Translating Web Pages into Foreign Languages

    The ability to translate words, and even speech, with automated tools has improved communication throughout the world.

    Unfortunately, however, it has also created many unforeseen consequences. Language is more than just a direct translation of words. For it to be accurate, a translation must also use local terminology, slang, and nuance that automated tools do not comprehend.

    If you have a website that you’d like to translate into different languages, we offer a 100% accurate, affordable, human website translation services.

    We are also a WPML Partner, meaning we can translate content on your website directly, meaning you don’t have to create new pages and upload the text.

    What Are the Benefits of Human Translators?

    #1. You receive a correct translation in context.

    Many languages contain words which may have multiple meanings. The exact meaning depends upon the context. This is where many automated tools fail. We can help you overcome this issue for your website by ensuring linguists with an expert knowledge of both languages are translating your text.

    This will cut down on the number of awkward or incorrect translations received.

    In a National Institutes of Health Study comparing human and machine translation of health promotion materials, the conclusion was that machine translation require human post-editing to maintain quality standards.

     #2. You get accurate rhythm and creativity.

    Automated tools may accurately translate the words you have used. It may even be in a readable format. However, the text will still feel awkward when read in the foreign language because there is a rhythm to the natural voice of a writer or speaker. That rhythm contains a personal creativity that is unique. Automated tools cannot replicate this.

    Laura-Rebeca Precup-Stiegelbauer presented a comparison of automatic translations vs. human translations in the modern world at the Akdeniz Language Studies Conference in 2012. She notes that the efficiency of any automated tool is reliant upon the specialised dictionaries the program is comprised of.

     #3. You receive a translation of a better quality.

    This comes back to context. It’s not just words that can have different meanings in context. Certain phrases can have different meanings as well. Machine translation will only directly translate the text you provide, without any regard to the actual message of your content. We provide a translation that is based on an understanding of the goals you’re wanting to accomplish with your entire website.

    We provide consistency within each translation to ensure that the visitors to your site have a common understanding.

    #4. Your content will meet cultural expectations.

    Let’s use “pants” as an example here using two different forms of English. In the United States, the term “pants” is used to describe trousers, slacks, or jeans. In London we’re talking about underpants. It might even be used to describe something that is perceived to be nonsense.

    Now imagine someone saying, “Your pants.” In the U.S., someone would think that you’re talking about their trousers. In London, you’re probably talking about underpants.

    A simple, yet profound difference that an automated tool might miss when translating your website into foreign languages.

    We take into account the cultural expectations of each language to ensure every translation is accurate.

    #5. You get specialisation.

    Every industry offers specific technical terms that refer to an exact task, process, or product. Imagine that you want the same marketing content translated into different languages. Then imagine you have legal contracts or terms which must also be translated into a foreign language.

    With automated tools, you’d receive the same translation for both needs. With a professional translation service however, we would be able to manage these different specialist needs to ensure the highest quality translation for the specific end result. 

    Technical textual content may require different human translators because of how specific the terminology must be. Over time, we can lower your costs and improve the user experience of your website as you never sacrifice on quality.

     #6. ISO-Certified Quality

    We have received ISO 17100:2015 Certification for our translation services. That means our network, which includes 2,000+ expert translators covering more than 150 languages, meets specific standards of production and post-production to ensure the quality of work your website receives.

    Our translators must meet specific quality standards, such as graduating with a recognised qualification, or providing evidence of a minimum of 5 years full-time professional experience.

    That means you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality translation for your website into every foreign language you wish to target.

    #7. You receive a timely translation.

    One of the arguments for machine translation is that it offers a faster user experience. That may be true for the initial translation of the text being used. It does not apply, however, to the post-editing of a translation that occurs.

    Human translators are less likely to make errors in context and culture on the initial translation. That means the post-editing work takes less time and you have two sets of eyes, not just one, evaluating your work.

    When the entire process is considered, the time it takes to receive an accurate translation of your site with automated tools is comparable to what we can provide your brand today.

    Are You Ready to Expand the Reach of Your Content?

    Your website content is already making an impact. To broaden the reach of that impact, translating your site into different languages will help you extend a successful pitch to many new markets.

    You could rely on automated tools to complete the translation for you. Some of these tools are free, which is an inviting proposition for brands on a tight budget.

    However, we think you’ll find the costs of a human translation are quite small when compared to the many benefits you’ll receive in return, and the risks an incorrect translation can pose to your business. The translations are of a higher quality, provide authentic reading experiences, and accurately communicate your call-to-action.

    Let our team be the universal translator for your website today. Learn more about our translation agency.