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Marriage Certificate Translations

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Espresso Translations’ certified marriage certificate translation services offer certified translations for all marriage certificates.
As a translation company, we are also ISO-certified, meaning that all of our certified translation services conduct translation and certification processes to the highest standard. For us, our customers and their needs are always put first.

As such, by being ISO-certified, we always ensure that our translation services meet a level of professionalism that we know our customers would be proud to be a part of. After all, it is their trust in us that has allowed us to excel as much as we have done in the translation industry.

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Why Our Marriage Translations

Our translation services translate and continuously deliver high-quality official translations by expert translators and native speakers of your documents’ target language. Our extensive international translation network is compiled of professionals with a minimum of 5-years experience in their respective fields and allows us to deliver translation projects in over 150 global languages and dialects.

By having a native speaker with such an extensive professional background assigned to your translation project means that you can have peace of mind that your marriage certificate translation will be natural sounding and a deep understanding of the technical terminology used within your certificate will be had.

Allow Espresso Translation’s efficient translation services to help guide you through the entire process of your translation and language needs, and let us translate your marriage certificate with ease and professionalism.

Espresso Translations

Marriage Certificates

Every married couple gets a certified wedding certificate within a month after their legal wedding, regardless if the wedding took place with a marriage license at an officiate or a registered church. This legal document is vital for handling affairs, legal and financial concerns, travelling internationally, and, unfortunately, divorce proceedings.

To use a marriage certificate as a legal document in another country, you’ll likely need a translation of the certificate in the language of that country. Marriage certificate translations are commonly required for official situations and are used as a supporting document when you need to prove your identity and marital status, such as opening bank accounts, applying for mortgages, court cases, legally changing your name, divorces, visa applications and more.

If you get married abroad and are issued with a non-English marriage certificate, in order for foreign marriages to be recognised as legal in the UK it is important that a certified translation of the original marriage certificate is obtained, so long as your original marriage certificate is neither in English nor Welsh. The one exception, however, is if your marriage certificate was issued under the 1976 Vienna Convention. If so, then it will already have an English translation in the footer and in such scenarios you do not need a certified translation.

When it comes to the translation of your marriage certificate, it is important to note that in some European countries such as France, Germany, Italy and Spain, there are certain translation requirements that need to be fulfilled for legal purposes. The most common is the provision of a sworn translation of your marriage certificate instead of a certified translation. A sworn translation is a practice of legally validating your documents by having your translation done and stamped by an authorised sworn translator. With such translations, no notary is required. It is worth noting that sworn translation is not used within the UK, and as such won’t be necessary when translating your marriage certificate to English.

If you need to translate a marriage certificate, it is necessary for it to be legalised by apostille for personal, work or for legal requirements. The apostille certificate is normally requested by foreign authorities and organisations so that the marriage certificate can be used for official purposes outside of the UK. We also provide legalised translations with an apostille that are accepted in all 86 countries that are party to the Hague Convention.

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Marriage Certificate Translation Service

Espresso Translations is the leading provider of marriage certificate translations, with our marriage certificates being recognised by UK official bodies such as the Home Office and the courts, and our translations into other languages are also accepted by authorities in other countries. With years of experience translating official personal documents, we are used to the legal requirements for translations and will deliver an accurate and authenticated document to make sure that your translation experience runs as smooth as possible.

Marriage Certificate Translation for UK Divorce Proceedings

At Espresso Translations, we understand that translation can be confusing and burdensome, especially for those who are new to the industry. As such, when it comes to the added stress of a divorce petition, we appreciate that translation is the last thing that you want to be worrying about. As a result, we make sure that our service guides you throughout the entire process of getting your marriage certificate translated in the case of a divorce, giving you advice on the best way to proceed to guarantee that the translation process is as seamless as possible.

When it comes to divorce in the UK, you will need to translate your marriage certificate if you were married outside of the UK and the original document is neither in English nor Welsh. You will also need a certified translation of the legal document. This is a translation that has both the signature and stamp of either a translator or a translation company, such as ours, as well as the date of the signing. 

The signature and stamp simply mean that the translator is confirming that the translation is an accurate translation of the original marriage certificate. With our certification process, the translation can be used by official organisations and governmental bodies for both divorce purposes and other legal proceedings. 

Please bear in mind that when it comes to UK divorce proceedings, there are strict requirements in addition to simply having a certified translation, such as the need for a Statement of Truth or a notarised translation.

Statement of Truth

This certification is essential for divorce proceedings and the translation of your marriage certificate. It is a confirmation that the translator who has signed it believes that the content is a true reflection of the original document. Also, the Statement of Truth will also probably include the translator’s qualifications, experience and contact details, such as address and phone number. This is to show that they are appropriately qualified to translate the marriage certificate.


Whilst it isn’t a requirement to use a Notary Public to certify your marriage certificate for a divorce, as a Statement of Truth is sufficient, if for some reason a Statement of Truth cannot be produced, then the marriage certificate shall be certified by a British Notary Public and signed off with a Notary Public seal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certified Translation

Whilst the practice of translation can be quite delicate and confusing for those with limited experience in the field, Espresso Translations’ express service is there to offer you a true and accurate representation of all your original documents and to ensure that our dedicated team of expert translation specialists certify your translated document for official use.

With our competitive prices and fast turnaround times, our agency will be sure to deliver you accurate and professionally certified translations. We certify and supply marriage certificate translations that go off to and are accepted by the Home Office, Passport Office, Immigration Services, and Courts in countries inside and outside of the UK on a daily basis. So, to see how we could help support you in getting your marriage certificate translated and certified, be sure to get in contact with us today.

Our Service

When it comes to your marriage certificates, our certified translation services and helpful team of experts offer certified translation that’s signed and stamped by us. All of our translated documents are officially recognised by UK governmental bodies as well as most authorities from abroad.

With years of industry experience, our ISO-certified translation services have developed express solutions that offer a quick turnaround for all your important documents, meaning that they can be officially signed and ready for delivery fast, sometimes within 24 hours.

Our dedicated professional team of native translators guarantees a fluent, accurate, and natural-sounding translation, with our translation services offering all translations in over 150 languages and dialects from around the world.
As an additional bonus to our translation service, we also offer free revisions for 14 days for the correction of any errors.
So, to see how our expert translation services can assist you with your marriage certificate translation, be sure to reach out to us today and we can get a same-day free quote sent to you, usually within 60 minutes.

How we guarantee quality

Our translation services are ISO certified, meaning that for every translation that we undertake, we implement an extensive quality control process to ensure that the certification of your personal documents meets our agency’s high standards.

Our international translation network consists of over 2,000 expert translation specialists, all of whom have a minimum of 5-years of professional experience in their respective fields. By having such an extensive global network, our translation services are able to offer a quick turnaround on your translated documents as we always source the perfect candidate with the right credentials to undertake your project. Plus, the international aspect of our service also grants us the ability to offer translations in over 150 foreign languages and dialects.

Your project

Your project always begins with the assignment of your very own project manager. The role of the project manager is to oversee the project from start until completion. Our translation services make an effort to source the most qualified project manager for your project’s needs and ensure that, as they will be your main point of contact throughout the project’s life-cycle, they have great communication skills.

After our services have assigned you your project manager, they will meet with you in order to receive a full brief and understanding of the project and its deliverables. Once done, it is the responsibility of the project manager to identify, assign, and brief the most qualified and experienced translator from our network. Your project manager will be looking for someone with relevant industry background experience as well as selecting someone who is a native of your project’s target language.
Once successfully identified, the translator will tackle the translation work by undergoing a systematic process of translation, including editing and proofreading their own work to ensure that no details are overlooked in your documents.
Once satisfied with the translator’s work, including meeting the logistical and administrative criteria for the project, your project manager will hand the project over to a second translator (also sourced by your project manager) who will proofread the entire translated text.

When the second translator has finished, the work is accepted by the project manager who ensures that the correct formatting has been carried out to the project’s specifications and needs. After the formatting has been finalised, and the project manager feels that the work meets your requirements, the completed document shall be sent to you for review. In the unlikely event that something is incorrect with the document, our service offers unlimited edit requests for up to 14 days after the translation has been delivered.

Espresso Translations’ service goes above and beyond to ensure that we generate translation projects with high accuracy, a fast turnaround, and a competitive price. By integrating a dedicated project team into each translation project, our services guarantee customer satisfaction and give you peace of mind that you and your project are being looked after by an expert team.
So be sure to connect with us today to see how our service can be of use to you. Our services offer a same-day free quotation, usually delivered to you within 60 minutes.

Why our translation services?

Our translation services are trusted by our international network of clientele. As a professional service, each day we produce, certify and deliver high-quality and accurate translations in a wide array of foreign languages on a daily basis.

As a certified translation agency, we are very proud of the global reputation that we have built for ourselves, and we know that we would not be where we are today without the respect that our clients have for us and the confidence that they put into our service. We maintain this trust by investing our full attention into every minute detail of their translation projects and offer translation services that guarantee accurate translation and are capable of certifying and providing translations to a standard that our clients would be proud of.