Who Uses Translation Services?

    Danilo Coviello

    Whether you’re looking to become a translator or are looking for translation services yourself, it’s always interesting to see what type of companies use translation services.

    If you’re an aspiring translator, this type of knowledge is crucial to help you find work. If you own a company, it can also be useful to know that it’s common for your industry to get translation services.

    That’s why throughout this article, we’re going to take a look at who uses translation services. Let’s get started!

    Which Companies Need Translation Services?

    Until 10-15 years ago, most companies apart from the globally-recognized ones would have said that they probably will never need language services.

    However, with the emerge of the digital age also came the emergence of the translation industry. Almost everything you see on the internet must be translated if companies want to expand their reach.

    The ROI of translating web content, applications, and other types of content on the internet, is very high, considering the low cost of professional translation services. This is why translation services have become SO popular.

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    Translating documents can help companies reach hundreds of thousands more customers, and they only have to pay someone to translate their existing content instead of creating it from scratch.

    Don’t worry; we’ll dive into some more specific examples of who uses translation services right now as well.

    So, here are our top 9 industries that can benefit from language services:

    1. Market Research
    2. Legal
    3. Manufacturing
    4. Healthcare & Medical
    5. Marketing Advertising & PR
    6. Education and Training
    7. Retail, Consumer and Ecommerce
    8. Leisure & Tourism
    9. Software Development

    We explained all of these and why they need translation services in a little more detail below.

    1. Market Research

    Great market research can go a long way, especially when businesses are trying to expand overseas. However, to do this, companies need language services to speak and understand the language of the target market.

    Quite often, it’s also crucial that the translation and language service provider educate the companies about the target market’s culture, as this plays a significant role in Consumer behavior.

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    2. Legal

    The legal industry is another huge industry that requires a lot of translations. There are endless cases where translations are needed because the parties involved are from different countries. This may be during court cases, disputes between countries, or it may just be legal documents such as immigration documents.

    As you can see, there are endless reasons why the legal industry would need to have language services available to them.

    In fact, in most cases, the legal industry required a certified translation to ensure that the document has been translated correctly.


    It’s no secret that many manufacturers outsource parts or all of their production to other countries worldwide. However, to communicate clearly with the party in that country, they must have access to language services.

    Plus, not only this but also the labels, instructions, and various other documents involved have to be translated.

    So, Manufacturing is another industry that uses translation service providers a lot.

    Plus, with more and more companies worldwide starting, this trend is only going to continue rising.

    Healthcare & Medical

    Next to the legal industry, another one that requires many language services is the medical and healthcare sector.

    Again, there truly are endless examples of why this industry needs language service providers.

    But, here are some examples of documents that need translating:

    • Dosage instructions
    • Patient notes
    • Communication between healthcare professionals in different countries
    • Certifications that need translating to be approved in other countries

    A lot of the medicine is imported from other countries, which also requires a lot of translations.

    Another example would be the world’s situation with the Coronavirus, where different nations are working together to produce a vaccine.

    Of course, the medical industry usually requires certified translations to ensure that the documents are accurate.


    Similar to market research, businesses that want their marketing message to be effective around the world will need to ensure that they are translated correctly.

    Not only this, but it’s also crucial that the cultural translations are taken seriously too.

    This is also called localization.

    Again, with so many businesses around the world starting and looking to expand, this trend is only going to increase.


    Not only is traditional learning taking a shift to the digital world, but there are also a lot of alternative education methods becoming popular.

    If the educating organizations behind these programs would like to expand their reach and reach students on a global scale, they need language services.

    Plus, many colleges and universities are also translating their educational material to ensure that all students understand it.

    Retail & E-commerce

    As we’ve already mentioned a couple of times throughout this article, more and more businesses are starting.

    This also is a cause of saturation in many markets. Therefore, many businesses are choosing to target customers that speak different languages to avoid competition.

    However, to do this, businesses must also use professional translation and localization services.

    Leisure & Tourism

    Okay, probably the most obvious industry on this list is leisure and tourism.

    No travel company could succeed on a global scale if they were only to use one language. But, to operate and advertise in multiple languages, they must work closely with language service providers.

    They also have to ensure that they understand different cultures, similar to some of the other industries on this list.

    Companies can also improve their customers’ loyalty to their brand by always ensuring that the language of the target customer is used as much as possible.

    Software Development

    Finally, Software development is also an emerging sector that frequently needs accurate document translation services.

    Technology is evolving, and to reach the global market, they must translate their products or services. So, no matter whether online games, B2B software providers, etc., translations are crucial to reach the target audience.

    These industries will often need a technical translation to ensure that they receive an accurate translation.

    Also, keep in mind that almost any industry can benefit from translation services, as translations help them reach more customers.

    Most Common Languages In Demand For Translation Services

    We also wanted to briefly discuss the most common languages for which language services are in demand.

    However, please remember that depending on the target audience, location, and a few other factors, there is much demand for other languages.

    • English
    • German
    • French
    • Arabic
    • Dutch
    • Chinese
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • Russian
    • Portuguese
    • Japanese

    If you speak any of these two languages fluently and would like to become a professional translator, you already have a significant advantage.

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    Final Thoughts

    We hope you have enjoyed our article on who uses translation services and that it has helped you.

    As you have seen throughout this article, translation services are emerging on a global scale around the world.

    If you are looking to become a translator, it is a good field to get into.

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