Video Transcription Services

    With video transcription services becoming increasingly popular, an international business needs foreign language transcripts to reach a global audience.

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    Video Transcription Services
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    Video Transcribing Services

    In Over 150 Languges

    Global translation Services

    With video transcription services becoming increasingly popular in online media, advertising, entertainment and communication, an international business needs foreign language transcripts to reach a global audience.

    Contact our team today to find out how our transcripts service for video and audio transcription can help meet your business needs and put you in a optimal position to make an impact globally. With more than 150 languages to choose from, we guarantee that you will resonate with your target audience.

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    Video To Text Transcriptions

    At Espresso Translations, we understand that building your brand is a big investment and that ensuring your message and tone in your video transcripts reflects this takes a lot of work. With an experienced video transcriber, you can rest assured that the final clip carefully preserves your brand voice. Whether it’s a chatty informative summary of the news, phone calls for training purposes, or a more serious analysis of business trends, we’ll make sure your video transcription format chimes perfectly with the target audience.

    Our accurate and highly-experienced video transcribers are also sensitive to the subtle elements of your message, so important elements aren’t lost in the video transcription process. How can we guarantee consistent, reliable quality across our video transcript services offered online?

    Our quality is guaranteed by the fact that we only ever work with native-speaking translators who are fluent in the source language.
    What this means is that in addition to understanding your original content perfectly, they can also deliver a transcription of video services that reads fluent and flows naturally. Ultimately, they help you avoid publishing videos that sound ‘translated’, as if they were originally recorded in a foreign language. As your audio and video are only ever transcribed by native speakers, you can be sure to appeal to your foreign viewers and build a loyal global audience.

    Espresso Translations

    Professional Video Transcription Service

    Espresso Translations

    Whether your target audience is engaging with your content for business or leisure reasons, there are may different ways to transcribe your business videos and audio. The most important way to obtain foreign viewership is through our video captioning transcription services.
    This form of translation is highly-effective and your quality video transcripts can be understood by viewers across the world without having to change the original video or audio file’s content.

    If you wish to upload your video to YouTube or another similar platform online, viewers can choose to watch your content with captions in their native language instead of listening to the original audio / video file. When you’re looking to target just one key foreign audience, you can easily embed the content we transcribed into the video. We understand that today, the pillars of communication are versatility and adaptability. Maybe you need your content to reach a different target market, or you need to provide a summary of the content for other reasons. We can provide the video transcriptions services you are looking for.

    By transcribing and translating videos and audio files, we offer the possibility to communicate with your listeners using a different medium, thus branching out and gaining an even wider audience. As with all the language solutions we offer, we guarantee that the transcription services we provide are be word-perfect and error-free (99% accuracy), so that whatever needs you have are fulfilled, from the creation of subtitles to record-keeping of your video content.

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    Our professional linguists only ever translate into their mother tongue, ensuring a fluent, natural-sounding result.

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    The quick response and service offered by Espresso Translations enabled us to meet a tight deadline for our documents. Excellent!

    – Barbara


    It has been a joy to work with Espresso Translations who provided us with a very friendly and responsive translating service.

    – Chistine


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    Espresso Translations Reviews

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are video transcriptions and how difficult are they?

    Video transcription is the process of recording the words spoken in a piece of video content into a text. It is a delicate process that requires a lot of skill and accuracy, especially when translating into another language at the same time. Video transcription is considered difficult, as you need to be an extremely fast typist to be able to do it in a reasonable amount of time.

    A lot of patience and focus is also required, as you can’t simply omit one word and move on with your work. Pace of speech and continuous need of rewinding the material is what makes the process difficult. You can, of course, try to do it on your own, but without experience the quality that your audience may already be used to won’t be there. This is why it is highly recommended to hire a professional to do it for you or your company.

    When will I need transcribing services?

    Various businesses as well as individuals may find themselves in need of transcribing a video or audio. The main reason for video transcription is is further content analysis, gathering notes and describing the results found in your video or audio research.

    Another good reason for transcription is when you want to reach an international audience and provide subtitles for your work in many languages. Subtitles can provide access to different audiences and make your message spread easily around the world. They also make your content accessible for people with hearing difficulties. These days, most of the video content posted online contains subtitles, as many people watch videos without sound when they are on the go, so to have your work transcribed is increasingly becoming the norm.

    How long does it take to transcribe a video?

    The online world moves at a fast-pace, the speedy turnaround of our audio and video transcriptions means you can begin reaching your target viewers as quickly as possible. We use only experienced translators who have at least 5 years’ experience in the sector, so you can rest assured that rapid translation won’t have any negative effect on the quality of the final video to text transcription we deliver.

    Whenever you need a video transcription completed urgently, be it same day or within 24 / 48 hours, we can provide an extra-fast video transcribing service. As with all of our regular translations, this fast turnaround time service is still guaranteed to be highly-accurate from start to finish, although fast turnarounds may be difficult if there is a lot of background noise in the audio. Our video and audio transcription services are charged per audio minute or per minute and include:
    ·       Closed captions subtitling translation service
    ·       Video Subtitling Transcripts of all file formats
    ·       Video transcription service
    ·       Video content translation of any file format
    ·       Software Localization
    ·       Voice-over transcription service
    ·       Subtitle transcription service
    ·       Video transcripts
    ·       Fast turnaround times
    ·       Multiple speakers
    ·       Background noise detection

    Transcribe service – How much does it cost?

    The cost for the service will vary based on the type of transcription video service you are looking for, the length of the file, and possible translations into other languages. Video transcriptions are charged on a per audio minute basis, but also consider things such as background noise and turnaround time. 

    Please contact us, and we will send you a per minute offer that suits the needs of your business. We will be more than happy to provide you with different pricing and service options to accommodate your request.  We are a trusted video transcription services provider and would love to help you improve your product or service offering.

    The tech-savvy expert translators that will be in charge of your multilingual video transcription ensure that every detail and subtlety of your original audio is accurately preserved. As a rapidly expanding video transcription agency working with qualified language professionals, we are the best transcription services company for your video transcript.