How To Choose Your London-Based Translation Provider

    Danilo Coviello

    London has a number of different translation providers which can make it difficult to choose one. If you are in the market for these services, you need to know how to choose the right provider. There are a number of points that you should consider when choosing a translation provider in London.

    1. Native Language Skills

    Being able to speak a language does not automatically equal an ability to translate into the language accurately. This is why you need to consider the translators that the provider uses. Ideally, you will want to work with a provider that employs native speakers of your target language.

    This will ensure that the translation is done in the way that the native speakers will understand. Someone who is translating to a second language might miss some of the syntax or grammar that a native speaker will know about. Reputable translation providers will have information about the translators they employ and their knowledge of the languages.

    2. The Sector Expertise

    While the language knowledge on offer is important, you also need to look at the experience the company has in your sector. This is particularly important if you are going to have detailed business documents translated. There are terms and jargon unique to every sector that the translators will need to know about and this can only be gained through experience.

    There are many translation providers who off specialist services for certain industries. This will often be more expensive than standard translation service, but will be better for your business. When looking at these specialist services, you should look for translators who are trained in your industry or have previously worked in the sector.

    3. The Turnaround Times

    You do not want to work with a translation provider that takes a very long time to get your work back to you. This is why you have to look at the turnaround times before you agree to work with the provider. Each day that you do not have the translation could be revenue that your business is losing and you have to consider this.

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    Of course, a company with extremely fast turnaround times will not always offer the best translations. The general rule is that around 2000 words can be comfortably translated per day to a high standard. You should also consider the amount of time needed for proofreading to ensure that everything has been translated correctly.

    There are some providers that tell you about their turnaround time on their websites. There are others that require you to contact them to find out more about this. When you get an estimate of the costs from any of these services, it should have information about the turnaround time as well.

    4. The Customer Service

    The customer service offered by the company will also need to be considered. If you find that their translators, pricing and turnaround time matches what you require, you have to contact the company. This gives you the chance to determine the customer service that is on offer.

    The amount of time that it takes the company to respond to your contact is important. If you are calling the company, you need to consider how long you are kept waiting and how professional they are when the call is answered. A professional company will respond to you in a timely manner and will be professional in their correspondence.

    There are many factors that you need to consider when looking at London-based translation providers. These factors will ensure that you get the best translation of your documentation and that it is done promptly. Native speakers will be recommended and you need to ensure that the company has experience in your business sector.