Video Translation Services

    Espresso Translations provides a professional audiovisual translation service for businesses and individual clients. Our experienced translators are all native speakers of the target language ensuring your translation sounds natural and is localised to the target country. As a leading transcription provider, we can translate your video with accuracy and precision to help your brand reach a global audience.

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    Our professional video translation service

    Accurate video translation is a requirement for the entertainment industry and other services and professions for marketing or training purposes. It is a necessary step for an international business that uses video in any aspect of its organisation ensuring it’s available in the language of each country where the business has a presence. 

    The audio translation of a video from its original language to a foreign language can be done in various ways depending on the client’s needs. Adding subtitles, voiceover, closed captioning, or translating from the video’s transcript may be necessary. Our translators can work with multiple file formats including SRT, XML, VTT, etc. 

    Espresso Translations prides itself on the high quality, professional translation of a variety of videos in a wide range of industries, sectors and businesses. Our team can translate into more than 150 languages and has experience with YouTube video, Vimeo and streaming media. Each dedicated project has its own requirements which our team of human translators equipped with the latest industry-leading technology can provide.

    Below is a detailed table showing the video translation services we offer:

    Service TypeVideo Translation
    Industries CoveredEntertainment, Education, Marketing, Corporate, Healthcare, E-commerce, Technology
    Types of ContentFilms, TV Shows, Online Courses, Marketing Videos, Corporate Training, Product Demonstrations, Webinars
    Languages OfferedSpanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Arabic, etc.
    Translator ExpertiseNative Speakers, Subject Matter Experts, Media Professionals, Linguists
    Quality AssuranceProofreading, Editing, Synchronisation, Review by Native Speakers
    Technology UsedSubtitling Software, Dubbing Tools, Translation Memory Systems, Speech Recognition Tools
    Turnaround TimeVaries by project size, typically ranging from a few days to several weeks
    Pricing ModelPer minute, Per hour, Per project
    Confidentiality MeasuresNon-disclosure Agreements, Secure File Transfer, Encrypted Communications
    Additional ServicesSubtitling, Dubbing, Voice-over, Localisation, Transcription, Audio Description
    Client Support24/7 Customer Service, Project Management, Dedicated Account Managers
    Sample ProjectsSubtitling of Films, Dubbing of TV Shows, Translation of Online Courses, Voice-over for Marketing Videos
    CertificationISO 17100, ATA Certification, Native-level Proficiency

    Why choose our video translation company?

    The advantage of choosing Espresso Translations for your project is that you will not just have native-speaking, professional linguists but also subject-matter specialists and media professionals working on the content. As an ISO-certified translation business, we provide expert video translation, transcription (linguistics), and multilingual voiceovers. 

    As a leading language translation business, we provide the following for all our clients:

    • Native-speaking translators of your target language with fluency in the source language and over five years of experience. 
    • Media specialists who are experts in dubbing, video subtitling and all aspects of video post-production.
    • Qualified and experienced linguists who ensure video translation takes into account language localisation for audiences anywhere in the world
    • Multi-stage proofreading, editing and quality control checks for linguistic quality, dialects, tone and accuracy in scripts, screen text and recordings. 
    • Personalised service for transcription and translation with a guaranteed privacy policy to safeguard your video content. 

    To create video translations of the highest quality, Espresso Translations uses industry-leading technology to enhance the expertise of our qualified translators. The tools we use include:

    • Subtitle Edit and Aegisub, subtitles software for creating and modifying subtitles. 
    • Dubbing software to ensure video and audio are perfectly synchronised and professional. 
    • SDL Trados and MemoQ translation memory systems to preserve consistency in terminology across client files. 
    • Speech recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking for highly accurate transcription of video content.

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    How much do audio video translation services cost?

    The factors that influence the cost of a video translation are listed below:

    • The length of the video will determine how much time will need to be allocated to its translation and impact the cost. 
    • Each sector, industry or business has its own terminology and jargon, complex language requires careful translation and this attention to detail can add to the cost of a video translation. 
    • If one or both of the language pair are unusual it may cost more to translate as there will be fewer translators of these languages to work on the content. 
    • Expedited delivery will cost more if the video translation is urgent. 
    • If a video file doesn’t come with a text file then transcription will be necessary which will add to the cost. 
    • Additional services such as dubbing, multilingual voiceovers or translation of unusual audio files will increase the amount you pay for your video translation. 

    Espresso Translations offers a transparent and competitive price structure to provide video translation and transcription. However, as each project will be different you must contact us for a detailed free quote so you know exactly what you will be paying. 

    When you need video translation or transcription it’s best to get in touch with Espresso Translations so we can give you a personalised quote and ensure that all your requirements are taken into consideration. You will receive your quote within an hour.

    How long does translating video take?

    Factors which can affect the timescale for your video translation include:

    • Specialist content with complex language or information such as a legal translation
    • Rare or unusual languages
    • Poor audio quality with a lot of background noise
    • Video without a text file will first need to be transcribed adding to the timescale

    The time taken for the translation of video content is dependent on several factors. However, our expert team work hard to get your project done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Whether you are translating a video game or website into one or several other languages our team of translators and media specialists work in collaboration to get the job done accurately and professionally in a fast turnaround time. 

    It’s also necessary to allow time for proofreading by a second qualified translator and quality control checks by your dedicated project manager. 

    Espresso Translations offers a fast turnaround time for our translation and transcription services with some files being translated in a matter of hours. Your project manager will be able to give you a delivery time according to the needs of your video translation and we always do our best to meet your deadline.

    What is the best way to translate a video?

    There are several steps involved in translating a video although the process may change slightly depending on the type of video. 

    • When we receive your video file the first step is to transcribe the dialogue and any other sound on the file. This can be done manually or through automation using speech recognition software. 
    • The subtitle translation begins with the subtitles also being transcribed from the video.
    • Synchronising the images and subtitles is the next phase of translated video production. This ensures that the viewers see the words and associated visual representation on the video at the same time. 
    • Next, the subtitles are set at the correct reading speed and checked for ease of visibility and readability. Any mistakes with error, grammar, punctuation or syntax will be picked up at this point. 
    • Finally, the subtitles and video are blended using video editing software or specific subtitle support platforms. 

    Any cultural references, technical terms, or idioms used in the source language of the video will be adapted appropriately to the target language.

    What are the benefits of video translation solutions?

    In an age of globalization, it’s important to be able to offer your services or business in multiple countries and the language of those locations. A professional translation allows you to cross the language barrier, expand your reach and increase your client base. 

    Making your video accessible to a global audience in their native language is necessary in an era of multilingualism. The translation process of your video content will give you the ability to impact the lives of people on the other side of the world. Espresso Translations facilitates that with our fast, professional video translation services.

    Voice-over and dubbing

    As one of the leading translation companies in the UK, Espresso Translations offers both voiceover and dubbing services. 

    A voiceover involves someone who is trained in voice acting reading the translated dialogue in the target language while the original audio is still audible in the background. On the other hand, dubbing means that the source dialogue is completely removed and replaced by a voice actor reading the translated script. 

    Dubbing is typically used in movies and for entertainment while voiceovers are often employed for factual videos, interviews or product information. Both can be used for translating video and audio files into numerous different languages. Multilingual voice actors can make your video content available to an international audience.

    Translation, localization, and subtitles

    Espresso Translations is a respected translation company known for producing high-quality translations of documents and websites but we are also regarded as a leading video translation agency.

    With professional translators working in more than 150 languages, our team knows all about precise translation and nuanced localisation. Our subtitle service includes closed captioning, same-language subtitles for the hard of hearing and translated subtitles. 

    If you want to make videos for a global audience we are the perfect partner. Whether it’s to translate a training video from the Chinese language for clients in the United Kingdom or a Spanish translation of a social media post all you need to do is call us, email or use our online contact form.

    What so our clients say?

    Our accredited translation agency is proud of its excellent customer service, which includes fast support and comprehensive guidance from its project managers. Take a look at our clients’ reviews:

    I was extremely satisfied with the video translation services offered by Espresso Translations. The quality of work is exceptional, and the accuracy of the translations is astounding. The team of translators demonstrated a deep understanding of the video content and delivered the translation fluently and naturally. Moreover, the workflow was efficient and professional, delivering the work within the agreed-upon timelines. I highly recommend Espresso Translations for video translation needs.

    – Laura

    The video translation services offered by Espresso Translations are absolutely excellent. Their team of translators has demonstrated extraordinary competence in ensuring that the meaning and intent of the original video are preserved intact in the final translation. Furthermore, they have been able to maintain proper synchronization between audio and subtitles, providing a flawless viewing experience. I have been impressed by the flexibility and attention to detail shown by the team.

    – Marco

    Why do I need professional video localization services?

    You may think that it’s not necessary to have a professional translation of video content with the proliferation of AI powered machine translation. However, there is a big difference between the quality of translation produced by a qualified, experienced linguist who understands cultural nuances and the subtleties of a distinct dialect and that of a machine. 

    We offer a comprehensive translation and transcription service for all your video needs including:

    • Marketing
    • Entertainment
    • Informational
    • Educational

    All of these sectors will demand and expect the highest quality localisation of the video content.

    Film translation services

    A dialogue adapter works with the script of a film and adapts it to the target language. This does not only mean translating the words from one language to another but adjusting the dialogue so that it fits the movements of the actors’ lips. The picture should sync with what the dubbing actor is saying. This lip sync gives the impression that the film was originally shot in the translated language. 

    Espresso Translations can provide this service for your online videos, training and promotional films or full-length movies to help you break into international markets.

    Youtube translation services

    YouTube’s video-sharing service provides us with entertainment, information and a platform to create and upload your own content. For those who want to translate a video on YouTube, it’s possible to use the auto-translate feature. However, this often does not accurately translate the dialogue and can be detrimental to the viewing experience. 

    Our team can offer a professionally translated version of your video content which will be error-free and localised to your target country. This can have a positive impact on the number of views that your channel receives.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are video translation services?

    Thanks to the video translation service, it is possible to adapt subtitles and/or dub the content so that it is understandable to a global audience. A comprehensive service also includes cultural adaptation for a smooth and unambiguous translation.

    Do video translation services provide subtitles or voice-over translations?

    Espresso Translations offers video translation in subtitles or as a voiceover or dubbed service depending on the needs of the client. Subtitles may or may not be translated according to the intended audience, e.g. the hard of hearing or a foreign language audience. 

    Is there a video translation software?

    Thanks to advancements in machine learning there are numerous artificial intelligence applications for video translation including mobile translation. However, these should be used with caution as the rates of mistakes with these applications are much higher than with human translations.

    What are the best video translators?

    The best video translators are the professional, human translators at companies such as Espresso Translations. However, if you want a quick way to translate multiple languages you could use DeepL for general use, or Translate One2One for meetings or Resemble AI for video calls.

    Is there an app that can translate a video?

    A quick Google (or any search engine) probe will provide information and access to several video translator apps. They vary in their ability to cover all areas of video translation to a high degree with some doing well with the number of languages supported and others having better translation quality and speed. None can offer the same attention to detail, localisation and professionalism as the qualified translators and media experts at Espresso Translations.