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    Espresso Translations is a legal translation agency in London that provides ISO-certified legal translation services.

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    Our legal document translation services in London UK

    Espresso Translations is a highly experienced, ISO-certified legal translation agency providing professional translations to the legal industry. Our specialised team of law translators provide reliable, precise translations of legal documentation that are guaranteed to be accepted by UK authorities.

    Our range of legal translation services covers:

    • Translations of legal files, such as contracts and agreements, litigation, patents and intellectual property documents
    • Certified translations for official use, such as immigration documents, wills and trusts and legal certificates
    • Translation and transcription services for audio and video recordings to be used in court
    • Governmental documentation such as international treaties and agreements
    • Translations for corporations, such as regulatory and compliance documents, bylaws and shareholder agreements
    • Legal translations for real estate and property, such as deeds, leases and sale and purchase agreements 

    Whether you need to translate a business contract with complex legal jargon, or you require an urgent translation for dispute resolution, we offer the highest quality service unparalleled in the language services industry. 

    With a team of over 2000 native translators experienced in the legal sector, we offer professional legal translation services in over 150 different language pairs carried out by qualified linguists.

    Our highly qualified, in-country translators have extensive experience in translating for legal purposes and only ever translate into their native language. This not only ensures fluent, natural-sounding translations with no risk of misinterpretation but also broad expertise in the respective country’s legal system.

    Espresso Translations has comprehensive legal experience in all types of legal fields including family law, intellectual property, commercial law and public services. As an ISO-certified legal translation company, we guarantee that our translations meet the quality standards required by UK public entities and that our certified legal translations will be accepted by law courts, government departments and immigration agencies.

    Our team of professional legal translators is ready and available to assist you with a full range of legal linguistic solutions. To benefit from our great service, all you need to do is email us your legal materials and confirm the source and target languages, and we will get back to you with a competitive quote within one hour. We also offer a fast service should you have critical legal documentation to be translated for a time sensitive legal procedure. Prices for legal translation services start at £30 + VAT and if you need a hard copy, we can post these out to you for a small fee.

    Our clients include some of the biggest law firms in the UK and globally, so you can trust that you’ll receive excellent quality translations and a friendly, helpful service.

    Government approved professional legal translation services

    Espresso Translations offers government approved legal translation services that are guaranteed to be accepted by UK law courts, the Home Office and UK Visas and Immigration. We follow .gov guidelines when certifying legal translations, ensuring top quality translations into English UK and Welsh. 

    The strict ISO 17100 protocols we abide by mean that our process guarantees the most accurate translations that can be relied upon by legal services and government institutions alike.

    If you need to translate your documents into other languages for overseas clients or for use in a foreign court, we can help you determine whether regular translations will suffice or if you will need a specialist translation, such as a sworn or a notarised translation. We can also determine the correct languages for official use in a given country, thanks to our personalized service.

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    What is a legal translation?

    A legal translation is the process of translating law-related content from one language to another. Legal translations may include documents or files that form part of legal proceedings, transcriptions of video or audio files for use in court or remote court interpreting.

    Translations for legal purposes will usually only be considered compliant documents if they have been certified, sworn or notarized. The official requirements for legally valid translations vary from country to country. Our dedicated team is well-versed in the different requirements of each country and can assist you in determining the best service for your needs.

    Why do documents need legal translation?

    Legal translation services are often required by a foreign authority or legal entity in order to be considered valid. In today’s globalized world, increasing numbers of businesses and individuals are engaging in overseas transactions and procedures. 

    Individuals migrating from one country to another will likely need to translate their vital documents, such as birth and marriage certificates for immigration purposes. Organizations, on the other hand, may need to translate contracts and agreements undertaken with foreign counterparts or translate company bylaws for overseas subsidiaries. 

    Occasionally, legal disputes may arise between foreign parties. In these instances, certified translations will be required into the language of the court handling the case.

    How much does legal translation services cost?

    Prices for certified legal translation services for use in the UK start from £30 + VAT and vary depending on the length of the document, the complexity of the technical language, the language pair and the file format.

    Legal translation costs more than standard translation due to the expertise required by the translator to provide a meticulous translation that can be relied upon from a legal perspective. The cost will also depend on whether you require a sworn, notarised or certified translation.

    How much does a legal translation cost per word?

    Legal translation cost per word ranges from £0.10 to £0.20, depending on the language combination. Many companies will also impose a minimum charge per order or per language.

    As part of our brilliant service, we offer a clear per-word pricing policy for translated files and documents. We calculate the number of words and multiply this by the per-word rate for that particular language combination. If a document is to be translated into multiple languages, we often apply a volume discount.

    How long does translating legal documents take?

    It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours to translate a one-page legal document. The turnaround time depends on the length and complexity of the files. If your document contains technical or specialist language such as for a pharmaceutical translation, it will take longer to complete as legal terminology will need to be accurately researched.

    Another important factor is the format. If you send us a scanned document with a lot of handwritten text, we must reproduce the document formatting which takes some time. An editable Word document, on the other hand, is much quicker to translate.

    Who can translate legal documents?

    Professional translators with legal qualifications or experience can translate legal documents. At Espresso Translations, our expert legal translators have experience in the legal sector or hold an international law degree, meaning they have the technical knowledge and experience required to provide quality, reliable translations. 

    Our legal translation team spans many different types of law, such as corporate law, financial law, criminal law, tort law and various other different law areas. 

    Can anyone translate legal documents?

    In theory, anyone can translate legal documents, however, unless it has been translated by a qualified translator with professional experience, it might not be officially recognised or accepted by UK or foreign authorities.

    Translation of legal documents would be difficult for most people due to the complex, specialist language used and it might not be possible to certify the translation. Quality legal translation requires relevant experience in the subject matter as well as knowledge of the requirements of translating official documents in a given country.

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    Why choose our accurate legal professional translation services?

    Our legal clients choose us for legal professional translation services thanks to the great experience and impeccable language skills that we offer. We provide a reliable and experienced service with many years of assisting top law firms and global clients within the legal industry.

    Our team is comprised of dedicated legal translators and interpreters with profound knowledge of the legal sector, ensuring every document is translated with the utmost precision. With dedicated legal translation training, our experienced language experts guarantee that each translation is accurate, capturing every nuance and detail of the original text. 

    High quality translations by professional legal translators

    Espresso offers high quality translations by professional legal translators with considerable experience in the industry.  Our professional service includes proofreading by a second translator in order to guarantee the highest quality standards.

    High-quality translations, especially in the realm of legal language, require a keen understanding of both the source and target texts. Our professional legal translators, fluent in the appropriate languages and well-versed in the nuances of complex language structures, ensure that every document is translated with precision. With direct experience in tackling the intricacies of foreign languages and the specialized terminology of legal contexts, our team provides experienced translation services that stand out for their accuracy and authenticity.

    Why is legal translation important?

    Legal translation is important as a lot can depend on its precision and accuracy. Whether it is part of a criminal law case, a professional court proceeding or an international merger, a single misinterpretation can drastically alter outcomes, potentially leading to legal disputes, financial losses or unjust consequences for the parties involved.

    Opting for a professional translation company for legal translations, as opposed to relying on alternatives like machine translation, is vital. Translations of global law and notarial documents require immaculate translations. While machine translation can process many languages, it often lacks the depth and legal understanding required to render documents precise and legally sound.

    A translation agency not only ensures an efficient service but also brings expertise in accurately translating legal terminologies across various languages, ensuring that the translated content aligns perfectly with the meaning of the original text.

    Where can I find the best legal translation services near me?

    You don’t need to find legal translation services near you as our reliable language services are available online from anywhere in the world. While we are a professional London based company, we offer all of our services remotely. 

    From your initial translation quote to receiving your finished document, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and ability to translate legal documents accurately.

    How do I translate my legal documents online?

    To translate your legal documents online, you will need to choose a legal translation services company.  When selecting a provider, it’s essential to look for one that meets your specific requirements, such as fast translation or legal aid. Given the plethora of services available, prioritizing providers with a track record of excellence and versatility can guarantee satisfaction in the long run.

    You should look for a specialist legal translator with an ISO certification or accreditation with a membership body such as the Association of Translation Companies or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

    Checking client reviews online can offer insights into the provider’s reliability and the easy experience they offer. The reputation of a company, often built over many years, can serve as a testament to its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. 

    Accurate legal translation services that caters to most languages are crucial, especially in legal contexts. It’s also wise to explore other services available, such as proofreading services, to ensure the highest quality output.

    How does the process of our legal certified translation services work?

    Our legal certified translation process is simple. Send us the files either via email or through our online form and we’ll provide you with a quote within the hour. Once you approve and complete the payment, our global team of some of the largest legal translation specialists, will begin working on your order.

    Every document is first translated by a native translator with extensive legal experience. For excellent service assurance and the highest accuracy, the translation is then checked a second time by another expert. 

    Verified translation or certification requirements vary depending on the country where the files are being used. In the UK, an affidavit will be attached to the translated files including the translator’s details and a statement of truth attesting to the quality of the translation.

    The final translation will be delivered to you by email and you can request delivery of the hard copies for a small postage fee. 

    Our translation process is designed to ensure the highest fidelity to the original document, both in terms of language and formatting. With vast experience in handling documents in various languages, we don’t just translate words; we reproduce the exact format of your original files, offering additional services that make your translated document mirror the source in every way.

    We prioritize the security of your documents. Our privacy policy ensures that every file you entrust to us remains secure, safeguarding your sensitive information throughout the translation process. Whether you need a document translated to or from another language, our comprehensive approach guarantees precision and peace of mind.

    Trusted legal translations in the UK

    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, including speedy support and comprehensive guidance from our project managers. Check out our customer reviews:

    The legal translation services offered by Espresso Translations exceeded my expectations with their impeccable accuracy in legal terminology.

    – William


    Espresso Translations’ legal translation services were exceptional, showcasing impressive accuracy and precision in handling my documents.

    – John


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is legal translation important?

    Legal translation is undeniably important, especially in a world where international language interactions are commonplace. Law translations are technical by nature, and translators must be familiar with the specificities of language, legal terminologies and ensure that the meaning is conveyed accurately. It’s crucial that the quality of such translations is high, as the slightest misinterpretation can lead to significant legal repercussions. To ensure the best outcomes, it’s vital to prioritize the possible quality when dealing with legal documents, recognizing that this domain demands more than just basic translation—it requires expertise and precision.

    Can I translate a legal document?

    It’s not advised to translate a legal document yourself. While you might be proficient in your own language and another, translating a legal document on your own can be risky. When it comes to legal matters, the accurate translation of technical documents and terminology is paramount. Even minor errors or misinterpretations can render the document unacceptable for legal purposes.
    Legal firms and other institutions often require translations to be done by a qualified legal translation services provider, ensuring that the content is accurate and adheres to the specific legal terminologies. To ensure that the translated document is accepted and serves its intended purpose, it’s best to employ a team of legal translators who can offer translation with the requisite expertise and precision.

    What are the differences between legal translation and other types of translation?

    Legal translation is different from other types of translation, primarily due to its specialised focus on legal documents and terminologies. When dealing with translation legal texts, every term and clause carries significant weight, requiring precise and technical translations.
    Other types of translation include certified, notarised, apostilled and sworn translations. These involve authentication, often accompanied by other documents that include an official seal or declaration to validate their accuracy for formal proceedings. Legal interpretation, distinct from translation, requires native interpreters to orally convey legal content, often in real-time scenarios like courtrooms.
    Corporate clients might have sophisticated translation needs, encompassing areas like legal and financial translation or political translation. The latter, for instance, requires a blend of linguistic expertise and understanding of both law and politics. In essence, while translation and interpreting services cater to diverse needs, each type, from specific translation genres to broader domains, demands a unique skill set.

    What is the difference between legal translation and legalised translation?

    A legal translation involves translating the contents of a legal document or file from one language to another. A legalised translation is accompanied by an apostille. It is accepted by countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention and confirms the authenticity of the signatures on the translation. 

    Do I need a sworn translator to translate legal documents?

    Some civil law countries such as France and Spain require sworn translators to translate financial or legal texts, files and documents. So French translations of birth certificates or business contracts would need to be carried out by a sworn translator. The UK does not require sworn translations of legal files or similar documents. 
    If you’re seeking trustworthy translations tailored to your specific legal needs, look no further than our company in London. We offer services that cater to a wide range of legal and financial translation requirements. Whether you need assistance with contracts, financial documents or other legal material, we are equipped to provide legal solutions of the highest calibre. We pride ourselves on delivering a personal service, ensuring that each client’s unique legal translation needs are met with precision and professionalism. Contact us today for a quote and let us assist you with your translation requirements.