Criminal Record Check Translation

    If you are looking for a certified criminal record check translation in London, Espresso Translations can help. We provide certified translations for all types of criminal background documentation.

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    Certified criminal record certificate translation services in London

    Espresso Translations offers criminal record certificate translation services by a team of highly experienced professional translators with a proven track record in providing accurate and reliable translations of background documentation, including criminal records, police certificates and other confidential documents such as birth certificate translations. 

    A foreign certificate translation is often required if you need to submit background checks in another country, particularly for study or work purposes.

    Our criminal record certificate translation services ensure that your translations accurately reflect the information contained in the original documents, with a legal validity that is accepted by the authorities in the country in which you need to use it.

    We understand the importance of accuracy, precision and quality management when it comes to translating sensitive official documents. You can rest assured that our certified translation services focus on quality, attention to detail, enhanced checks and speed.  No matter the complexity of the document, you can rely on us to deliver legally-valid, reliable translations.

    The table below gives a brief overview of our visa document translation service:

    Accepted ByHome Office, UK Passport Office
    Translator CredentialsAccredited translators with 5+ years of experience
    Quality Assurance ISO 17100:2015 Certified
    PricingFixed-rate pricing starting from £30 (+VAT)
    Turnaround Time48 hours, 24 hours, Same-Day Delivery
    DeliveryFree digital delivery. Postal shipping from £5
    Supported Document FormatsPDF, JPG, PNG, Word, and more
    LanguagesOver 150 different language combinations
    Types of DocumentsCriminal record certificate, police clearance certificate, Disclosure and Barring Service
    Additional ServicesSworn, Notarised, Apostille translations
    AreaUK, Europe with international coverage

    Do I need a certified police certificate translation?

    You might need a police clearance certificate translation if you plan to live, work or study abroad. A police record certificate is an official document issued by law enforcement authorities or a government agency to provide information about your criminal history or lack thereof.

    Some common reasons why you might need a certified police certificate translation are listed belo

    1. Seeking Employment opportunities: Many employers in foreign countries will typically ask for a criminal record translation as a pre-screening requirement before hiring and onboarding employees. To ensure that the foreign certificate requested by employers is accepted, it must be translated into the official language of the destination country. It should also meet local legal translation requirements, which tend to vary globally.
    2. Educational programs: If you’re applying to study abroad, universities and other educational institutions might request a criminal record translation. This is common for programs related to fields such as education, health or security. You may also be asked to order apostille services for your documents.
    3. Visa applications and immigration: When applying for a visa or citizenship, or if you are seeking immigration status, the authorities might ask for a certified translation of your police clearance certificate to help them assess your eligibility for entry and approval. Espresso can help if you are looking for a legal translation of criminal record certificates for the HM Passport Office and other official UK bodies.
    4. Personal reasons: In some cases, individuals may need a criminal record translation for other personal reasons, such as for child adoption cases or for obtaining weapons licenses.

    Regardless of the purpose, it’s important that you choose a top translation company if you are to get a quick and accurate translation of the criminal record document that is legally-accepted.

    How do you translate a criminal record?

    The best way to get an accurate criminal record translation is to work with a reputable professional certified translator or translation agency near you or online. 

    You can find a quick step-by-step guide on how to find a good service below:

    • Find a reputable company: Start by finding a good ISO certified provider or an ATC or ITI member that specializes in offering language services near you or online. Take time to do your due diligence to ensure you get a certified translation from a provider that has a track record of providing language translation and proofreading checks on a daily basis. 
    • Submit your documents: You can do this online or via email. Make sure you include clear scans of the document and any other relevant information to avoid delays.
    • Get your translated document: The translator will work on the document and revert with the certified translation of a criminal document. The entire process can be done via email with utmost confidentiality, making it convenient and efficient. If you need to obtain hard copies, then they can also be posted to you.

    Certified translations of criminal record checks accepted by the Home Office and UK Passport Office

    Our criminal record translations are guaranteed to meet the certification requirements of the Home Office, UK Passport Office, SIA Agency, Aviation industry, schools, charities, and other relevant authorities/entities including commissions, organisations and private companies both in the UK and abroad.

    Here is what sets us apart from other language services in the market:

    • We’ve highly-trained linguists and translators with extensive experience and expertise in handling various types of criminal record certificates
    • We provide guidance to our clients in cases where special requirements from different authorities are needed
    • You can also get discounts for regular translation services!
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    Who can translate overseas criminal record certificates in the UK?

    If you need an overseas criminal record translated in the UK, then you need a certified translation professional who specialises in legal document translations, like Espresso Translations.

    Our translators have the requisite qualifications and experience to handle professional translation services of all confidential overseas criminal record documents. We have a proven track record in delivering accurate and high quality translations for our esteemed clients in the UK and overseas. 

    We also follow government guidelines by including a translation certification that contains a signed statement of truth.

    This statement of truth contains the name and contact details of the translator, as well as a signed declaration stipulating that it’s a true and accurate translation of the original. It is affixed to your translated foreign criminal record and can be submitted to the UK police or any other relevant authorities.

    What do our clients say?

    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, including speedy support and comprehensive guidance from our project managers. Check out our customer reviews:

    I recently utilized the certified translation services offered by Espresso Translations, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. From start to finish, the entire process was seamless and efficient.

    – David


    The translations provided by Espresso Translations were of exceptional quality. The accuracy and precision with which they translated my official documents were impressive.

    – Paul

    British Embassy

    How long does it take to translate criminal record checks?

    Once you provide the necessary documents, it will usually take 1 to 2 days for the translation process to be completed.

    Here are four things to bear in mind regarding the turnaround time for translating criminal record checks:

    1. Same Day Delivery: the turnaround time can be expedited with options such as same-day or next-day delivery for urgent requests. These services incur additional fees.
    2. Always Check With Relevant Local Authorities: If you need a certified translation of your criminal record check for submission to local authorities or government agencies, it is best that you enquire about any specific requirements or regulations they may have. Some countries request that the translator swear an oath in front of a public official, and appointments might not be available right away.
    3. Target Language: The complexity and availability of translators proficient in your target language can affect the overall turnaround time. It’s advisable to discuss your needs with the translation and interpreting service provider to get an accurate estimate of how long it will take to translate your criminal record certificate.

    Can I translate my UK police clearance certificate online?

    Yes. You can easily translate your UK police clearance certificate online. In fact, Espresso Translations will translate your police clearance remotely meaning you don’t have to worry about sending physical copies or visiting our London office.

    All you need to do is send us clear, legible scans of your documents, and your dedicated project manager will oversee the entire translation process.

    Whether you need it translated for personal or official purposes, our translations accepted by authorities can be obtained entirely online.

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    Overseas criminal record check certificate template

    visa translation services

    Here is an example of a translation certification:

    certified translation services uk

    How much does a sworn translation of a criminal record certificate cost?

    Prices for certified translations for use in the UK start from £30 + VAT per page and can increase based on several variables.

    If you need a sworn translation of your criminal record certificate, the cost tends to vary depending on factors such as language combination, urgency, and document formatting.

    Additionally, if you require a sworn translation for another country, there may be additional costs such as administrative fees and taxes. If you also need to affix an apostille to your translated document, this will incur extra charges.

    Should you need hard copies of your translated certificate, they can be delivered to your location. In this case, delivery costs will apply and they vary depending on the delivery destination.

    Contact us to get a quote per word or per page from our certified translation agency. This way, you will get an accurate translation cost for your specific certificate.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When is a criminal record check required?

    There are many scenarios where you might need to get a criminal record check. The most common use cases pertain to immigration, citizenship applications, if you are looking to work in public-facing roles.
    For example, you might be applying for a job that involves working with vulnerable people or in a government role. In such a case, you might be required to undergo a more in-depth, enhanced criminal record check. It may also be required if you are planning to volunteer or apply for adoption or foster care.
    It is worth noting that the specific requirements for a criminal record check can vary depending on the situation and location.

    Why should you professionally translate a criminal record check?

    Whenever you submit a criminal record check in another language, you need a translation that meets the standards set by official institutions. This is why you should work with a good professional translation agency to help you meet such stringent requirements.
    Here are some of the reasons why you should work with our professional translation agency in the UK: 
    – Legal requirement: Some countries may require a translated version of your criminal record check by an official translator as part of their immigration or visa process. Espresso Translations is officially-recognised to complete such translations.
    – Official recognition: Submitting your translated criminal record check with an agency certification ensures that it is accepted and understood by authorities in the target country.
    – Accuracy: A professional translator will accurately convey all personal information and details from the original police records, including any relevant extracts from the criminal record.
    – Compliance with regulations: The translation must comply with specific guidelines set by the UK government or other relevant authorities.
    – Peace of mind: Having a proper criminal record translation provides peace of mind knowing that your document meets all necessary requirements for legal purposes.

    Can I check my own criminal record?

    Yes, it is possible to check your own criminal history in the UK. There are two ways to do this:
    – You can apply for a certified copy of your criminal record through the Basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). This will provide you with details of any convictions or cautions held on the police database.
    – You can make a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) under the Data Protection Act. This may be requested via your local police force, which are the UK authorities that are legally mandated to share any and all information they hold on you.

    Can a solicitor certify a criminal record certificate translation?

    Solicitors in the UK can certify translated certificates if they hold the title of Notary Public. This is known as a notarised translation. Notarisation is usually not required when submitting translated CRB checks in the UK. 
    Notarized translations are typically required when translator authenticity must be ensured, like for international adoptions or immigration purposes.
    It’s important to consult with the requesting entity to determine which level of certification is appropriate for your specific needs.

    Is a background check the same as a criminal record check?

    A criminal record check only considers your police record and any crimes you have committed in the past.
    A background check includes more than just looking at your criminal history. Background checks encompass various other aspects such as education and past employment verification, reference checks, and more. 
    They provide a comprehensive overview of an individual’s background, rather than just their criminal background.

    Is a police certificate the same as a criminal record check?

    In the UK, a police certificate and a criminal record check are not the same. While they both involve obtaining information about an individual’s criminal history, there are distinct differences between the two. Here are four key points to consider:

    1. Purpose: A police certificate (ACRO) is typically used for overseas purposes, such as visa or citizenship applications, or foreign employment opportunities. On the other hand, a criminal record check is mainly requested through the DBS check system for domestic purposes.
    2. Application Process: The process of obtaining your police records is done through the UK Criminal Records Office (ACRO) while a criminal record check is done through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).
    3. Scope of Information: A police certificate generally provides details about an individual’s entire criminal history, including convictions, cautions, and even pending charges from various jurisdictions. In contrast, a domestic criminal record check may only reveal certain types of offences based on eligibility criteria.

    Remember that each document serves its specific purpose; therefore, it is important to determine which one you need translated based on your particular circumstances before submitting it for official translation. 

    Whether you need certified translation criminal documents or you’re seeking sworn translators, get in touch for a free quote for translation and certification today.