Do you have an audio or a video file that you need transcribing into a written format? Perhaps a film, a telephone call, or a video conference? Whether it be a same-language transcription, a translated transcription, or even subtitles in a time-coded format, our translation agency offers a vast array of transcription services to meet all of your multi-language needs.

At Espresso Translations, we offer both same-language and multi-language transcription services. With over 300 expert transcriptionists each specialised in a different field, we can guarantee a highly-accurate transcription while maintaining an incredibly affordable price.

Transcription is an art. It involves so much more than just writing down what you think you hear. It’s about researching a topic to ensure that it’s understood in its entirety, checking that names, places, and acronyms are correct, not to mention the importance of spelling and grammar. The key to a successful transcription is the transcriptionist’s ability to convey what is being said in the way it’s being said: tone of voice, natural pauses, laughter, stutters and other elements of speech.

Our transcription and translation services involve transcribing the original audio or video file into the source language, before then translating this into the target language. To ensure complete accuracy, the transcription is completed by a native speaker of the source language, before being passed to a native speaker of the target language who will then complete the translation, ensuring that the translated transcription is accurate and natural, and that the vocabulary used is localised to the target market.

We have in-house tech-experts, meaning we can complete transcriptions from, and deliver translations in, a vast array of digital file formats. We can handle both single speaker and multi-speaker transcription projects, and we deliver the transcription back to you in an easily-understandable script style. At your request, we can also use time-coding software so that you can identify the exact moment in which a phrase is being said and by who.

So, if you’re looking for either same language or multi-language transcription services, a video transcription, or an audio transcription, contact us now with the details of your project, and we will get back to you with a competitive quote within the hour.


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