The medical translation services we offer embody our commitment to professionalism, confidentiality and, efficiency, so that whether it is a question of clinical trial translations to help your research go global, patent application translations to help protect your unique idea or sensitive diagnostics translations, we will ensure your project is carried out by an experienced translator who will complete it to the highest possible standard. We understand that discussion, exchange of ideas and communication across borders are central to the constant development and advancement of the medical industry, and we like to think that our word-perfect translations go some way to helping this happen.

Our Medical Translations

Medical Document Translations

Our medical document translation services handle your technical and confidential medical documentation with trustworthiness and efficiency so that, whatever your needs, you can rely on us for a high-quality translation.
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Clinical Research Translations

With important and groundbreaking medical research constantly taking place across the globe, professional clinical research translations are essential to sharing your important advances and gaining global standing.
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Pharmaceutical Translations

The professional pharmaceutical translation services we offer reflect the dynamism and international nature of the world of medical research and development, with a sharp focus on accuracy, efficiency, and confidentiality.
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Expertise in Medical Translation

Each of the medical translations we undertake for you will not only be carried out by a professional mother tongue translator but equally someone with experience in the field, so that you can be sure you're in good hands from start to finish. This guaranteed knowledge and insight on the part of your translator means they are sure to understand the precise details of your original text that those outside the field may not pick up on, ensuring you are left with an accurate, coherent final translation that other professionals in your field will read as natural-sounding and knowledgeable.

medical translation services

Crucially, this in-depth knowledge that our medical translators possess is not just passive. It is important to us that those carrying out medical translation services for us keep up to date with continuing advances in the field, so that they are not simply translating what is in front of them, but understand its context and importance, whether it be a question of a clinical study translation, pharmaceutical translation or medicine packaging translations. This technical insight that we offer for all medical translations is the key to ensuring that these sensitive and detailed texts are translated with the necessary clarity so that they serve exactly the purpose you need them to.

We are also deeply aware of the potential sensitivity of the documents being worked on for medical translations and for this reason, all translators working with our translation agency agree to confidentiality terms to respect the privacy and intellectual significance of your work. This guarantee is matched by our trustworthiness on the side of the translations too: whenever you work with us, we promise a reliable, accurate translation of even the most technical documents that we translate.

Why Choose Espresso Translations?

We understand just how fast-moving the medical industry is these days, and so it means a lot to us to make sure our medical translation services are carried out with efficiency, while never losing out on quality. Our experienced tech-experts can take care of any formatting across a broad range of desktop publishing platforms to ensure that medical document translations are not only word perfect but require no further work by you once you have made use of our translation services, leaving you free to concentrate on what matters to you most. While our professional translators will take the upmost care to ensure every single detail of your medical translation is respected, it is also possible to request an extra proofread by a second translator for that added peace of mind.

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