Visiting The National Gallery In London

    Danilo Coviello

    If you’ve never been to London or you live there or in the area but have never been to the National Gallery, then you’re missing out. There are many reasons why you should pay it a visit. If you want to learn more about the National Gallery in London, then continue reading this article.

    Location, Hours & Parking

    The National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square in Central London. More specifically, it’s in Westminster and it’s open seven days a week, but hours may vary depending on holidays. The museum is open from 10 in the morning and closes at 6 in the evening, with the exception of Fridays when it closes at 9 in the evening.

    In general, there is usually plenty of parking available. You can also reach the museum via public transport. If you’re staying in central London, then you should be able to walk to it.


    One of the best things about the National Gallery in London is admissions are free. You do not have to pay anything to enter the gallery. However, bear in mind that you will need money if you want to grab a bite to eat or buy any souvenirs.


    The museum is very large and is formed of several sections. There is the Pigott Education Centre, the Sainsbury Wing and areas such as shops, Annenberg Court and the Sunley room to name a few. Throughout each floor, there are various things that can be explored, such as exhibits, shops, small restaurants etc. Furthermore, a number of audio guides are located throughout the National Gallery in London.


    The National Gallery in London houses over 2,000 paintings from world-famous artists, such as Turner’s Fighting Temeraire and Sunflowers by Van Gogh. Other paintings include Arnolfini Portrait by Van Eyck and Rokeby Venus. Some of the rarest paintings and pieces of art can be viewed in person at the National Gallery.

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    There are paintings from the 13th century to the 15th century. These paintings are from artists such as Vellini and Duccio. Lippi and Botticelli are other artists whose paintings can be viewed at the National Gallery. Other artists from that period, whose works you can check out, include Uccello, Memling and Van Eyck.

    Inside, you’ll find there are pieces from artists who lived through the 16th and the 17th centuries. Some of the names you’ll recognize include Leonardo, Raphael and Cranach, all of whom are from the 16th century. Seventeenth-century paintings from artists like Rubens, Rembrandt and Vermeer can be found inside the National Gallery. Bear in mind that there are also many other artists’ works from those periods at the museum.

    Paintings from the 18th century to the 20th century can be enjoyed too. Monet, Constable and Goya all have works within the National Gallery, as do artists such as Van Gogh and Ingres. Let’s not forget to mention paintings from artists such as Cezanne and Canaletto.

    Some of the highlights include The Virgin of the Rocks, which was a piece by Leonardo da Vinci. The Ambassadors is another popular piece, which was created by Hans Holbein. Other highlights include the Arnolfini Portrait and Sunflowers. If you are familiar with many top works of art, then there is a good chance you’ll be able to find some at the National Gallery in London.


    It’s worth noting that a number of events take place throughout the year, and there are many scheduled to take place in January 2019 and after. Some of these events include From Manet to Cezanne, which is a tale of the two artists. Guests will learn about their personalities, their families and their famous rivalry.

    It’s recommended to check out the museum’s website before going. They are always updating it with events that are coming up or currently going on. This will allow you to plan ahead and get tickets if required. However, many of the events held at the National Gallery in London are free.

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    Live Music

    One of the things that make the National Gallery in London unique is that they often have live music. Many people flock to the museum so they can listen to live music while they view the paintings and enjoy the gallery’s offerings. However, concerts do not take place regularly, so if you want to listen to live music there, make sure you visit their website. As of now, there are no upcoming concerts.

    Furthermore, concerts are typically free. However, seating availability is not guaranteed because it is on a first come first served basis. If there is a concert going on on the day you plan on visiting, make sure you get there as early as possible.

    Food & Shopping

    As previously mentioned, there are a number of places you can eat when visiting the National Gallery in London. This includes the National Dining Rooms, the Espresso Bar and the National Cafe to name a few. Keep in mind that the restaurants do not stay open all day. These mentioned do close early, so check the opening hours before arriving or upon arriving to avoid disappointment.

    There are several shops located inside the National Gallery, with many of them selling various items. You can find souvenirs such as postcards, posters and more. As previously mentioned, if you want to do a bit of shopping, then you’ll want to head to the Sainsbury Wing, as this is where the shops are located, but there are also a number of shops near the Getty entrance, as well as near the Portico.

    As for prices of items and food, this depends. Generally speaking, dining and shopping at the National Gallery is affordable. You might be surprised at how inexpensive it is.

    Now you know where the National Gallery in London is and more about the types of events that are held there or will be held there. You also know more about the paintings and exhibitions that it houses. All you have to do now is book a trip to London and pay a visit to the National Gallery.

    The National Gallery is only a 7-minute drive from the Espresso Translations offices.

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