Technical User Manual Translation Services

    Our clear and precise user guide translation services ensure that your clients, wherever they may be based, can get the best possible use out of your product.

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    User Manual Translation Services
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    User Manual Translation Services

    Global translation Services

    Our clear and precise user guide translation services ensure that your clients, wherever they may be based, can get the best possible use out of your product.

    Our extensive experience as a technology-focussed translation agency means we will take care of every last detail to a very high standard.

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    Why Our Professional Translation Services

    With professional translators who know the world of technology inside-out, you can rest assured that your project will be handled with the utmost care and efficiency, regardless of the scale and specialism of the user manuals that you need us to translate.

    Our translators are native speakers who only ever translate into their mother tongue. What difference does this make? Essentially, it ensures that the final text reads with a maximum degree of fluency and sounds, crucially, as if it were originally written in the target language, allowing users to fully engage with the manual and get the most out of your product.

    Whereas awkwardly rendered idioms and unnatural sentence structures can often arise from unskilled translators, our professional team know exactly which pitfalls to avoid, and how to deliver a user guide translation that perfectly chimes with your requirements.

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    As an ISO compliant translation business, you can rest assured our solution are of the highest quality.

    Native Translators

    Our professional linguists only ever translate into their mother tongue, ensuring a fluent, natural-sounding result.

    What Do Our Clients Say?

    The quick response and service offered by Espresso Translations enabled us to meet a tight deadline for our documents. Excellent!

    – Barbara


    It has been a joy to work with Espresso Translations who provided us with a very friendly and responsive translating service.

    – Chistine


    Our User Manuals Translations

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    Espresso Translations Reviews

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Patent translation services – Why us?

    Do you have an idea you wish to patent in terms which can translate to a worldwide audience? Protecting intellectual property, internationally, is more important than ever before. We live in a digital era where ideas can be communicated across the globe in a matter of seconds.

    Our patent specialists are experts in the subtleties and technicalities of legal terminology related to patents and are well-versed in all of the following:
    ·       Trademarks       
    ·       Patent Applications    
    ·       Patent Litigation
    ·       PCT Applications
    ·       Patent Specifications
    ·       Translated manual
    ·       Interface translation

    Source documents – getting them right

    Espresso Translations has spent many years working with customers on their user manuals. In that time, we’ve translated manuals in all shapes, sizes and varieties and we’ve learned a lot about the key features which will ensure you communicate your intended message effectively and enhance your customers’ or product users’ experience.

    Even a single mistake can cause problems, misleading customers and risk damaging the reputation of your brand. Once your translation is underway our dedicated team of project managers and technical translators will guide you through every step of the process, but to save time and money, it’s worth taking a moment to consider whether your source document is the best it can be. Before you complete our online quotations form, we have a few tips you might like to consider:

    Who is your target audience?
    Don’t over complicate things.  If your user manual is for a layman, make sure that it is written in layman terms. Likewise, if the original content is intended for an expert in the field, acronyms and abbreviations without definitions may well be sufficient and explanations might be viewed as patronising.

    Pictures really do paint a thousand words
    Yes, it’s true. In most cases, pictures really are more effective and easier to understand when compared to text. Try to use diagrams and other visuals as much as possible.

    Blank Spaces
    Leave plenty of white space around your text and visuals.  Spacing out the text makes the manual more readable for the user.  Thickly populated, dense text is harder to understand.

    Technical translations: do you retain the formatting?

    At Espresso Translations we know that every product is different, and needs a different level of explanation or guidance, we never limit our technical manual translation services to projects of a given size or scale and we can offer user manual translation services for any file formats.

    Our years of experience have also shown us that it isn’t just linguistic skill and technological understanding that our clients value in user guide translation services. Having a final translated document that preserves the layout and design of the original minimises the amount of work you need to do.

    Part of our translation process is making a preparatory checklist to make sure that, post translation, we can generate a target-language file that will match the source-language file document layout. Pre-translation checks are carried out to try to identify anything that might cause an issue and all of these issues are resolved prior to translation. The result: No nasty surprises that could affect the timely delivery of your translated content.

    Whether you need a complex InDesign booklet filled with diagrams and tables or online support translations that users will access via a website, we have tech-experts who can perfectly recreate the original formatting so that you can get started on distribution as soon as possible.

    What preparation is required when submitting a user manual for translation?

    At Espresso Translations we want to make absolutely sure that the instructions communicated to your target audience are 100% accurate and without any cultural faux pas.  Your dedicated project manager will talk through any special considerations before the user manual translation begins.  These are likely to include:

    If you have a glossary of terms or a style guide, please share it with us before we begin translating your source manual. It will help ensure the consistency and high quality of your final document.
    Talk to us about the format of your source file before you send it.  At Espresso Solutions we deal with most formats, but files from certain specialist tools might need converting to a file type that our professional translators can work with easily.
    For example, if your source document is being translated for the US market, you will need to convert your paper size from A4 to US Letter. Understanding font preferences in target countries is also key.
    Don’t forget to localize to the end user’s language.
    For speedier, effective handling, make sure that text is not an integral part of the pictures and other visuals in your manual.  Depending on your style guide, you can leave numbers or letters and leave space for graphics or the reference table.
    Any user interfaces which have been localized to support the text, will need to be replaced by localized screens in the translated version of the manual.
    English is a compact language. When English is translated into other languages, the foreign text will often exceed the space available. Leave ample space and identify any content which you are happy to lose to accommodate the new translated text. Taking these simple steps will make the translation process faster, easier, and more cost-effective.
    To avoid numerous revisions, these should not be generated until the target language translation has been finalized.
    The country of manufacture and the target market may use different Units of Measure (e.g. Imperial systems vs. Metric System). There are various options for handling this in the translated manual. Your dedicated project manager will discuss these with you before translation begins. For example:
    ·       Converted to the target country’s standard UoM only
    ·       Converted to the target country’s standard UoM and followed in parentheses by the original measurement
    ·       Left as is and followed in parentheses by a conversion to the target country’s standard UoM
    ·       Left as is in the source document

    Is any technical translation job too small?

    Whether you need a product manual translation that spans just a few pages, or a larger book-length project that requires translation into multiple languages, our expansive network of translators means we can build the perfect team to carry out your job with maximum efficiency and skill.

    We offer transparent per-word pricing packages so whatever your translation requirements you can be assured of a fair price.

    User manual translations: how do you guarantee quality?

    We put each of our translators through a rigorous selection process and we only work with translators who have at least 5 years’ experience in user manual translations.

    Our linguists only ever translate into their native language, meaning you will be delivered a fluent, comprehensive translation by an expert linguist who understands the user manual translation process and can deliver it in a way that is perfectly suited to the target audience.

    Additionally, we understand that with user manual translation, as with the other IT translations we undertake, it’s essential that the translator has a complete knowledge of the subject matter to ensure they accurately translate every detail of the project.
    By assigning translators who not only have years of experience translating using manuals but are also highly qualified in the technical areas specific to them, we make sure that nothing is left to chance.

    What are the pitfalls of not translating my user manual?

    If you are a manufacturer who trades mostly in Europe, you will already know that you need to obtain a CE marking. This affirms conformity with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA). You will need to meet several requirements to obtain the CE marking. One of these is to develop a user manual and translate it into other languages. In fact, most countries around the world have laws regarding the import of technical goods. A user manual is usually required and it must be translated into the language of each target market.

    How much does a user manual translation cost?

    Quotes for all of our professional translation services are based on transparent per-word pricing so you can be assured of a fair price.  A free quote is available by completing the online form or sending us an email. Simply provide details of your translation project, such as number of words, service type, source language, target language and your deadline, and we’ll get back to you within the hour.