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Do you have an audio or a video file that you need transcribed into a written format? Perhaps a film, a telephone call, or a video conference? Whether it be a same-language transcribing or transcription and translation services, or even subtitles in a time-coded format, look no further!

Espresso Translations offers multilingual translation services with a vast array of quality transcription services to meet all of your needs. We provide both same-language and multilingual transcripts in over 150 different languages covering many dialects and accents.

With over 500 expert transcriptionists specialising in different fields, we guarantee highly-accurate transcriptions while maintaining an incredibly affordable price.

Our Transcribing Services

Same Language Transcribing

Source Language Audio
Source Language Text

Multi-Language Transcribing

Original Language Audio
Target Language Text

Double Column Transcribing

Source Lang Audio
Source Lang Text
Target Lang Text

Foreign Language Transcription Translation

Our multi-lingual transcriptions involve transcribing the original audio or video file either directly into the target language or first into the original language followed by into the foreign language.  Learn more about our translation agency London or give us a call today.

To ensure the highest level of accuracy, we tend to prefer double-column transcription. With this method, a same-language transcription is completed by a native speaker of the original language, before being passed to a native speaker of the foreign language. The translator then completes the next step, ensuring that the translated transcript is accurate and natural and that the vocabulary used is localised.

We have in-house tech-experts, meaning we can complete transcriptions from, and deliver in, a vast array of digital file formats. We can handle both single and multi-speaker projects, and we deliver the transcript back to you in an easily-understandable script style. At your request, we can also use time-coding software so that you can identify the exact moment a phrase is being said and by who.

Why Espresso Translations?

We are well aware that detail and precision are two of the most powerful tools of any language, and so our friendly team will endeavour to protect the finer elements of your video or audio transcription, so nothing is ever lost in the process.

Once an audio clip or video has been transcribed into the original language, we can then translate it into one or many languages to allow your content to reach an increasingly wide audience.

We understand that while sometimes the transcription content will need to be used directly as you receive it, there are also times when you will want to work with the transcribed content as a starting point for further development. 

All of our transcriptionists have excellent word-processing skills and meticulous attention to detail. They can handle both live and recorded audio and video files. 


“An extremely professional service and high-quality language skills. Very quick and efficient. A lovely team to work with, very helpful and professional with competitive prices.”

Types of Transcription

Transcription is an art. It involves so much more than just writing down what you think you hear. It’s about researching a topic to ensure that it’s understood in its entirety, checking that names, places, and acronyms are correct, not to mention the importance of spelling and grammar.


Every sound is transcribed exactly as it is heard. This included pauses, laughter, emotion and garbled words.


Irrelevant words such as 'ah' and 'oh' are omitted, as are emotions and half-sentences. Some light editing is used.


Transcripts are heavily edited for readability and clarity. Often used for more formal purposes or as a basis for translation.


Subtitling services for films using time-coding software. Saved in specific file formats ready for post-production.

Transcribe Audio & Video to Text

If your film or marketing project involves working with video or audio dialogue in another language, our script transcriptions can give you the adaptability you need to communicate your ideas on an international stage. As with all of our quality transcription services, your project will be carried out from start to finish by carefully selected native translators, so you can be sure that your transcript translation will have the living feel and natural flow of everyday speech.

Central to the transcription translation we offer is an awareness that the dynamic of exchange and international communication is never simply one-way. For more complex documents and texts that may originate in more than one language, or need to be translated into several, our multilingual transcriptions allow for us to work with the versatility of your target market.

Affordable Transcription Translator

The rapid, transcription service we offer is a testament to our understanding of the diversity of needs of modern businesses and artists in a technological world. Just like our professional translators unlocking the potential of your work to an international audience, a reliable transcription will let you work with the diverse needs of your content across different media to achieve maximum visibility and flexibility in your business. 

Whether it’s an audio or video clip you wish to transcribe, or even something longer, our experienced transcribers can quickly deliver the text version of this content, allowing you to advance your projects with greater freedom.

So, if you’re looking for either same-language or multi-language transcription service, a video or an audio transcription, contact us now with the details of your project, and we will get back to you with a competitive quote within the hour.

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