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How to Become a Certified Medical Translator

Certified Medical translator

Contrary to popular belief, if you wish to become a certified medical translator and excel in your career, it is not essential to have a medical degree. However, you need to gain sufficient exposure to the world of medicine because even a minor error in translation could result in severe consequences in patients.

Traduttore Tecnico: come diventarlo

Traduttore Tecnico

Un traduttore tecnico-scientifico, come si può già intuire dal nome, si occupa di tradurre e riadattare testi commerciali prevalentemente in ambito web, ma anche per quanto riguarda le pubblicazioni scientifiche. I traduttori tecnico-scientifici sono molto richiesti.

Why is technical translation important?

Technical Translation

Technical translation is the translation of technical documents and content. This is important as it may involve producing technical instructions that others may need to follow. If done poorly or incorrectly altogether, it is a reflection onto the company and could be misleading to the reader.