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Are you looking for professional, affordable translation proofreading services, completed by expert linguists? Perhaps you have a text that has been translated by either yourself or someone else, and you want peace of mind that it is word-perfect.

Espresso Translations is a global translation agency offering checking and editing services across a vast number of industries, all completed by professional, native linguists.

No matter how many times you read and reread a text, it is always better to have a pair of expert eyes look at it. Our proofreaders have an excellent eye for detail and work meticulously to ensure that your text is of the highest possible quality.

Our Translation Checking Services

Translation Editing

Editing is completed before any proofreading and involves a sentence by sentence analysis of the translated text. It is about ensuring the text is clear, coherent and uniform. Editing is about style, and making sure a text comes across as the writer intended.

Translation Proofreading

One of our expert linguists will review the translated document against the source to ensure it has been translated accurately and correct any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. They will also search for anomalies such as different language sets, incorrect sentence structure etc.

Double Proofreading

In instances where the accuracy of the final text is paramount, we offer an additional service whereby your edited and proofread text is proofread again by a second translator.

Why Espresso Translations?

The translation proofreading services we provide are not only fast and accurate, but we also provide excellent customer service, and we are willing to clarify and explain any amendments to you. If you have a particular glossary or vocabulary that you need to be followed, our proofreaders can ensure that the same correct terminology has been used consistently throughout the text.

Our proofreaders not only ensure that the translation services carried out from one language to another are accurate, but they also guarantee that the style and tone flow perfectly in the target language. The will also ensure when proofreading that your text is free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, leaving you with a text that reads flawlessly.

We recommend professional proofreading services to businesses in particular, for example, marketing materials and copy, websites, display stands, etc. There’s nothing worse than launching your new brand overseas and not realising that there’s a spelling error in your slogan, for example. This not only costs money but also makes customers lose credibility in your brand, tarnishing the image you’ve worked hard to build.

“An extremely professional service and high-quality language skills. Very quick and efficient. A lovely team to work with, very helpful and professional with competitive prices.”

Translation Editing Solutions

We also provide editing services, which unlike document proofreading services, are not completed by translators. Instead, these are completed by language experts who focus solely on working with texts in their mother-tongue. 

Our editors work at polishing, refining and enhancing your text to suit a particular audience. They will assess the content, check facts, improve wording and offer suggestions to make your text flow better and read more clearly. 

We provide editing services for a broad range of industries but we particularly recommend book editing and publication editing services. In addition, we offer TEP services (translation, editing, and proofreading) for those looking for a more comprehensive service. 

TEP proof reading

Don’t become a victim of a translation fail! Contact our company now for a competitive proofreading quote and one of our Project Managers will get back to you within one hour. 

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