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    Clinical research translation services
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    Clinical Research Translation Service

    Global translation Services

    Here at Espresso Translations, we offer clinical trial translation options for clinical research organisations throughout the world. Whether you need clinical trial documents, informed consent forms, or medical documents translated, we can help. All our medical translators have over five years of experience in the field of clinical translations, meaning that you can rest assured that you will be getting great quality every time.

    We offer over 150 languages, and we always focus on meeting our customers’ expectations for speed, accuracy, and reasonable rates. We have experience working with pharmaceutical companies, regulatory bodies, and other companies within the medical industry.

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    Trustpilot reviews Espresso Translations
    Espresso Translations Reviews

    What’s Included

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    Professional Clinical Research Translations

    With human lives and medical matters being important aspects of global clinical trials, accuracy is everything. Getting high-quality translation services is vital in order to get through the language barrier.

    This is vital to ensure that you can share research and knowledge with other pharmaceutical companies or research labs throughout the world, as well as making sure that you can minimise the risk of unexpected serious adverse reactions by having high quality translations of all your paperwork, information from clinical studies, and more. Working on the global scale can help make sure that you are working at your best with the right knowledge and experience you need at your fingertips. We can help with translation into over 150 languages, as well as back translation, linguistic validation, transcription, and more.

    We always focus on a fast turnaround and providing an accurate translation. We pride ourselves on getting positive feedback from all our customer engagements, making sure that people get the high-quality research translations that they need. That’s what keeps our clients coming back for future projects.

    Espresso Translations

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    What Makes Us The Best Choice?

    Quick Turnaround

    With our express solutions, we can have your certified translation documents back to you within a matter of hours in multiple languages.

    Fast Response

    We get back to you with a quote for the original document within the hour. Your dedicated Project Manager will answer your queries quickly. Ensuring quick communication between you and the company.


    As an ISO compliant translation business, you can rest assured our translation agency documents are of the highest quality. We offer certified translations and interpreting services.

    Native Translators

    Our professional linguists only ever translate into their mother tongue. This ensures our documents are fluent and natural-sounding, helping remove cultural barriers.

    Our Clinical Trial Translations

    Espresso Translations

    We are a leading global provider of translations for documents from clinical trials and research. We have well-established business processes that ensure great quality translations, whether you need patient information leaflets or contracts translated.

    Translations for clinical trials in over 150 languages

    We offer over 150 languages for our translation service, meaning that pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms can reach out to people throughout the world. Our localisation services help open up the entire medical community to you.

    Reliable translations for leading clinical research organisations

    Our translators are all native speakers of your chosen language. With over five years of experience in the medical translation field, every one of our language experts has the expert linguistic skills to provide an exceptional service which is reliable and fast.

    What Do Our Clients Say?

    The quick response and service offered by Espresso Translations enabled us to meet a tight deadline for our documents. Excellent!

    – Barbara


    It has been a joy to work with Espresso Translations who provided us with a very friendly and responsive translating service.

    – Chistine


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    Espresso Translations Reviews

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost to translate a medical document?

    The cost to translate any medical documents from clinical trials will depend on the length of the documents. This is because our professional translation services are priced with a simple per-word pricing structure, so that you always know how much a translation will cost. You can get a free quote by using our contact form. You can also get in touch for a quote over email or by phoning us. We will always respond to quote requests for translation projects within an hour.

    What is the average cost for translation services?

    Average costs for translation vary a lot. This will be different based on whether you use a translation agency, professional translators who are not in an agency, or machine translation. If you want to know how much we would charge when you need an accurate translation of clinical trial paperwork, simply get in touch so we can give you a quote for our services.

    How long does a translation service take?

    The exact amount of time it takes to translate each document will depend on the complexity of the document as well as the length of the document. For most standard medical documents we pride ourselves on having a very fast turnaround time. This means that you can get your documents back as quickly as possible. If you need an urgent translation of paperwork from clinical research we also offer an express translation service. This allows us to get documents translated and return to you sometimes even within the same day.

    Why not use machine translations?

    Accuracy is an important aspect of clinical research, and this means you need to make sure your translated content is flawless. While machine translation can be a tempting translation process due to the low cost and speed. However, translation software can only translate individual words or short phrases using its translation memories, which means that is will not always translate words probably in the context it is written. These translation software types can also struggle with complex medical terminology. This is why are you always better off going to qualified translators who can ensure translation accuracy.

    Can you ensure privacy and security?

    always make sure to follow strict rules for confidentiality. We know that clinical translators have access to a lot of sensitive patient information, patient source documents, and private details. All our professional translation experts will adhere to strict privacy agreements and will work under a non-disclosure agreement if requested.

    Why use native speaking translators?

    We believe that using translators who are native speakers of your target language helps to ensure the highest quality for the finished translation project. This is because our professional native speaking translators will have the best familiarity with your target language, meaning they can give a great quality promise with good accuracy, flow, and nuance. We also use translators with experience in the life sciences to make sure that they are familiar with the complex medical terminology in files for clinical trials.

    What documents can you translate?

    Our medical translation services can help ensure that you get quality translations of all the documents needed in clinical trials, including:
    – Case reports
    – Informed consent forms
    – Patient responses
    – Legal documents
    – Patient questionnaires
    – Patient information leaflets
    – Clinical outcome assessments
    – Clinical trial documentation
    – Patient reported outcomes
    – Patient diaries
    – Clinical protocols case files
    – Evidence for ethical committees
    – Back translations

    And all other typical documents that you will need as part of clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry or medical industry.