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Espresso Translations offers digital transcriptions in either the same-language or translated into more than 150 global languages.

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Digital Transcription Services
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In Over 150 Languages Worldwide

Global translation Services

With electronic recordings becoming more and more prevalent, the need for digital transcription services is at an all-time high. That is where we can help.

Espresso Translations offers digital transcriptions in either the same-language or translated into more than 150 global languages, by native certified transcriptionists.

Our digital transcribers accurately transcribe your file formats, whether that be audio or video, with a quick turnaround time and with the highest possible accuracy of transcription services.

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Trustpilot reviews Espresso Translations
Espresso Translations Reviews

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Professional Digital Transcriptionist

We guarantee 100% transcription accuracy in audio video files with clear content and low background noise and no heavy accents or multiple speakers. Our team of tech experts can handle any audio file format and can convert digital content from one file type to another, depending on your preference.

We offer a broad range of digital transcription services, from seminars and meetings to corporate training videos to television series. Our team of digital transcription experts can meet all of your requirements, whether that be same-language or translated into multiple foreign languages. Should you wish to transcribe digital content into a foreign language, our native translators have over 5 years’ experience and are ISO-certified, meaning your digital transcript translations are proofread by two separate native translators every time.

Espresso Translations

Our Online Digital Transcription Service

Espresso Translations

With global technological advancements, dictation is now all stored digitally rather than having a manual transcript drafted in real-time. This means that, at some point, for either usage requirements or for legal reasons, you may need to convert media to text. We transcribe sound files to text from almost all formats, such as MP3, Wav, Wma, Dss. 

We don’t work with unreliable digital voice recognition software, all of our digital audio transcription services are completed by humans which means you can expect the best possible digital transcription of interviews, phone calls, academic videos, music videos, surveillance videos and more. Although our transcripts aren’t instantaneous like other online transcription companies, we do have an urgent turnaround time service and we can have, for example, a 30 minute transcript to you in 12 hours.

Should you need our dictation services to translate digital transcripts to foreign languages as your files need to be understood overseas by a foreign audience, you can rest assured that the translated records will accurately convey what was said in the original without any unnecessary changes.

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Quick Turnaround

With our quick turnaround time, you can get your files back within a matter of hours.

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Your dedicated Project Manager will answer your queries and provide a quote within the hour for transcription services.


As an ISO compliant transcription services business, you can rest assured our solution are of the highest quality.

Native Translators

Our professional linguists only ever translate into their mother tongue, ensuring a fluent, natural-sounding result.

What Do Our Clients Say?

The quick response and service offered by Espresso Translations enabled us to meet a tight deadline for our documents. Excellent!

– Barbara


It has been a joy to work with Espresso Translations who provided us with a very friendly and responsive translating service.

– Chistine


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Trustpilot reviews Espresso Translations
Espresso Translations Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Transcribing online: why choose the best digital transcription company?

With the continual growth of digitalized civilization, the modern era has seen electronic media completely replacing audio tapes and cassettes with voice recorders. We at Espresso Translations provide a wide range of audio transcribing services to help you navigate the world of digitization.

Over the years, we have continually enhanced our audio and video transcription services to provide accurate, speedy, and reliable results to our expansive base of customers. In the process, we have worked with different means to achieve a supreme standard in the world of electronic transcription. Because of our strict quality testing and a constant determination to meet excellent standards, we go above and beyond to ensure a superb level of accuracy in our online digital transcription services for your business.

Our team of qualified professional transcribers is continuously improving to benefit our customers. We manually transcribe all the records we receive. We also guarantee that the digital transcriptions are proofread by our trained experts.

What do our digital transcribers offer?

Absolute anonymity and data privacy: We assure complete security and privacy. We guarantee that every job outsourced to Espresso Translations remains completely confidential, before, during, and after the professional transcription project.

Budgetary and reasonable pricing: Charged on a per minute basis, our prices are budget-friendly considering the high quality of the digital transcription service we deliver. Depending on the audio files size, the expected turnaround time, and the quality of the recording, you can customize the amount you are willing to pay.

Competent, skilled, and professional transcribers to complete your project. Outsourcing your digital transcription requirements to Espresso Translations provides you with the opportunity to gain access to a dedicated team of readied transcriptionists. Our team is well-versed in different Internet, communication, and software usage. On top of that, our transcribers have excellent oral and written skills, with an ability to comprehend and adapt to accents and dialects.

Fast turnaround time: We offer digital transcription quickly. Time is money, and you won’t be wasting yours or that of your business with our quick transcription deliveries.

Reduced mailing costs for your business thanks to the available email alternatives for digitized files. This also speeds up turnaround time, so rather than having to mail word files across the United States, we can send email files as soon as they are ready.

Exceptional structuring and technology: We are up-to-date with the latest technology for data transfers, speech recording, as well as transcription software. This way, our customers are guaranteed hassle-free audio and the best transcription services with a quick turnaround time.

Some of transcription service types available at Espresso Translations:
·       Music Transcription Services
·       Dictation Transcription Service
·       Telephone Transcription Service
·       Academic Transcriptions Service
Contact us for your digital trascription services to take advantage of the spectrum of our services. Fill in our contact form, upload files and we will ensure that a digital transcriber will get in touch with you with a discount quote for your accurate transcription needs.