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Our English to French translation services strengthen the deep-seated links between these historically connected cultures across a number of fields. With London and Paris just a couple of hours away from one another by train, it makes sense for individuals and businesses based in the two capital cities to forge links through our expert English to French translations, whether it’s a question of research, law, medicine or marketing. Get in touch with our friendly team and we can give you an insight into how our professional translations can help you achieve your goals.

English to French Translations

International travel and tourism play a key role in linking the Anglophone and Francophone worlds, whether between England and France, or America and the West Indies, and our EN to FR translation services help any tourism-related transactions run smoothly. Perhaps you’re a tour operator in Bristol wanting to make sure your services are accessible to French speakers throughout the globe: we can find you a professional English to French translator able to turn your materials into idiomatic French to suit all your clients.

English to French Translation Services

Mother Tongue English to French Translators

While in many cases we offer word-perfect English to French translation services by generalist translators with excellent linguistic skills, we also have a large number of specialist translators who are able to handle more complex projects. This often proves useful in terms of business transactions and legal documents, where having your EN to FR translations carried out by someone with qualifications and experience in the field can make a huge difference to the quality of the final translation.

The in-depth knowledge of the specialists behind our English to French translations is matched with linguistic excellence and versatility. As our mother tongue translators always translate into their native language, in this case, French, you can be sure that the final text you receive reads fluently and naturally to its Francophone readers.

Translate a Document from English to French

Making sure we provide the best English to French professional translations also relies on us offering a service you know you can trust. This is underpinned at our English to French translation agency by our motto – on time, every time – which shows how much we value speedy turnaround and a respect for deadlines. Both of these are qualities that have our clients returning to us again and again for dependable, same day English to French document translations.

We aim to give you peace of mind every time you use our English to French language services by guaranteeing not only quality and accuracy but also a reliable, discreet service. We achieve the former by including a careful proofread by your translator in the price of every project we undertake, as well as offering a second proofread at no extra cost so you can be completely certain that nothing has slipped through the net. By having all translators agree to confidentiality terms before they get started, we make sure all of your private personal information is kept safe.

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