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    Our certified death certificate translation services UK

    As one of the leading translation companies in the UK and abroad, we offer a comprehensive range of death certificate translation services in every major language and with every type of certification.

    We take pride in offering the best quality death certificate translation services across the UK, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality every time. As a leading certified translation agency in London, we understand the importance of delivering the most reliable and accurate translations for such sensitive documents.

    Not on­ly do we trans­late death cer­tificates with pre­cision, but we al­so pro­vide a certification service that ve­rifies the translation’s au­thenticity. This en­sures your trans­lated document is accepted by UK authorities and organisations, from le­gal pro­ceedings to in­surance claims. We pri­oritize clear communication with our cli­ents, ensuring that their requirements are fully understood and met.

    Our team of professional translators covers more than 300 language pairs, so whether you need a single document translated into one language or multiple languages, we deliver timely and professional certified death certificate translation services. 

    We value the trust our clients place in us and pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service. As an ISO-certified translation provider, we have a strict translation process that includes stringent quality assurance checks. These include translation by experienced, professional linguists and proofreading by a second translator.

    Get in touch using our form or by email to find out how we can help you with English translations of death certificates.

    Accepted by A wide range of government bodies
    Translator CredentialsAccredited translators with 5+ years of experience
    Types of LegalisationCertified, sworn, notarised
    Quality AssuranceISO 17100 certified
    CostPrices start from £30 + VAT
    LanguagesOver 150 different languages
    DeliveryExpress service for urgent translation needs
    Other servicesApostille service available

    What is a death certificate translation?

    A death certificate is an official document issued by the government. It details some important information about the deceased including cause, location and time of death, as well as some other personal information.

    You can obtain a copy of a death certificate in the UK from the General Register Office either via the internet, in person, or at the local Register Office where the death has been registered.

    All UK countries have different policies for obtaining a death certificate. For example, in Scotland, it is possible to get a hold of a death certificate the same way you would a Birth Certificate and a Marriage Certificate, via the National Records of Scotland. In Northern Ireland, a death certificate can be obtained online. As such, it is important to do thorough research before seeking out a death certificate.

    Should a death have occurred overseas, then the death will have been registered within the country that the death occurred. If this is the case, a death card can be obtained from the Overseas Registration Unit in England and translated into English with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

    Despite often being a painful time, obtaining a death certificate is vital for various legal purposes. Not only is it required before being able to arrange a funeral or cremation, but it’s also used to access pension benefits, claiming life insurance, applying for probate to deal with the deceased’s estate, and even for getting re-married.

    When will I have to get a death certificate translated?

    There are many instances where you may have to get a death certificate translated. The main reason why people translate a death certificate is if a loved one has died overseas. When registering a death with the UK registry office, you will be asked to have the death certificate translated into English or Welsh. This will need to be done by a certified death certificate translator and be accompanied by a statement of truth. The translated death certification may also be required for travel or medical insurance claims.

    You might also need a death certificate for visa, immigration or citizenship purposes. If you are applying for citizenship through descent, you will be asked to provide death certificates of relatives, together with related documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates.

    Another reason why you may need a certified translation of a death certificate is when handling foreign inheritance a probate issues. Perhaps you have a foreign relative who has left something to you, and you will need to submit death certificate translations for legal and tax purposes.

    Businesses may need translation and certification of vital documents when submitting documents overseas for international legal matters, court cases or immigration procedures for their employees.

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    How do I get a death certificate document translated?

    To get death certificates or other official documents translated, you will need to contact a professional translation organisation such as Espresso Translations. We offer professional death certificate translation services in over 150 different languages with our translators based around the world. 

    Start by emailing us clear scans of the documents you need translated, confirm the language pair and let us know in which country you will be submitting them. Your dedicated project manager will discuss the different translation types available, which differ depending on the specific requirements of the requesting country. There’s no need to email us your original documents, everything can be handled remotely.

    Before placing an order for the document issued, check the requirements of the requesting entity or country. Are certified documents sufficient? Are they officially certified, or do they require notarized translations? Perhaps an apostille is needed? If so, obtain this first before proceeding with the translation.

    Our embassy-approved certified translation services are accepted by:

    Our certified translations for death certificates are accepted by the Home Office, the UK Passport Office, Courts of Law in the UK, and most other UK authorities. We provide authenticated and fully approved certified translations that are accepted as official documents both in the United Kingdom and overseas. 

    Home office
    UK certification language service 1

    What does a translated death certificate look like?

    death certificate translation services

    Here is an example of a translation certification:

    certified translation services uk

    What is the process for a death certificate certified translation?

    The process for certified death certificate translation is as follows:

    • Send us a message with your personal documents to translate
    • All of your data and contact information will be kept private and confidential
    • Confirm the source language and target language
    • Confirm the translation requirements of the requesting entity
    • Let us know whether you need us to post hard copies
    • The translation will be completed by one of our qualified certified or sworn translators 
    • It will then be double-checked by a second linguist for quality assurance
    • Your translation will be certified, notarised or sworn, depending on your requirements
    • We will add an apostille if required
    • We will send your translated text back to you via email or post

    Who can translate a death certificate?

    For death certificate translations, you should choose a language services provider who can assure accurate and quality translations for official purposes while maintaining confidentiality. An agency that is ISO-certified or a member of the Association of Translation Companies or the Institute of Translators and Interpreters can offer certified translation services that are accepted internationally.

    Espresso Translations guarantees a certified translator specialised in legal document translation services that has proven experience translating in the specific language pair and in the translation of documents of deceased persons.

    How much does it cost to translate a death certificate?

    It costs from £30 + VAT to translate a death certificate. The price varies depending on several factors, mostly the number of words and the foreign languages you are translating to and from. Other factors include the layout of the document and whether any DTP or typesetting services will be required.

    Another important element is the level of certification that you need, whether that be certified, notarised or sworn translation. Some countries will levy duties and taxes on the certifications signed or issued by the competent authority.

    The final element to consider is the turnaround time. We offer a standard and express service, so if you need your translations done in less than 48 hours, there will be an additional charge.

    What do our clients say?

    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, including speedy support and comprehensive guidance from our project managers. Check out our customer reviews:

    I recently utilized the certified translation services offered by Espresso Translations, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. From start to finish, the entire process was seamless and efficient.

    – David


    The translations provided by Espresso Translations were of exceptional quality. The accuracy and precision with which they translated my official documents were impressive.

    – Paul

    British Embassy

    Where can I find death certificate translation services near me?

    There’s no need to look for death certificate translation services near you as everything can be handled remotely thanks to our global network of translators. 

    Our professional translation agency has offices in London, Milan and New York, with a network of over 2000 qualified translators worldwide. So whether you need a translation for a cause of death document, a burial or cremation notice or other professional translation services, contact us today for a free quote.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I ensure the accuracy of a translated death certificate?

    To en­sure the ac­curacy of a trans­lated death cer­tificate, we recommend you do the following:

    1. Choose an experienced provider: Look for translation services with a proven track record in translating death certificates and dealing with inheritance documentation. They’ll be more adept at maintaining contextually relevant translations.

    2. ISO certification: An ISO-certified service shows adherence to industry-specific standards and ensures quality control across the translation process.

    3. Check Reviews: Online reviews provide insights into the services’ efficiency and accuracy.

    How long does it take to translate a death certificate?

    On average, a death certificate can be translated within one working day. If you’re in a hurry, we also offer urgent same-day translations. Remember that while we strive for speed, we never compromise on quality.

    Can I request rush translation services for a death certificate?

    You can opt for our rush service if you need the certified translation of the death certificate ready sooner. Keep in mind that this request comes with an additional cost – about 30% more than the standard rate. 
    Our clients’ needs are paramount, especially when dealing with such sensitive documents and complex terminologies. Rest assured, whether it’s for government use or internationally recognized institutions we guarantee accuracy, reliability and affordability.

    Are there any legal requirements for translated death certificates?

    Depending on where you’re planning to use it, there might be certain legal requirements for your translated death certificate that need to be met. It’s essential that we understand the context in which you’ll use the document and what regulations are in place.
    For use in the UK, we provide a fully legalised translation. This includes a statement of truth that indicates the translator’s details, confirms that the translated document is a true and accurate translation of the original, and features a signature and official stamp.

    How do I request translation services for death certificates?

    To get a fully certified translation of death certificates, get in touch with us by email, contact form or phone and get a free quote within the hour. Let us know all the necessary details of your requirements and attach clear scans of the files. Our team will swiftly respond with a price and turnaround and guide you on the next steps for getting your documents professionally translated.