Certified Driving license Translation

    Espresso Translations is a certified translation agency in London that provides certified driving license translation services that are valid for use both in the UK and abroad.

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    Our driver’s license certified translation services

    When driving, it is crucial you have the correct documentation – including a license and certificate which proves you are permitted to drive – in order to do so legally in whichever country you are driving your vehicle. This may entail having your driving license translated into another language. 

    When this need arises, it is important to seek the services of a driving license translation agency. Accredited agencies such as ours employ certified translators, who will ensure that your translated documents are accepted by the relevant authorities. This can prove essential if you are moving abroad, dealing with traffic accident prosecutions and many other reasons which we will detail, along with all the other information you need.

    Espresso Translations is a certified translation agency in London that provides the translation and certification of driving licenses that are valid for use both in the UK and abroad.

    We have many years of experience in professional translation services in the UK and many other countries, therefore we guarantee your driver’s license translation will be accurate and accepted by the authorities.

    With over 2000 accredited translators of many different nationalities, we offer certified driving license translation services in over 150 languages. As we are ISO-certified, our translators are native speakers of their specialised language, have more than 5 years’ experience and only ever translate into their native language.

    Our high-quality translations come at competitive prices. The exact cost depends on the number of words and the complexity of the document. To get a free quote, simply email us or complete our online form and we will get back to you with both a quote and turnaround time within one hour.   

    When completing your request, we will email you a copy of your translated driver’s license, respecting the same formatting as the original. We will also post out a hard copy to you for a small fee. 

    When sending your driver’s license to us for translation, you should send clear, legible scans of both the front and back of your plastic license.

    Whether you are looking for translation services in London, the wider UK or abroad, we can generally provide certified translations within one working day of you placing your order. The translation process may take longer if it has more complex formatting than usual.

    If you need a driving license translated urgently and you require same-day delivery, we offer an express service which means we can get your certified translation quickly sent to you in a matter of hours. 

    If you require our 24-hour express service, simply email us or contact us via our online form stating your desired delivery date.

    Accepted by A wide range of government bodies
    Translator CredentialsAccredited translators with 5+ years of experience
    Types of LegalisationCertified, sworn, notarised
    Quality AssuranceISO 17100 certified
    Cost for standard servicePrices start from £30 + VAT
    LanguagesOver 150 different languages
    DeliveryExpress service for urgent translation needs
    Other servicesApostille service available

    International driving licence translations accepted by the DVLA and Home Office

    All of our certified driving licence translations are recognized and accepted by the DVLA and Home Office UK.

    The DVLA may request a translated copy of your driving licence for several reasons, including converting a driving license, applying for a UK licence with a foreign address, foreign vehicle registration, driving accidents or offences or the endorsement of penalty points. 

    The Home Office may require a driver’s license translation as a supporting document for a settlement or visa application. Translations of driving licences may also be required for criminal or civil proceedings or employment or rental checks.

    Whatever your requirements, we abide by .gov translation certification rules, guaranteeing that your translated document will be accepted by all UK authorities.

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    Do I need to translate my driving license?

    You will usually be required to translate your driving license, if you will be driving in or moving to another country. Most countries will accept a driving license written in English, however if it is in another language, you may require a translation. The type of translation will depend on both the country in which you intend to use your license and the specific purpose. 

    It is worth noting that if your license was issued in an EU member state and you want to drive within the EU, you do not legally require a translation. If you want to drive outside the EU member states, however, you will need a certified translation. If this is the case, bear in mind that your license will need to have been valid for at least 6 months. You will not need an apostille or additional legislation for this document.

    If you have a UK licence written in English, it is beneficial to translate your license when driving abroad for the following reasons:

    • Legality: Your certified, translated document will be accepted by the authorities in a foreign country, allowing you to drive there unimpeded by issues and potential penalties. 
    • Clarity: If you need to produce your license whilst in a different country, a professionally translated one will prevent any misunderstandings during traffic stops or in other situations in which your documents are checked. 
    • Peace of mind: With a certified translation, you can drive in a country which speaks a foreign language in the knowledge that, were it to be necessary, you could show your personal documents to officials for any reason. 

    Other reasons you might need to translate your license include:

    • Car insurance
    • Long-term car rental
    • Traffic accident prosecutions

    If you are moving to another country for an extended period of time, driving license conversion will usually be required. This means replacing your foreign driving licence with a local one.

    How do I translate my driving license in the UK?

    You should seek the services of an official translation agency, to translate your driving licence in the UK. You simply need to provide a scan of your original license and a certified translator will translate your document into your chosen language. They will affix a Certification Seal to the document so that the authorities know it is a true and accurate translation of the original. They will then email the document to you and send it via post as well if you request it.

    If you learned to drive abroad and wish for your certificate to be recognised in your home country,  you will need to have your driving license converted. If you are a resident of Great Britain, or you have a permanent address in Britain that you’ve lived in for at least 185 days, you will be able to exchange your foreign driving license. 

    How do I get my driver’s license translated online?

    The process of getting your driver’s license translated online is highly convenient and very straightforward. 

    Firstly, you can contact us via our online form and we’ll get back to you with a free quote within one hour. Simply tell us where you will be driving, what language you need it translated into and attach a photocopy or clear photo of the front and back of your licence.

    Once we have completed your order, we will email you a copy of your translated and certified driver’s license. We can also send a hard copy to you by post if required.

    What do our clients say?

    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, including speedy support and comprehensive guidance from our project managers. Check out our customer reviews:

    I recently utilized the certified translation services offered by Espresso Translations, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. From start to finish, the entire process was seamless and efficient.

    – David


    The translations provided by Espresso Translations were of exceptional quality. The accuracy and precision with which they translated my official documents were impressive.

    – Paul

    British Embassy

    What is a certified driving license translation for the DVLA?

    A certified translation of foreign drivers license is an official document that meets the requirements specified by the DVLA, the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency. Translations accepted by DVLA need to be certified, that is to say, contain a statement of truth attesting to the accuracy of the translation.

    Espresso Translations is an official translation agency that provides reliable, certified translations that comply with DVLA standards completed by native English translators.

    To give you an idea of why you might need a certified, as opposed to a regular, translation, here is a comparison table:

    Certified TranslationRegular Translation
    Meets DVLA requirementsNot guaranteed to meet DVLA requirements
    Accepted by authoritiesMay be rejected by authorities
    Accurate and reliableAccuracy not guaranteed

    What is an international translation of a driver’s license?

    An international translation of a driver’s license can be used when you are driving abroad. It can be very useful as it helps foreign law enforcement officers read your document and understand that you are authorised to drive.

    Obtaining a certified translation is important as it proves that the translation has been done by an accredited professional, who can certify that it is a true and accurate translation. 

    Some countries may accept your English-language license, however, others may request a translation completed by a sworn translator for it to be considered an official legal document.

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    Professional driving licence translation sample

    driving license translation services

    Here is an example of a translation certification:

    certified translation services uk

    Who can certify translations in the UK?

    Officially certified translation companies and translators can certify translations In the UK. They will usually either be ISO certified or qualified professionals of a translation association such as the ITI or ATC (association of translation companies).

    These professionals will affix translation certifications to translations to prove that they have been completed by official translators, assuring authorities and government bodies that the translation is true, reliable and accurate. It is important to choose a certified translator to translate and certify the translations so that you don’t risk rejection by official institutions.

    Can I certify my own translation?

    You cannot certify your own translation in the UK: It must be certified by an impartial translator so that it can be relied upon to be accurate and authentic. It also ensures that the document will be accepted in the UK by the authorities. 

    Hiring the service of professional translators is important for multiple reasons:

    • Accuracy and authenticity: Certified translations are recognised by UK authorities and verify that the translation is a true and accurate version of the original document. 
    • Reliability and accountability: By using professional driving licence translation services you can rest assured that your document will be valid for all legal requirements.

    Who can perform a foreign driver license translation?

    The translation of a foreign driver’s license should be done by an official, certified translator in order to meet the accuracy and authenticity requirements of the requesting entity. 

    You should seek assistance from a professional translation agency that specialises in document translation. These companies employ experienced translators who have the expertise to ensure the translation of your driving licence will be legally accepted.

    It is important to look for agencies, such as ours, that are accredited by professional standards like ISO 17100 so as to ensure you are getting the highest quality. 

    How much does a certified translation cost in the UK?

    The cost of a fully certified translation in the UK depends on the length and complexity of the document. Prices start from £30 (+VAT). 

    • Word count: The more words there are in your document, the higher the cost will be. Paper forms will always be more expensive than plastic licenses.
    • Complexity: If your document contains specialised terms or technical jargon, it may require the time and expertise of a specialist translator in order to deliver an accurate, reliable translation. 

    To get a quote, please contact us today via email or our online form and we will get back to you with a turnaround time and price.

    Certified translator of a driving license

    A certified translator will provide a professional certified translation for dvla of your original license into another language. They will also include a translation certification containing a statement of truth and the linguist’s contact details. If you need an official translation of a document issued in another country, then you will need certified language services.

    Where can I find the best driving license translation service near me?

    We offer certified driving license translation in London and around the world. Finding translation services near you is not actually necessary as it can all be done online.

    We have a network of professional translators based all over the globe, as well as a team of notarisation and legalisation partners in several different countries, so we can help no matter where you live.

    Can I translate my driver’s license online?

    A certified translation company online can provide you with a high quality translation of your driver’s license. An agency such as ours has an expansive team of specialised translators who can translate all manner of legal and official documents, whether it’s into English or another language. 

    Having your driving license translated online is simple and straightforward. Firstly, you need to contact us via email or our online form with a scanned copy of your document. We will then provide you with a free quote and turnaround time. Our translators are guaranteed to provide you with an accurate, certified translation that can be used for all official and legal purposes, without you needing to leave your home. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is an international driving permit (IDP) the same as a translated driving license?

    An International Driving Permit (IDP) is not the same as a translation of a driving licence. An IDP serves as proof that you have a driving license that’s valid in your home country, but a translated driving license carries the same legal weight as your original, whereas an IDP does not. An IDP includes your name, photo and driver information translated into ten different languages to make it easier for foreign officials to understand your credentials. A certified driving license, on the other hand, is an accurate representation of your original document that is recognised by the official bodies in the new country.

    What are the legal implications of not having a translated driving license in the UK?

    If you do not have a translated driving license in the UK you could face penalties and you may not be legally permitted to drive. 
    It is important to consider the following points to avoid any potential consequences:

    – A translated driving license is a legal requirement: If your document is not written in the English or Welsh language, you will need a certified translation so that officials can understand your license information. 
    – The translation of your documents must be certified: Certification of your document ensures that it meets legal requirements and is recognised as an official driving license. You should have your document translated professionally with certified translation services in order to be sure that the translation is accepted by the authorities. 

    What driving licenses are valid in the UK?

    If your license was issued in an EU country, you can use it in other EU member states, as well as the UK and countries within the EEA (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein). You will not need to retake your test, exchange your European driving license or have it translated.

    Before you travel, make sure it has not expired, or that it won’t expire while you are in a different country. If it does, it may not be recognised and you could face legal penalties.

    Which countries can convert a driver’s license to UK?

    There are some countries, known as the ‘designated countries’ that make it possible for drivers to exchange their licenses in the UK. These span around the world and include large nations like Australia and tiny territories such as Monaco and the Faroe Islands. 
    The UK will exchange driving licenses issued by the following designated countries: 

    – Andorra
    – Australia
    – Barbados
    – British Virgin Islands
    – Canada
    – Cayman Islands
    – Falkland Islands
    – Faroe Islands
    – Gibraltar
    – Hong Kong
    – Japan
    – Monaco
    – New Zealand
    – Singapore
    – South Africa
    – South Korea
    – Taiwan
    – Ukraine
    – United Arab Emirates
    – Zimbabwe

    Unlike those from the EU, licenses from designated countries are only valid in the UK for twelve months. Once this time has elapsed, drivers from these territories do not have to sit a test in the UK – they can exchange their license for a fee, as long as this is done within five years of becoming a resident. However, despite the fact that you have five years in which to complete the exchange, you can only use it legally to drive motor vehicles in the initial twelve months.

    It is worth noting that the rules stated above only apply to car and motorcycle license holders. If you drive a vehicle such as a bus, lorry or minibus, your license will not be valid and cannot be exchanged in the UK. You will have to sit a test in the UK in order to be able to drive such a vehicle here. 

    What countries accept an International Driving Permit?

    There are many countries which accept an International Driving Permit (IDP), though some have stipulations e.g. how long you are staying for, or that you only require an IDP for car hire. 

    You do not need an IDP to drive in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein if you have a photocard driving license that was issued in the UK.

    You may need an IDP to drive in some EU countries and Norway if you have either:
    – A paper driving license
    – A license issued in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man

    It is important to check with the embassy of the country you will be driving in.
    If you have a driving license issued outside of the EU, you must get an International Driving Permit or a certified or sworn translation in order to drive in any EU member state. 

    Is my UK driving license valid abroad?

    If you have a photocard driving license that was issued in the UK, it is valid in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. You do not need an translation in order to drive in these countries.

    You may need an IDP or a certified translation of your license to drive in many other countries. It is worth noting that not all countries accept IDPs, and some state that you can only drive for a specific period of time, so it is important to check the requirements of the country in which you wish to drive in order to comply with the law. 

    Is my UK paper driving license valid?

    If your license was issued after 1998, there is no longer a need for your paper driving license: The DVLA removed the requirement for the paper counterpart to the photocard license in June 2015 for anyone issued with a license after 1998. It now has no legal status. 

    What do the codes on my UK driving license mean?

    The codes on a UK driving license inform you of what conditions you must meet in order to drive legally. There are many different codes, each with a different meaning such as whether you need to wear glasses to drive, or require a modified clutch or braking system.
    The information that is typically found on a driving license includes:

    – Your license personal details: Your first names, surname, date and place of birth
    – Date of driving license issue, photo expiry and issuing authority
    – Driver number
    – license holder’s signature
    – license holder’s photograph
    – Issuing authority stamp
    – Holder’s address
    – Entitlement categories (national categories and those covered by the European Community Directive)

    How do I convert my UK driving license to international versions?

    You will usually need to convert your UK driving licence if you plan on moving to another country for an extended period of time. Requirements to convert driving licenses vary from country to country. For some countries a certified translation may be sufficient, while others request a sworn or notarised translation.

    How long does it take to convert a license in the UK?

    The length of time it takes to convert a licence in the UK depends on the DVLA wait times. We can provide a certified translation of your licence in as little as 24 hours, but processing times depend on the number of requests the DVLA has at a given time.
    It might take a matter of minutes in an issuing office, or weeks if the application has to be made by post.

    Can I convert my license to a UK license?

    The process of getting a UK driving license for foreigners is relatively straightforward. If you hold a license from a designated country, you don’t need to do anything as you can drive in Great Britain for up to one year. After this time, you will need to convert your license. You will need to do this within five years of becoming a resident, as long as it has not expired.

    Do I need to exchange my EU driving license for a UK one?

    Providing that your EU/EEA driving license has not expired, you do not need to exchange it to drive in the UK. You can drive legally here until you reach the age of 66 or for five years after you become a resident in the UK. 
    At Espresso Translations we translate driver licenses in over 150 different languages. Get in touch for a quote within the hour.