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What is Localization?

translation vs localization

Many clients ask us “what is localization?” and “what is the difference between translation and localization?”. In this post, we define the meaning of the two individually, explain how localization and translation are related, and highlight what the distinct differences are.

All About the British Museum in London


The British Museum in London is a national public museum and the first of its kind in the world, located in the Bloomsbury area. You will find British art and antiques as well as art and antiques from other countries around the globe, and the collection spans over two million years of the world’s history.

Visiting The National Gallery In London

National Gallery London

If you’ve never been to London or you live there or in the area but have never been to the National Gallery, then you’re missing out. There are many reasons why you should pay it a visit. If you want to learn more about the National Gallery in London, then continue reading this article.

Christmas Dinner Around the World

Christmas Dinner Around the World

Christmas is the worldwide celebration of the birth of Christ that embraces both global traditions and traditions unique to each country that celebrates it. But no matter where one celebrates this holiday, Christmas dinner is an integral part of the festivities.