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Technology translations in over 150 languages completed by tech-savvy, native-speaking linguists. 

We’re excited by the increasing diversity of the technological world beyond simply mobile phones and computers, and the technology translation services we offer reflect that. We are sharply conscious of the benefits of the fast-paced, rapidly changing possibilities that the technological world offers across all the fields we work in, and we know that this puts us in the best possible position when it comes to translating tech-focussed content for our clients.

Native Speakers

Our professional linguists only ever translate into their mother tongue, ensuring a fluent, natural-sounding result. 

  • 5+ years' translation experience
  • Experts in language & culture

ISO Certified 17100:2015

As an ISO certified translation company, you can rest assured our language solutions are of the highest quality. 

  • Documents revised by 2 linguists
  • Strict quality assurance protocols

Fast Turnaround

With our express solutions, we can have your accurately-translated files back to you within a matter of hours. 

  • Competitive quote within 1 hour
  • Transparent per-word pricing
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Our Technology Translation Services

Hardware Translation Services

In-depth technical knowledge and years of experience of technological translations mean our hardware translation services are word-perfect.

Software Translation Services

Making use of an effective, reliable and professional software translation service can have enormous benefits for your business operating in overseas markets.

User Manual Translation Services

Our clear and precise user guide translation services ensure that your users, wherever they may be based, can get the best possible use out of your product.

Website Localization Services

Our web page solutions, completed by tech-savvy translators familiar with the online world, let businesses across a range of areas branch out beyond their ordinary circle of customers.

Why Choose Us?

Whether you need a software translation for the app, computer programme or browser you plan to launch, or nitty-gritty hardware translations for any part of your product, we have a professional mother-tongue technology translator who perfectly understands the content, and the precise terminology to go with it. 

We know that the best technology translation services can only be provided by a technology translation agency that not only has an in-depth understanding of the subject matter but applies that knowledge practically in its everyday workings as a tech-fluent company. And that’s exactly what we offer.

The world of information technology moves fast, and we pride ourselves on the rapidity of the translations we offer. From the one-hour turnaround of quotes whenever you enquire about our services, to our willingness to translate within the period you require, we pride ourselves on offering fast IT translations that never compromise on quality.

Get a Quote Within the Hour

  • ISO Certified for translation service quality standards
  • Experienced native-speaking technology translation professionals
  • Services offered in more than 150 languages worldwide



Diversity is not just a question of the kinds of content our technology translations cover. With tech users increasingly corresponding to a more international demographic, it makes business sense to make your technological products accessible to as many non-native speakers as possible. 

While it has never been easier to launch a product simultaneously in several different countries at once, our tech translations will make sure that your product is as appealing as it can be in each of your target markets. It is well-known that individuals respond better to technical documents in their own language, even when they are able to understand the original.

This is all the more true if it’s a question of instructions translations and online support translations, where users will find they can get a lot more out of your product if the complex parts are rendered in a language they can understand, making them much more likely to recommend your product to a friend. 


This is mostly down to the expertise and experience of our technology translators, who are quick to understand exactly how to render the style and tone of the content you give us and are adept at using the latest CAT technology and language glossaries to guarantee consistency and coherence across their information technology translations.

Fortunately, the low prices of our translation services Edinburgh mean that having us translate for you does not need to cost the world, making technology translations one of the best investments you can make for your business.

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