Language Show London

All About the Language Show in London

Do you love languages but don’t have someone to share that love with? Look no further than the Language Show in London. Held annually, it is the largest language event in Europe. The Language Show tradition dates back over 30 years. Languages lovers from all over the world unite to share ideas, teach and learn at this delightful event.

Translate YouTube Videos

How to Translate YouTube Videos to New Languages

As the world’s largest video sharing platform, YouTube receives millions of video uploads on a daily basis. Although most YouTube videos usually target specific audiences, using YouTube translate features can help increase the overall reach and impact of your videos.

Best English to French Translations

How to Hire the Best English to French Translator

When looking to hire an English-to-French translator, it is advisable to conduct adequate online research before making a decision. Customer reviews will help you to understand the effectiveness of the services offered and whether the customers were satisfied with the translation services.


Best WordPress Multi-Lingual Plugins

WordPress Multi-Lingual plugins help you to translate your website into multiple languages to make it more accommodating to people of different languages. Similar to other WordPress plugins, you will need to be extra careful when selecting multi-lingual plugins.

French Translations

When French Translations Go Wrong

Ever been in an awkward position due to incorrect translations? Despite being one of the most popular languages, French is among the most challenging languages to translate. or instance, a word such as preservatif might sound similar to the English noun ‘preservative.’

Accurate medical translations

How to produce Accurate Medical Translations

Medical Translation is the most sensitive and difficult type of translation work. It involves in depth reading, interpretation and representation of information available in medical terms in the target language.

Certified Translator

How to Become a Certified Translator in UK

Do you have a talent for linguistics? Are you good at more than one language? Want to put those skills to use? In this post, we’ll go through what it takes to become a certified translator, and if it’s even necessary to do so.

Certified Translations UK

What does a certified translation mean in the UK?

Perhaps you have an old family document written in a language that you can’t understand. You’ve been advised to look out for certified translation in UK from an official translator. But what exactly does that mean? In this post, we’ll answer that question and a few others.

Certified Medical translator

Certified Medical Translator – How to Become One

Contrary to popular belief, if you wish to become a certified medical translator and excel in your career, it is not essential to have a medical degree. However, you need to gain sufficient exposure to the world of medicine because even a minor error in translation could result in severe consequences in patients.

Certificate of translation

Certificate of Translation – How to Get One

This process is required for legally valid documents. Say, for example, that your divorce settlement is issued in a French court, but you’re now in the United States. If you want the terms of the agreement to be upheld, you’ll need a Certificate of Translation.