However fluent people become in a language that is not their own, our experience tells us that a mother tongue translator will always provide the most reliable, authentic sounding translations, and that's why they are the only translators we work with. All of our translators are fluent in one language and native in the other, meaning they only ever translate into their mother tongue.

This consistent promise across all of our mother tongue translation services means that you will be delivered a final translation that reads naturally and idiomatically as if it were originally written in that language, so that the end users of the translated work, whether it be a website translation, legal translation or something quite different, can engage with it without any hesitation.

Native Speakers

A common problem with non-native translators is their tendency to translate turns of phrase and sentence structures word for word from the original language into the foreign language, leaving it sounding awkward, clunky, and markedly not written by a native speaker. A native translator avoids this common pitfall on several counts. Firstly, as native translators, they are much more likely to produce expressions in the target language that ring true to other local speakers, as they have been speaking that language their whole life, so are immediately sensitive to its intricacies and particularities in a way that a non-native speaker, however fluent they may be, is liable to miss out on. A mother tongue translator is uniquely placed to spot when something sounds awkwardly transposed and unnatural and will always avoid this in their work.

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Bilingual Translators

Then come the extensive training and understanding that our mother tongue translators have of translation as an art with its own rules, pitfalls, and conventions. By being aware of all of this as well as having an excellent command of the languages they translate from, our professional translators can quickly and efficiently come up with turns of phrase that feel natural in the target language while staying true to the specificity of the original, ensuring that nothing is lost in the process. While an untrained bilingual speaker may be able to convey the sense of what is said in the first language in another, they will rarely be able to do so with the sensitivity and attention to detail that all of those who work with our translation agency can guarantee time after time with mother tongue translations.

The combination of being a native speaker and a trained translator certainly means a lot, but part of what makes our dedicated translators really stand out is the fact that they have been translating the kinds of texts they work with every day for years already, and so are aware of what expressions and phrases sound right, and have a wealth of approaches, styles and problem-solving skills at their fingertips. This consistent combination of local translators, training, and experience means we can confidently say we offer a truly reliable service every time, and that each of the mother tongue translators we work with will get the job done to an impeccable standard and for a competitive, affordable price.

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