Translating certificates online

    Danilo Coviello

    Translating Certificates Online – One thing people often forget when moving to a different country or working for a foreign company is the importance of getting documents and certificates translated. However, even more, people wonder why they should use certified translation services when it is possible to get your certificates translated by an online program. In this article, we’ll discuss the options and differences, as well as why it is so important to get your certificates translated properly by a professional service.

    Thankfully, there are plenty of service options for getting your documents translated online. There are various services that can translate into a variety of languages. Read on to learn more about how professional translators offer services to help make sure your certificates are accurately translated, whatever you need them for, and how to pick the right service for you.

    Why use document translation services?

    The most obvious need for certificate translation is for immigration, and this is the main use of services that translate certificates. It is vitally important to have all your paperwork in the correct language for your new home country to enable the whole process of immigration, job hunting, and house hunting to go smoothly. Any translation service should have good experience helping with these kinds of needs.

    Translation services may be overlooked during immigration as there are so many things to deal with. However, translation services are not difficult to access. All your documents can be translated online by certified professionals – from birth certificates to academic transcripts, there are translation services that specialize in helping people get this important step of the immigration progress sorted.

    What are certified translation services for certificates?

    Getting certified translations of all your important documents can be really important. This means getting all your most vital paperwork, documents, and certificates translated by a fully trained freelance translator or translation agency. Getting a certified translation means that you can be sure you are getting a more accurate translation from your translator or interpreter.

    Is certificate translation safe?

    Absolutely. Certified translation experts work in a variety of fields where security and protection of personal data are vital. Certified translation services are closely monitored to make sure that personal data is safe.

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    Options for translations

    For general translation, there are various service options, and many different companies offer different services to translate your documents into any language combination needed. This is no different from the translating of certificates online, where certified professionals offer services with a range of options. Even if you need a translation service into an uncommon tongue, there will be a service that can help.

    Human and machine translation

    While a lot of people may turn to Google Translate and similar options for getting quick and cheap translations, this is not always the ideal solution. In many cases, it can be better to use a certified translator, especially for sensitive documents like certificates. However, first, let’s look at what a human translation service involves, and how this differs from a machine translation service.

    Is there a difference?

    As their names suggest, human translation and machine translation refer to using different methods to translate documents, either using linguistic experts, or computer algorithms. While either of these can be used to translate certificates, it is often far more beneficial to use a certified linguist.

    Human translation.

    A human translation uses professional human translators who are highly qualified in translating languages. They are more likely to understand exactly what your translation requires and use their translation skills to ensure great service.

    Machine translation.

    Machine translation uses highly advanced algorithms to translate texts. These can be more advanced than just Google translate.

    However, machine translation engines have no understanding of the context of the texts they translate. They work using algorithms and mathematics, not using the actual familiarity with a language, which can cause problems.

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    This means that they cannot understand words within a sentence or phrase. They will translate each word, or perhaps short phrases. This type of translation service may seem suitable until you realize that the output can be vastly different from what is expected.

    Why does it matter?

    Since your certificates are vital for employment, settlement, and other aspects of life, getting that accurately translated into new languages is very important. If the translation services are inaccurate, you could have to get your birth certificate or professional letter translated a second time by other translators, which takes longer and costs you more money in the long run. That’s why it’s always preferable to go to professional language experts to make sure that your most important documents are translated properly.

    Legally recognized translations

    While this can sometimes seem challenging, it is important to ensure that your documents are fit for their purpose. You need to find out what kind of translation services you need for your certificates. Since certificates are official documents, the organizations that need to see them may require a certified translation to be done. This is particularly important with official purposes such as immigration. However, this is not always the case – it may be that any accurate translation service will be able to help with the translation of your document.

    It is worth doing your own research to find out what kind of service you need to translate your documents. However, it is also worth getting in touch with your chosen translation service to check that they can help offer the correct service for you and to check that they know the requirements needed to translate official paperwork.

    With so many options for picking a translation service, it is almost certain that you will be able to find a service that suits your needs.

    Why choose professional translation services?


    Using a professional translator gives the highest chance of an accurate and useable translated document. Without this, it would be pointless having your certificates in the first place!


    Certified translation services have a responsibility to keep your personal data safe and ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

    Customer service

    Certified translation services will also provide good customer support and guide you through the progress of getting your certificates translated.

    Native speakers

    Whether the translation is into one language or many, many translation services will use native language interpreters. Meaning that each target language you have will be handled by someone who speaks that language natively, ensuring a more accurate translation. Obviously, this is particularly important for certificates, as they will be familiar with the wording and format of certificates in their native language.

    Certified translations

    As already mentioned, it is important to make sure that your documents and certificates are translated properly and that the translations are accepted by organizations such as government agencies. This will help make it easier for you to use your translated certificates.


    With certified translation services being offered online, it is very quick and easy to get your paperwork translated. Changing a country or job can be stressful enough, so having these services easily accessible online is very important to make the whole process easier and less stressful.


    While online machine-based translation services may be cheaper, human-led translation services can still be very affordable. Considering the vast improvement in accuracy that these services often have, it is worth making the investment in human translation services, to ensure that you are happy with your translated document.

    What kind of certificates need translating?

    It can be hard to remember how many different kinds of documents and certificates need a translation service. In fact, almost anything related to your living situation or career could need to be translated. It can be very difficult to have a government agency demand to see these documents but not have them ready! That is why a qualified translation service is so vital and helpful.

    Academic certificates

    One of the most obvious documents to have translated is academic certificates. These are vital for showing you qualifications and training. Whether this is a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree or postgraduate education, these will all need to be seen by future employers, as possibly by immigration. These show the skills and training you have received and should be one of the first documents you get a certified translation of, and one of the primary types of certification that an online translation service will be used to translating.

    Academic transcripts

    Just as vital as certification documents, an academic transcript is a vital document that many people forget to get translated. Many employers and further education facilities are interested in seeing the information in your transcripts because they will show a more complete picture than just your certificates – they will show what skills you have lots of practice in, they may show how you achieved better when sitting a practice test than your final exam, and that will show which study method you are most comfortable with.

    Legal documents

    Legal translation is practically a skill in its own right because of the difficulty of translating such documents. It is important to get any legal documents you have translated because otherwise, they can be very hard for people to understand – be it change-of-name, emancipation documents, or anything else.

    Birth certificates

    Birth certificates are absolutely documents that need to be translated. Nationality is important, especially to immigration services, so it is strongly recommended to get these translated.

    Marriage certificates

    Likewise, marriage certificates can change a lot of factors in terms of immigration and visa applications. Marital status also has an effect on healthcare in some countries. It can also change tax and other income matters. All of this means that these are other documents to take to a translation service, so you can make sure that you are doing everything right in your new home country.

    Divorce papers

    While less cheerful than marriage certificates, divorce documents are necessary for many of the same reasons. A good translation service will be able to help translate all these documents with sensitivity and tact, as well as making sure that the translated document is accurate and well written.

    Foreign language skill proof

    Immigration and visa applications often have a language requirement. Language learning documents might be able to help your application process. Any formal qualifications you have in the language should be translated. This won’t necessarily be from a university or college – it could be in interpreter training, medical interpretation, court interpreting, or even a translator certificate!

    Other official documents

    If a certifying authority has issued your documents, it’s because they are important pieces of paperwork. All of these should be translated if you are looking to relocate or work in a country with a different language. Ultimately, if you are unsure if a document needs to be translated, it is worth finding out. Potentially any document could need to be checked by official channels, and you will thus need a translation service that can give an accurate translation of these.

    Some further questions

    Getting all your paperwork in order and getting it all translated to industry standards can be a daunting task. It’s no wonder that people often have questions about the process. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions that we receive about the translation of certificates online.

    However, if you now know that you need documents translated, why wait? get in touch with Espresso Translations and let us offer a highly accurate translation service.

    Are certificate translators qualified?

    All translators should be well versed in their language. At Espresso Translations we only use native-speaking professional linguists and we aim to make sure that your documents can be used for official purposes.

    What is the American Translators Association?

    The American Translators Association is one certification program for translators. ATA certification means that a translator has reached a certain level of proficiency and accuracy. While ATA certification may not be required for a translator, it is worth checking if your documents need to be translated by someone who has taken a certification exam.

    What other certifications are there for translators?

    There are plenty of courses that linguists can study both online and in person. Any certificate program will give them certification in translating documents. While translator certification may or may not be necessary for the translation of your documents, it is worth checking what qualifications your certified translation services have, and if your translator has taken a certification exam for their language.

    A certified translator working for certified translation services would have learned various skills, including translation theory, advanced translation, simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, and more, giving you high-quality translation services.

    Judiciary interpreters and Translation

    Judiciary translation is a specialized field, and many people who offer certified translation services in this field may have further experience or qualifications.

    Medical translators

    This is another specialized field. If your documents include medical paperwork or qualifications, you may want to find translation services that offer native speakers to ensure they understand the terminology correctly.

    Why do I need my certificates translated?

    As covered in this blog, it is important to use certified translation services to get your documents translated because these certificates and paperwork can be vital for your career, immigration, and housing.

    How do I find the best translation services for my certificates?

    A first good step is ensuring you are accessing certified translation services. These translation services will be best able to help you with your translation needs for any language combination you need. The next step is to check how the translator will tackle your documents. Some will use computers to do the initial translation and then have a human finalize the translation.

    At Espresso Translations we only use human linguists who only ever translate into their native language. This helps make our translation services more accurate and better understood by the intended recipient of the translated document.

    Using translation services that pay this much attention to the roots of languages and the importance of accurate translation helps to get a better translation.

    Ultimately, a translation is only as good as the people working for the translation services, so ensuring you have a certified translator or a native-tongue translator is a great way to try to maximize the accuracy of your translation.

    How do I get my certificates translated?

    The best way to get your certificates translated is to look for different online translation services. This kind of service will be able to help you with accessing the translations you need.


    Hopefully, this blog will have explained a bit about translation services for certification documents and legal paperwork. We hope this guide has been useful.

    If you need any more information or want to get a quote for online translation services, please do get in touch, and one of our translation experts will be able to offer our services to help with whatever you need to translate.

    We offer translations into a huge number of languages. All of our translation experts are native-tongue speakers, meaning they only ever translate into the tongue they speak natively, and they only translate when they are highly fluent with the original document words. This allows them to better understand the nuance and context of your documents. It also gives them familiarity with how things are phrased and how the final translation should look.

    We offer competitive pricing, with a clear per-word cost. If you want a quote, please get in touch. We offer quotes within one hour. We are proud to also offer a fast turnaround on our services, but we also offer an express translation service, for when a translation service is needed on an even tighter timeframe.

    We know that immigration can be a tiring, scary, and stressful time, but our translation services can help remove some of the stress. Ultimately, we know that behind every document or piece of paperwork is a person – a person who is often undergoing a large life change. While it can be an exciting time, it can cause anxieties too. Our expert linguists and dedicated project managers always aim to help remove the stress of translation by providing a smooth and professional service, hopefully allowing you to focus on the other exciting aspects of forming your new life and career in a new country.