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    Translating Videos In Different Languages

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    Global translation Services

    With video translation services becoming an increasingly common tool for online news, marketing, communication and entertainment, an international business can’t afford to go without video translation services to reach an international audience. Whether it’s for subtitles or for a voice-over, we can help.

    Get in touch with us today to find out how our services can adapt to your translation and subtitle needs and put you in the best position to make a global impact. With over 150 languages available to choose from, you’re guaranteed to appeal to your chosen audience.

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    Trustpilot reviews Espresso Translations
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    Why Choose Us?

    At Espresso Translations, we understand that you put a lot of work into making sure the tone and style of your audio video are just right. That’s why your experienced audio video translator will ensure the final product preserves your carefully created voice. Whether it’s a chatty, informative summary of the news or a more serious analysis of industry trends, we’ll make sure that no matter which languages you choose, your video translation and its intended message chimes perfectly with its intended audience.

    Our expert translators are also sensitive to the subtleties in your message, so nothing important will be lost in the video translation process. How do we ensure consistent and reliable quality across our video translation services online? It helps that we only work with translators who are native speakers in the target language and fluent in the source language.

    This means that as well as perfectly understanding the original content, they are in the best possible position to come up with a video translation project that sounds fluent and natural. Ultimately, this means they help you avoid publishing videos with audio that sound as if they were originally produced in another language. As we only ever use mother-tongue translators, you can be sure you hit the right note with your viewers with all your video content.

    Our specific language requirements for our translators are just one reason we are a breed apart from any other translation company out there.

    Espresso Translations

    Professional Video Translators

    Espresso Translations

    Whether your intended audience is primarily engaging with your content for business or leisure purposes, there are a lot of different ways to translate your video: one of the most important ways to reach a diverse viewership is through our video captioning translation services.

    This effective form of translation means viewers across the world can understand your videos without having to change the integrity of the original audio-video sound. If your video is on YouTube or a similar online platform, viewers can watch your content with captioning in their native language. In situations where you’re aiming to target just one key foreign viewership, you can simply embed the translation we produce into the video. Either way, our video translation services allow your business to bridge that language gap and reach a wide audience.

    We understand that communication today is all about versatility and adaptability. Perhaps you need the content of your video to reach a different audience, or you need to recount the content for other purposes. Our video on translation services will ensure that the translation conveys the intended message.

    By transcribing and translating videos, we offer you the possibility to communicate in a different medium, thus reaching an even broader audience. As with all the language services we offer, we can guarantee that the video translations we carry out will be word-perfect and free from errors, so they fulfil whatever needs you may have. We cover everything from putting together subtitles to keeping records of the content, to creating a voice-over.

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    As an ISO compliant translation business, you can rest assured our solutions are of the highest quality.

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    Our professional linguists only ever translate into their mother tongue, ensuring a fluent, natural-sounding result.

    What Do Our Clients Say?

    The quick response and service offered by Espresso Translations enabled us to meet a tight deadline for our documents. Excellent!

    – Barbara


    It has been a joy to work with Espresso Translations who provided us with a very friendly and responsive translating service.

    – Chistine


    Our Video Translation Services

    Espresso Translations
    • Films & Movies Subtitles
    • Marketing Video Subtitles
    • Explainer Video Files Subtitling
    • Training Video Subtitling
    • YouTube Video Translators
    • Netflix Video Files
    • Vimeo Video Subtitling
    • Video Transcription

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    Trustpilot reviews Espresso Translations
    Espresso Translations Reviews

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to translate a video?

    The online world is a fast-moving place, and the speedy completion of our audio and video translations and transcription services means that you can start creating subtitles or recording a voice over as soon as possible.

    As we use experienced translators to translate your file (we can work with any file format for our transcription services) with at least five years in the industry behind them, you can be sure that rapid translation won’t negatively affect the quality of the final text. For those times when you urgently need video translation services completed on the same day or within 24 or 48 hours, we offer an extra-speedy translation service. Like all of our regular translations, these fast-track translation projects are guaranteed to be accurate from start to finish.

    Our accurate video translation services include:
    ·       Closed captions subtitling services
    ·       Video Subtitling of all file formats
    ·       Video translation service
    ·       Professional video transcription services
    ·       Video content translation of any file format
    ·       Software localization
    ·       Voice-over services
    ·       Subtitle services 
    ·       Translations for voice over recording

    Video language translator – How much does it cost?

    When you request a quote for your project, let us know exactly what timescale you’re working to, and we’ll get back to you in an hour with a transparent outline of exactly what it will cost. We don’t believe in hidden extras, so you can be sure that the price quoted is exactly what you’ll pay. As we know that translation is an increasingly necessary service for hundreds of businesses in today’s world, you can be sure that your audio and video translation project will be a great value since we believe nobody should have to pay through the roof for excellent language services.

    Should you have any extra questions regarding our audio and video translation services, a friendly and helpful project manager will be on hand to help you assist you. No problem or query is too big or small for our dedicated team of experts, so don’t hesitate to ask if there’s something you’re not sure about, we’ll be more than happy to help.

    What is the use of video translation services in healthcare?

    Any time when video can be used for communication, video translation services can help people who may struggle to understand. For example, if a patient has limited knowledge of the language their doctor or health care professional speaks, or if a patient is deaf, they may need a translation and/or transcription of any video calls with their doctor. Video translation services can also be used for training videos, seminars, and other instructional content within the field of healthcare, meaning that more people – patients, students, and professionals – can have easy access to the content.

    How long does it take to translate a one-hour video?

    The length of time to transcribe and translate a one hour vide varies a lot. The exact time will depend on the type of video and the subject matter. For example, if the video is on a very technical subject, it may take longer to translate to make sure that the specialist terminologies are properly translated. The amount of speech in the video will also determine how long it takes to translate – if a video has more fast speaking, it will likely take longer to translate. On average it takes four to five hours to translate a one hour long video, but this can vary greatly. We also make sure that translations are checked by a second linguist, which is a vital step, and takes additional time.

    What is a video translation?

    A video translation means taking the speech of a video and localising it for a different target audience. This can include changing it to a different regional dialect or a completely different language. As a multilingual language agency, we also offer the ability to have your video translated into multiple different languages. You can also get any text visible in the video translated – for example presentation slides and charts in a seminar, or text on a page that is being shown to the camera.

    What is audio-video translation?

    Audiovisual translation (AVT) means taking the audio components of a video and translating them into different languages. This can be very beneficial since it means more people can understand your video content. This can be done for a wide range of audiovisual content, such as seminars, training videos, entertainment media, and video conferences.