators are subject-matter experts. This means that they will provide accurate translations of the subtitles while maintaining their meaning and context. Localising the content to the target language and culture will ensure your video is not only accessible to a wider audience but resonates with them. 

    Espresso Translations only use native speakers of your target language for high quality subtitling as well as a fast, accurate service. All our translators have more than five years experience in the industry and we offer translation for subtitles in more than 150 languages. Our certified translation service means you can be assured of the highest quality subtitle service for videos, movies and more. 

    Here is a detailed table regarding translation and subtitling services:

    Service TypeSubtitling Translation Services
    Industries CoveredEntertainment, Education, Marketing, Corporate, Media, Technology
    Types of ContentFilms, TV Shows, Online Courses, Promotional Videos, Webinars, Documentaries, Corporate Videos
    Languages OfferedEnglish, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, etc.
    Translator ExpertiseNative Speakers, Industry Specialists, Media Professionals, Certified Translators
    Quality AssuranceProofreading, Editing, Synchronization, Review by Native Speakers
    Technology UsedSubtitling Software (e.g., Aegisub, Subtitle Edit), CAT Tools, Translation Memory Systems
    Turnaround TimeVaries by project size, typically ranging from a few days to several weeks
    Pricing ModelPer minute of video, Per hour, Per project
    Confidentiality MeasuresNon-disclosure Agreements, Secure File Transfer, Encrypted Communications
    Additional ServicesLocalization, Dubbing, Voice-over, Transcription, Cultural Adaptation
    Client Support24/7 Customer Service, Project Management, Dedicated Account Managers
    Sample ProjectsSubtitling of Films, Translation of TV Shows, Subtitling of Online Courses, Translation of Corporate Webinars
    CertificationISO 17100, ATA Certification, Native-level Proficiency

    Is it possible to translate subtitles?

    Our team can translate subtitles into multiple languages and work with various subtitle formats. We provide services for entertainment videos, marketing adverts, training films and movie subtitles. This helps each of our clients reach more people with their content and provides precise translation and localisation for even better understanding. 

    When you are looking to expand into different countries it is important that people understand your video content in their native language. This helps them to feel connected to you and your business. Every subtitle accurately translated and localised opens up a whole world of content for your customers, viewers and clients and proves you are committed to providing a top-quality product or service.

    Who needs subtitling translation services?

    Subtitles have been used in the film and television industries for a long time and are now an essential part of streaming platforms and social media channels. This allows the content to reach audiences beyond its original language, increasing viewing numbers and engagement. 

    Businesses can use our subtitlers to translate video content into various languages for training, marketing or information dissemination.

    We offer our subtitling translation and transcription services to anyone who needs them and no project is too big or too small.

    Just get in touch via our online contact page, by email or by phone and request a free quote. One of our dedicated project managers will get back to you within an hour.

    What type of subtitle translation services do you offer?

    Espresso Translations offers various kinds of subtitles help, support and services including: 

    • Multi-language subtitles
    • Same-language subtitles
    • Closed captions
    • Subtitles for videos 
    • Movie subtitles
    • Conference subtitling 

    Multi-language subtitles

    For subtitles in different languages, the content is translated from the source language into the target language and then transcribed onto the video. We have a network of translators who can translate your video into more than 150 languages. 

    Same-language subtitles

    When a translation is not needed but the dialogue from the video needs to be visually displayed, we offer same-language subtitles. This works for people who find it hard hearing the sound on certain videos, particularly in noisy environments such as pubs or waiting rooms. 

    Closed captions

    Although closed captions are not the same as subtitles, they are often included under this general heading. Closed captioning is audio description that doesn’t just display the dialogue from video but also includes non-speech moments such as describing music, laughter or background noise. 

    Subtitles for videos 

    When it comes to subtitles, videos are a huge market waiting to be explored. We offer subtitling services for any type of video in numerous languages. This could be for YouTube, training videos, marketing material or documentaries, increasing their accessibility to a wider audience and expanding your business or channel. We provide native speaking translators who understand the cultural nuances of their mother tongue and this preserves the tone, intent and meaning behind the video content. Localisation is an important part of video translation and this includes our captioning and subtitling services. 

    Movie subtitles 

    The use of subtitles in movies is something that everyone is familiar with and translation allows us to enjoy films that we would not be able to understand without subtitles. This opens up a huge market for the movie industry where films, series and documentaries can be translated into hundreds of languages and reach millions of people. Our expert translators provide film companies with the highest standard of subtitling and translation for movies, TV series and documentaries. We can save your video subtitling into a vast array of file types. For example: (.srt), (.stl), (.scc), (.ass/.ssa), (.xml), (.ttml), (.qt.txt), (.vtt), (.dfxp), (.smi), (.csv), (.sub), (.rt), (.sbv).

    Conference video subtitling

    By providing translated subtitles of conference videos your business can increase its reach, accessibility and understanding of issues that are important to it. Not only can you make the content available to the deaf and hard of hearing but also to speakers of other languages allowing them to understand and engage with it more deeply.

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    How do our subtitle translation services work?

    The translation of subtitles by Espresso Translations is done by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language and experienced in the relevant field. They will listen to the source language on video or audio, translating the subtitles as a transcript or directly as audio without transcription. Once the subtitles have been translated, they are matched to the video and synchronised with the images that appear on the screen. 

    Video subtitle translation may appear to the untrained eye as an easy task but it is a complex process requiring experience, expertise and deep knowledge of the steps involved. Each project is placed with a trained linguist who will ensure subtitles are accurately translated, maintain their meaning and context and are localised to the required language and culture. 

    We only use translators who have experience in the subject matter of the content such as marketing, technology, entertainment or whatever sector the material relates to. You can be assured that we will meet your subtitle translation deadline without compromising on the quality of the work.

    How much does a subtitling agency cost?

    Espresso Translations is committed to providing a clear pricing policy and there will never be any hidden costs for our clients. It’s important to note that subtitling costs vary according to the specific project and pricing is typically done according to the number of words per second or per minute rather than on the number of words. For example, the price for translating a marketing video would differ from our movie subtitling rates due to the amount of work involved. 

    On average you can expect to pay between £6-£26 per minute and a minimum project fee of approximately £60. While you may be able to find cheaper services through automatic translation programs, this is not advisable as the standard is generally of poor quality. 

    There are several factors which will affect subtitling costs including:

    • Length of the video footage or audio files
    • The original language and target language the subtitles are translated into
    • Whether video transcription is required
    • Complexity of the video or audio content
    • Need for voiceover 
    • Type of video format e.g. checking time codes

    The best way to get an understanding of our subtitling services rates is to apply for a free quote for your project. Fill in our online contact form, call us or email us details of what your subtitle translation work entails, the target language(s) and the required deadline. We can tailor a pricing package according to your needs.

    One of our project managers will get back to you within an hour of receiving your request. We offer competitive rates, a reliable point of contact and a pricing package that best suits your business requirements or personal needs.

    What do our clients say?

    Our accredited translation agency is proud of its excellent customer service, which includes quick support and comprehensive guidance from its project managers. Check out our client reviews:

    Espresso Translations distinguishes itself with its exceptional multilingual subtitling services. The translations offered by this service exhibit remarkable precision, highlighting the meticulous selection of words and impeccable linguistic coherence. Through their skilled work, Espresso Translations adeptly preserves the essence of the original content with finesse and accuracy. Their attention to detail and commitment to linguistic excellence truly shine through in each translated subtitle.

    – Laura

    When it comes to subtitling services, Espresso Translations sets a new standard with its impeccable attention to detail, especially evident in their German translations. The precision showcased in their work is truly astonishing, reflecting their dedication to selecting the perfect words and ensuring linguistic coherence throughout. Their commitment to preserving the original essence of the content is commendable, as they deliver translations that retain the essence and tone of the source material faithfully.

    – Marco

    Where can I find the best subtitling translation company near me?

    In this digital age, you don’t need to find a local company that deals with subtitle translation.

    Espresso Translations is just a couple of clicks away with a worldwide network of certified translators who work in over 150 languages and are qualified in video subtitling services. Simply send your srt file or similar to us and our translation team will get to work. 

    With more than five years of experience in translation, all of our translators are able to accommodate your specific needs and can guide you through the process of translating your subtitles from one language into another.

    We are proud of the high standards we offer and the quality in all our customer services. Whether you want to use our services for personal or business reasons, we are ready to help with your subtitling process.

    Why choose our subtitle translation agency in UK?

    As one of the leading subtitle translation agencies, we can help with all your subtitling needs – whether that is foreign subtitles for your online videos, or translating subtitles into your native language, ideal for when you need a training video translated for your company, or a market research video translated for assessment.

    Espresso Translations offers film subtitling services, video subtitle translation, and video editing to ensure that your project is finished to the highest quality and perfectly synchronised. Whatever your video file, srt, sub, vtt, or time-coded, we can offer human translation of your subtitles backed up by machine translation software. 

    By using our captioning services or inserting translated subtitles into your video, you also optimise your content for search engines. This can raise your rankings and make your channel or business more visible to users.

    Subtitles use has increased hugely with the growth of video streaming services and the popularity of social media. To make video more accessible to an international audience, add subtitles with the relevant translation for each country where your video will be available. This will increase your audience, subscribers and business reach, potentially increasing your revenue for the price of our affordable subtitling rates.

    How long does subtitling translation take?

    It can be hard to gauge how long a subtitle translation project will cost until we have seen it. Once you request a quote, we can give you guidance on how long the subtitle translation process with take. We can also offer express translation services and subtitling services for if you need an urgent subtitle project completed.

    Espresso Translations offers a fast turnaround for all of our language services including 48-hour, 24-hour and express delivery. Whether you need a 30-second video translated or require our movie subtitle service, we will deliver on time and to an exceptional standard. 

    The processing time for your project will depend on several factors:

    • Length of the video or audio
    • Language pair, rare languages can take longer to translate
    • Subject matter and terminology, complex subjects can extend translation times

    When you get in touch to request a quote, one of our dedicated project managers will indicate how long your translation will take. We understand video is an important part of many services and we will work with you to translate your subtitle file promptly. If your project is urgent, we can expedite the translation and delivery process according to your needs.

    What is the best translator for subtitles?

    The best translator for subtitles is a human translator who speaks the target language as their mother tongue and is fluent in the source language. Our experienced, qualified translators can adapt the dialogue so that it is localised for the intended audience. 

    Machine translation cannot take account of language nuance, cultural influence and human characteristics such as humour but our translators will ensure that the content loses none of its meaning or context. The service received from Espresso Translations will be specific to your translation project and you will enter into a bespoke contract that takes account of your specific needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is subtitle translation?

    Subtitle translation involves changing the text from videos or movies from the original language into one or more different languages. This allows speakers of languages other than the original, as well as the deaf and hard of hearing, to follow what is happening on screen.

    Translating subtitles increases the accessibility and reach of video content and can improve your rankings by search engines. 

    What are the differences between translation and subtitling services?

    Subtitling a video or film involves transcribing the dialogue in the same language. The text appears on the bottom of the screen and is synchronised with what is appearing on the video or film.

    Translation is changing the language of the subtitles from the original into one or more different languages. The translated subtitles also synchronise with what is happening on screen so that the meaning and context are maintained.

    What are the best subtitling companies in the UK?

    Espresso Translations is one of the most respected language service companies in the UK. With offices in London and Milan, we also have a supporting network of qualified translators worldwide who work in 150 languages and offer specialised audio video translation. We provide timely translations, competitive rates and personal service from our dedicated project managers.

    Using professional subtitle services makes sure that you get the high quality subtitles you need for your video project. While it can be tempting to use closed captioning software and translation software to get your subtitles translated, using professional translators means you have a minimum risk of errors.

    Our expert subtitle translators also have a deep understanding of their language and the culture you are getting a translation for, meaning that you are guaranteed to have the perfect subtitles for international audiences.

    How do I get subtitles to automatically translated?

    There are many software programmes that you can use to automatically translate the subtitles for audiovisual content. However, most of these programmes will translate content word for word while ignoring context, cultural differences and language nuance. The result will not be the same as having your subtitles translated by a professional linguist with subject matter experience and localisation knowledge. You may find that the finished translation bears little resemblance to the original audio.

    How to become a subtitle translator?

    To become a subtitle translator you will first need to qualify as a translator. This typically involves being fluent in another language besides your native tongue. You may be naturally fluent in two languages or have a foreign language degree. Experience is important so you’ll need to find work as a translator for a few years to build your knowledge of the industry and pursue professional development. You can then apply to become an accredited translator and begin working in subtitle translation to gain the audiovisual knowledge necessary for this specialised field.