Translate YouTube Videos

How to Translate YouTube Videos to New Languages

As the world’s largest video sharing platform, YouTube receives millions of video uploads on a daily basis. Although most YouTube videos usually target specific audiences, using YouTube translate features can help increase the overall reach and impact of your videos.

Best English to French Translations

How to Hire the Best English to French Translator

When looking to hire an English-to-French translator, it is advisable to conduct adequate online research before making a decision. Customer reviews will help you to understand the effectiveness of the services offered and whether the customers were satisfied with the translation services.


Best WordPress Multi-Lingual Plugins

WordPress Multi-Lingual plugins help you to translate your website into multiple languages to make it more accommodating to people of different languages. Similar to other WordPress plugins, you will need to be extra careful when selecting multi-lingual plugins.

French Translations

When French Translations Go Wrong

Ever been in an awkward position due to incorrect translations? Despite being one of the most popular languages, French is among the most challenging languages to translate. or instance, a word such as preservatif might sound similar to the English noun ‘preservative.’

Accurate medical translations

How to produce Accurate Medical Translations

Medical Translation is the most sensitive and difficult type of translation work. It involves in depth reading, interpretation and representation of information available in medical terms in the target language.

Certified Medical translator

Certified Medical Translator – How to Become One

Contrary to popular belief, if you wish to become a certified medical translator and excel in your career, it is not essential to have a medical degree. However, you need to gain sufficient exposure to the world of medicine because even a minor error in translation could result in severe consequences in patients.

Certificate of translation

Certificate of Translation – How to Get One

This process is required for legally valid documents. Say, for example, that your divorce settlement is issued in a French court, but you’re now in the United States. If you want the terms of the agreement to be upheld, you’ll need a Certificate of Translation.

Technical Translator

What is a Technical Translator?

Technical translators help businesses with their user manuals, patent writing, and software strings. It is far harder to write as a technical translation writer than to write in your native tongue.

Literary Translation vs. Technical Translation

Literary Translation vs. Technical Translation

Language translation and document interpretation is a worthwhile and profitable profession. Master your languages, have knowledge of the subjects you are specializing in, and do thorough industry research. Be committed to delivering high-quality, fast, consistent work…

translation fail

When Translations Go Wrong

Translators have been around for a long time—and over the years, many mistakes have been made in translation. Here are some examples of problematic translation errors that have occurred throughout history.

document translation process

Quality Control in the Document Translation Process

Language translation and document interpretation is a worthwhile and profitable profession. Master your languages, have knowledge of the subjects you are specializing in, and do thorough industry research. Be committed to delivering high-quality, fast, consistent work…

Professional Document Translator

Become a Professional Document Translator in 5 Steps

Language translation and document interpretation is a worthwhile and profitable profession. Master your languages, have knowledge of the subjects you are specializing in, and do thorough industry research. Be committed to delivering high-quality, fast, consistent work…

Quality Translations

12 Tips to Provide Quality Document Translations

Quality translation requires a company to control and manage their translators, if the project is be delivered per the client’s specifications. Though the qualifications and experience of the translators contribute to an excellent job, the evaluation of the management system makes a difference.

Legal Transcription

Legal Transcription: 5 Benefits

Legal transcription is a specialized branch of general transcription that converts legal proceedings in verbatim from the audio form into the written word. Although the field does not require specialized skills, a background education in law or familiarity with legal jargon is essential.

translation vs localization

What is Localization?

Many clients ask us “what is localization?” and “what is the difference between translation and localization?”. In this post, we define the meaning of the two individually, explain how localization and translation are related, and highlight what the distinct differences are.

Official Certified Translation

When Do You Need a Certified Translation & Why?

A certified translation is a translation where both the source document and the translated document are accompanied by a signed statement attesting that the translation is accurate and complete to the best of the translator’s knowledge and ability.

Christmas Dinner Around the World

Christmas Dinner Around the World

Christmas is the worldwide celebration of the birth of Christ that embraces both global traditions and traditions unique to each country that celebrates it. But no matter where one celebrates this holiday, Christmas dinner is an integral part of the festivities.

translation trascription

Transcription vs. Translation

Many people erroneously think that transcription and translation are the same thing and use their name interchangeably. We are here to help clear up that assumption because as we will find out, they are entirely different.

calculate translation rates translation prices

A Guide to Translation Rates

It can be confusing to know how to price a translation project or what to expect to pay. Am I being ripped off? Is this quote competitive? We know there is a lot of information out there so we wanted to try and consolidate some of it for you here.

Choosing Translator

7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Translator

What languages will be needed? What format do you expect the translation to be delivered in? What countries will you use the end project in? These are some of the things you may wish to consider before choosing a translation provider.


How to Translate Digital Content for SEO

SEO is crucial to businesses today, in fact it is not just business, whether it’s a website or a simple blog, if you want others to find your content then SEO will be at the core of everything you create.

Foreign Language

How to Say Cheers in Different Languages

Transport has never been more affordable, and that means we can travel further and more often. But for most of us, that also means wandering around beautiful towns and cities in places where we don’t understand the language.

data security

GDPR Translation Services

The General Data Protection Regulations have created quite a stir over the last few months. The new GDPR is in effect from 25th May, and it replaces the Data Protection Act, which was introduced in 1998.

Italian Culture

Why Italian Culture Fascinates the World

Italian culture is today a reflection of the rich history of one of the most fascinating countries in the world. In fact, it is a culture based on a country which, at the height of its power was the centre of an empire that spanned the known world.

plugin wpml

We Have Partnered With WPML!

At Espresso Translations we always strive to provide deluxe services to our clients and this new partnership with WPML is just another way of keeping our commitment towards growth and better quality products to our highly esteemed clients.


10 Tips for Quality Translations

Any company in the global marketplace needs document translation services, and many experienced professionals who have been in business for any length of time know the importance of a good professional translator.

computer cv writing

How to Write a CV

The exact function of a CV varies considerably between jobs, and inevitably countries, but wherever you are they provide a rapid snapshot of a candidate … Keep reading