How to Translate YouTube Videos to New Languages

    Danilo Coviello

    Ever wondered how to translate your videos into new languages?

    As the world’s largest video sharing platform, YouTube receives millions of video uploads on a daily basis. Although most YouTube videos usually target specific audiences, using YouTube translate features can help increase the overall reach and impact of your videos.

    Read on to find out how you can take advantage of YouTube’s video translation features.

    Option A: Editing Your Titles and Video Descriptions

    1. Go to Video Manager

    Identify the video you want to translate and select the ‘Edit’ option. For this work, though, your video must not be set to private and should contain a closed caption track or at least a single translation.

    2. Select Translation Tab

    Once you have clicked under the video, proceed to press the ‘Buy translation’ button. You will be required to confirm the video’s original language, its title, and the descriptions used.

    3. Check the Boxes to Confirm

    Tick the boxes for all the items you want translations. Once you have checked the boxes, YouTube will require you select your preferred languages of translation.

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    4. Select Your Preferred Vendor

    The final step to translate videos by this method is choosing your preferred vendor and agreeing to the terms presented.

    Option B: Editing Captions in Addition to Titles and Video Descriptions

    You can also translate your video to text, as well as your titles, captions, and descriptions, provided you understand the new language. To translate your YouTube video on your own, observe the following steps:

    1. Click on the Video Manager Button

    Select the video you want translated and click the ‘Edit’ button. Again, to translate a video, it must not be set to private, and it should contain a closed caption track and a minimum of one subtitle.

    2. Press on the Subtitles and CC Button

    Once you have selected the subtitles tab, proceed to click on ‘CC’ or ‘Add new subtitles.’ YouTube will require you choose your preferred language of use for the title, description, and caption translations.

    3. Click on the ‘Translations’ Tab

    Once you select the translations tab, click on the `Buy’ translation tab. You will be required to confirm details like original language, captions, and descriptions used throughout the video.

    4. Check the Boxes to Confirm

    At this stage, you will need to confirm the language(s) you want to use in your translation. Afterward, proceed to select your vendor of choice.

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    More About Translating YouTube Videos

    If you want to translate your videos manually and avoid the additional costs, you can translate your content on your PC and upload it to YouTube once done.

    The auto-translate feature can also come in handy when looking to make easy translations. Point to note, though, auto-translate features tend to have several inconsistencies. As a result, we advise considering self-editing and vendor options if you want your video to have accurate translations.

    Why Should You Translate YouTube Videos?

    Aside from gaining a wider audience, translating your videos also helps you to rank positively in YouTube searches. If you have a specific niche that you focus on, the translations will help convince YouTube robots that your channel is credible.

    Translating Youtube Videos through vendors or manually helps add value to your video. Without accurate translations, it is difficult for a channel to retain foreign visitors no matter the level of engagement. Accurate and reliable translations will almost definitely improve your Youtube subscriber count as the targeted audience will enjoy the viewing in their respective languages.

    While automated translations can come in handy for related languages, it can also lower your channel’s credibility, especially if viewers are dissatisfied with the translations.

    Key Takeaways

    As you look to translate your YouTube videos, you should understand that viewers value accurate translations. Incorrect translations will not add value either to your channel or to your targeted audience.

    Buying YouTube translations is guaranteed to give you positive results when it comes to accurate translations. Be extra keen when confirming the languages you want to translate in your captions, descriptions, and titles.

    Also, when translating your YouTube video either manually or through a vendor, be sure to set your videos privacy to public as opposed to private.