Why is technical translation important?

Technical translation is the translation of technical documents and content.  This is important as it may involve producing technical instructions that others may need to follow.  If done poorly or incorrectly altogether, it is a reflection onto the company and could be misleading to the reader.

Technical translation is used to keep the tone of a document consistent as well.  It is important that the tone as well as every word mimics what is intended and written in the original.

A technical translator can write in various languages allowing your content to reach a much larger audience.  For example, an article that is written in French will have little popularity in the United States, one of the largest industrial countries. But, take that same engineering article and translate it into English and they will be able to find it in their online searches as well as read and understand it.

Translator Vs Technical Translation

We have all heard of a translator.  Typically, they speak two languages and can convert documents from one language to another.  This service is important in hospitals as well as businesses during meetings.  However, these translators are simply translating words and they don’t have to have any knowledge on a technical level.  These kinds of translators are very common and don’t possess the special writing skills involved with technical translation.  But, they have their place as well.  When working with documents from another country and in another language, it is hard to understand everything that is written.  Translators help bridge the gap in communication.

A translator vs. technical translation services are two very different things.  Learning another language is something that many of us venture on doing. However, really understanding the ins and outs of another language isn’t as easy as this.  Living fully-immersed in another culture with a second language can certainly help to get a better understanding of the language.  And, this is important when translating documents from one language to another.  

Technical Translators are Writers

Technical translators are writers as well.  After all, they are taking the document in one language and writing it in another language.  But, not just any document, a document with technical knowledge and understanding.  This understanding must come through and mean exactly the same as the original document.  Small words or plays on words are things that technical translators have to ensure they understand in both languages and can master.  Often this takes years of practice and learning to master.  

Technical translators are important for the movement of the technology industry.  Technical translators are the bridge between languages and people’s knowledge.  Using a technical translator can also open the doors for new business as well.  As global trading is growing, so is the need for better technology and experiences.  When having a document translated into several languages you reach people in many areas and not just those that share your native tongue.  This can open many doors for opportunity and growth. 

What is a technical translator?

Technical translators translate from one language to another but on a more technical scale than most people ever take the time to learn.   

This is quite often used in scientific, engineering, technical and medical journals as well as computing and anywhere scientific or technical elements are involved. Technical translators understand both languages and are able to write in both with ease on a technical level.

Technical translators help businesses with their user manuals, patent writing, and software strings.  It is far harder to write as a technical translation writer than to write in your native tongue.

This skill involves another level of understanding of both of the languages as well as the technical details that need to be understood.  Hiring a technical translator is not going to be inexpensive.  However, a great technical translator is definitely worth the expense.  This is a fine-tuned skill that isn’t easy to find in the workforce either.

What is a technical translator?

As a technical translator, a person must understand the technical elements that they will be translating. In other words, it is usually not something the average person would understand such as how a thermocouple works or a specific medical procedure.  This knowledge is usually a profession that the person has been in or has studied. 

Combine that knowledge of the technical world or space the writer will be writing in with the language skills required to write in a second language.  This is not an easy task.  To top it off, the person must also have the ability to write in both languages with ease and express the same tone.  

There are many writers out there.  There are people that know more than one language.  And, you’ll find people in the technology industry, but to find someone that can do all three is rare.  And, that’s what a technical translator writer is.  A person that can translate a technical document from their second language into their native language.

User Manuals and Online Help

User manuals and online help are things that people read to better understand something.  However, if that information is skewed in some way due to an incapable translator, the information could be wrong.  There are many small things in various languages that need paying attention too.  A good technical writer will know these things and keep those in mind when translating a technical article.  

A technical translator is a person that has many skills and often times is in high demand.  Especially for those languages that aren’t as common such as Japanese and English. 

Finding a person that knows and understands both Japanese and English on a very high level that can write technical manuscripts and documents is not an easy task.  Sure, many Japanese people can speak English but not many have the writing skills combined with technical knowledge.

Because of this, there is high demand and not a lot of options, which drives up the cost of technical translator writers.

Technical translator writers are definitely opening up the world to more information.  As technology continues to grow and advance, the writers will be more and more in demand. 

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