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    We offer high quality phone translation and interpretation services in over 150 languages.

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    Telephone Translation Services
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    Telephone Interpreting Service

    Global translation Services

    We offer high quality phone translation and interpretation services in over 150 languages. Our phone interpretation can help you speak with a client overseas, work with companies in other areas, or connect with new potential customers.

    Whatever size or type of phone translation project, we can help. We pride ourselves on our good value for money, our speed, our accuracy, and our excellent customer service. Get in touch today for a free quote within one hour.

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    Linguists with 5+ years’ experience

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    Over the Phone Interpretation

    We are experts in languages, and offer interpretation services in over 150 languages. In recent years, we have had unprecedented diversity. Our interpretation services can help overcome language barriers for companies and private individuals over the phone or by video. Whether you need to communicate with non-English speakers or ethnic majorities in other countries where residents speak foreign languages, our universal language service can help.

    Our phone interpreters are all experts in translating for whatever language you need. All our interpreters have over five years of experience in interpreting foreign languages. We only ever use a phone translator who is a native speaker in your target language, making sure that you get a great result from our interpreting service every time, whether you need an interpreter for over the phone, over video call, or even in-person.

    We have interpreter professionals who are familiar with a wide range of difficult industry types, including legal, medical, and technology. Whatever type of company you have, we can help ensure great communication throughout the world. Having access to experts in phone interpreting can help your company stand out within your industry by letting you connect to people throughout the world. Whatever your client base is, we can help. 

    From legal firms to school districts and medical offices, our interpreters have the skills and experience to help make all your phone calls or video conferences go smoothly, from the moment you dial, to the moment you end the call – or beyond, if you need transcripts.

    Interpretation is a skill that requires accuracy and speed. Rather than risk getting second-rate service, you can trust every interpreter we work with to do first-class interpreting every time. Since we offer over 150 languages, we can help with multiple different interpretations on demand, giving you access to all the language services you need, under one roof – we also have traditional translation services, transcription services, and a wide range of specialist options. Having access to all these language and interpretation services can help you save time, rather than having to search for multiple service providers.

    Our expert interpreters are here to meet every demand you have for phone interpreting services. Once you get in touch for a quote, one of our account managers will be in touch within one hour to show how we can help. All quotes are free, with no obligation. We also make sure that your project is handled throughout by the account manager.

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    With our express solutions, we can have your files back to you within a matter of hours in multiple languages.

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    We get back to you with a quote within the hour. Your dedicated, efficient Project Manager will answer your queries quickly.


    As an ISO compliant professional translation business, you can rest assured our solutions are of the highest quality.

    Native Translators

    Our professional linguists only ever translate into their mother tongue, ensuring a fluent, natural-sounding result.

    What Do Our Clients Say?

    The quick response and service offered by Espresso Translations enabled us to meet a tight deadline for our documents. Excellent!

    – Barbara


    It has been a joy to work with Espresso Translations who provided us with a very friendly and responsive translating service.

    – Chistine


    Experienced in working with:

    Espresso Translations
    • Health Authorities
    • Local Authorities
    • Government Agencies
    • Education Bodies
    • Local Councils
    • Political Parties
    • Government Budget
    • Emergency Services
    • Home Office
    • Police & Prison Service

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    Espresso Translations Reviews

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why use professional language services?

    Using professional phone interpreters is the best way to help you overcome language barriers. A professional service will be able to translate accurately and quickly – which is vital in telephone interpreting, where any delay can make the conversation lose momentum – something you want to avoid when speaking to clients or another company. Our experts can get the perfect phrasing for your interpretation in just seconds.

    Why use native speakers for a telephone interpreter service?

    We only ever use native speaking interpreters, who translate into their native tongue. This gives us the highest accuracy possible, and it means that they will get the nuance and flow of the conversation right, helping you connect and communicate with your clients more. Whatever language you need, we make sure the interpreter we use is the best person for the job, making sure that every person yuouu talk to over the phone can understand you perfectly, through our interpreter.

    What type of telephone translation project can you take on?

    Our telephone interpreter service can handle any size and type of project. Whether you need interpretation for a complex technical subject, or whether you need to speak with clients across the world, we can help. We handle regular video or audio meetings, or one-off professional telephone calls. We also handle personal video calls and other matters, whether you are one of the many growing modern organisations, or whether you are a legal worker or police officer or medical professional dealing with people who speak limited English.

    What experience do your professional interpreters have?

    Our professional interpreters all have at least five years’ experience in their language pair. This ensures effective communication across the language barrier. We also have phone translation experts who have experience in a wide range of specialist subjects. This gives you access to skilled interpreters who can meet every demand you have for interpreters.

    How much do language interpretation services cost?

    We have a clear per-word pricing structure for our phone interpreting services. If you want a quote, simply get in touch using our form below, or contact us via email or over the phone. One of our dedicated project managers will get back to you with a quote within one hour, 24 hours a day.

    Can you provide transcripts of your telephonic interpreting services?

    We offer full transcription services as part of our language services. If you need to have a transcript, please get in touch to see how we can help. Transcripts can be a powerful business asset, allowing you to easily refer back to what was said in a meeting with clients or during research phone calls.

    What specialist phone interpreting services do you offer?

    We have professional interpreters with a wide range of experience in different specialist subjects. This includes the legal field, the medical field, technology, and engineering. Language services for these specialist subjects require familiarity with the field in order to accurately translate the complex terminology and technical details. We always suggest using a specialist for any technical language to need to be translated.