Certified Bank Statement Translation Services

    If you need a certified translation of a bank statement, your search ends here. Once you have found Espresso Translations — one of the most trusted translation agencies in the industry — your bank statements will be translated promptly at a reasonable cost and certified by a professional. You can let our qualified linguists translate your bank statement and other financial documents with confidence that our work will be done according to the highest quality and accuracy standards.

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    Our certified bank statement translation services

    Our expert bank statement translations are part of the comprehensive assortment of document translation services provided at Espresso Translations. You may need to get an official translation of your bank statement when you apply for a visa to visit the United States or in order to study abroad or establish a business in another country.  

    Accuracy is seldom more essential than when financial or banking documents are concerned. Any such documents must be translated precisely and come with an assurance that they will be accepted as valid. Be sure to select a professional translation service for this task like Espresso that can provide a translation certification taking responsibility for the quality and truthfulness of the translation you receive.

    Our certified translation service takes pains to create accurate renderings of official documents, such as financial statements and other banking documents, into another language in a way that is both high in quality and natural sounding. With our long track record in financial translations, Espresso Translations can ensure that your documents will meet the translation requirements of the government body, academic institution or foreign public entity that will receive the translation.  

    When mistakes can have expensive and far-reaching consequences such as delays in visa applications or business transactions, a strict attention to detail is fundamental when translating banking documents. A key part of your success in foreign transactions is hiring a translator with an abundance of experience translating bank statements and other financial documents with reliable results. 

    The team of translators at Espresso Translations numbers over 1,500 professionals fluent in more than 150 major languages. No matter which two particular languages are required for your translation needs, we have experienced linguists to handle your project. One of our rules is that a translator must only translate into their native language, because fluent writing that sounds thoroughly natural is essential to a translation’s credibility. All our skilled translators boast more than five years of experience in financial translations and/or hold a translation qualification attesting to their proficiency. Then, because Espresso complies with ISO 17100 standards (a worldwide standard for quality translations), our translation process requires a second translator to double-check your translation to ensure accuracy and completeness.

    Espresso Translations will deliver your certified translated bank statements and financial documents to you digitally as part of our free online delivery service. When you need a hard copy, we can do this as well through postal mail for a small fee. 

    You can trust that our certified translations of bank statements for use in the US are accepted by the USCIS, universities, courts, and other official US authorities. This is because Espresso’s team of translation experts strives for the quality needed to ensure that your certified translated documents are suitable for submission to any government body, bank or immigration office. 

    As with any translation, the time required to translate a bank statement hinges on the two languages involved, the number of words or pages in the file, the terminology used, and the complexity of the formatting in the document. As a general rule, Espresso can complete your bank statement translations in 48 hours. If time is short, remember that we offer a 24-hour “quick turnaround” service for an additional fee. 

    Our cost for certified financial or banking translations start at $30 (plus tax/VAT), with free delivery of digital translations included at no extra charge. Get a free quote today by telling us about your translation project. We take pride in our outstanding service, and our certified translators stand ready to start on your translation.

    We make it convenient to send your files to us online; there is no need to send us physical copies of your original documents. For a fast and accurate bank statement translation, please contact us to let us know your language requirements, your deadline, and the country where you need to submit your translated files.

    Accepted ByUS courts, universities, banks, embassies, and the USCIS
    Translator CredentialsAccredited translators with 5+ years of experience
    Quality Assurance ISO 17100:2015 Certified
    PricingFixed-rate pricing starts at just $30 (+VAT).
    Turnaround Time Choose from 48 hours, 24 hours, and Same-Day Delivery.
    DeliveryFree digital delivery. Postal shipping starts at $5.
    Supported Document FormatsPDF, JPG, PNG, Word, and other formats
    LanguagesOver 150 different language combinations
    Types of DocumentsBank statements, financial statements & banking records
    Additional ServicesStandard translations plus sworn, notarized, and Apostille translations
    AreaUS and Europe with international coverage

    Do you need to translate a bank statement?

    If the company or entity you are submitting your documents to has asked you to provide certified translations, you will need to obtain a bank statement translation suitable for official purposes. This is often required for processes like visa or citizenship applications as a way to document your income and ability to support yourself financially in the country you seek to visit.

    Another instance when you need a professional certified translation of your bank statement is when you are applying for a home mortgage in another country. Students attending universities in a foreign country may also need to have their bank statements translated as part of applying for scholarships or bursaries.

    Do I need to translate bank statements to English?

    You will need an English translation of your bank statement any time you submit documents to US authorities like the USCIS or when starting a new business in an English-speaking country.

    Be sure to hire a translation company like Espresso Translations that can provide you a reliable certified bank statement translation.

    Can a bank statement be translated for official or legal purposes?

    We recommend you get a certified translation of your bank statement for any official or legal purposes. In addition to certified translations and notarized translations, Espresso Translations can also provide apostille translations, which some foreign government bodies or courts require. We also offer embassy-approved translation services. 

    Espresso Translations performs all these plus a broad range of language translation services that are accepted by US authorities and foreign public entities.

    What do our clients say?

    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, including speedy support and comprehensive guidance from our project managers. Our five-star reviews speak to our effectiveness. Check out a few of our customer reviews:

    I recently utilized the bank statement-certified translation services offered by Espresso Translations, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. From start to finish, the entire process was seamless and efficient.

    – David


    The bank statement translations provided by Espresso Translations were of exceptional quality. The accuracy and precision with which they translated my official documents were impressive.

    – Paul

    British Embassy

    How do I translate and certify a foreign bank statement?

    Your first and most crucial step in getting your bank statement translated is to select a certified translation provider with a solid reputation. One thing to look for in a translation agency is a translation industry certification, such as ISO 17100. Another important measure is checking their online reviews to learn about experiences that previous customers have had.

    Next, use email or our online form to send Espresso Translations clearly legible scans of your bank statements (no need to send physical copies). We strongly recommend using secure transfer methods such as encrypted email or a trusted file-sharing platform when sending your financial documents to us or to anyone else. Espresso Translations adheres to a strict privacy policy, meaning that you can rest assured that our whole team will treat your bank statements and other personal documents with confidentiality and discretion. 

    When you submit your bank statement translation request, please provide information on the type of translation you require (whether a certified, notarized or apostille translation) and which country will receive your translated documents. Be sure to specify the language combination and your preferred deadline. 

    A certified translation from Espresso Translations will be delivered along with an affidavit, which is a sworn statement in which the translator affirms that the translated document is true and accurate. The statement document will be printed on official letterhead and must include the translator’s name, contact information, signature and stamp, as well as the date of the translation (some foreign public entities require translations that are less than six months old). 

    Our careful professional translators will reproduce the original format of the document file, perhaps PDF, JPG, PNG, Word or another format. You will receive the entire document in a digital format as part of our streamlined service. In some cases, you may need a physical copy of the translation, which we can send via postal mail for a small fee. 

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    Our certified bank statement translations are recognized by:

    In the United States, certified translations may not be required but are always accepted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 

    Other US entities that recognize certified bank statement translations are courts, universities, banks and embassies. 

    Bear in mind that civil law countries like Spain and Italy may not recognize a certified translation, so you may need to get a notarized or sworn translation of your bank statement. Espresso Translations has sworn translators in a large number of languages ready to help should you require bank statement translation for use overseas.

    US department of interior
    US immigration
    US health service

    Can you offer bank statement translation services?

    Yes, the certified professional translators at Espresso Translations can provide many types of high-quality bank statement translations. We also provide a statement of accuracy with each certified translation.

    Financial translations can be tedious and require the scrupulous attention to detail that only a qualified, professional translator can provide. This will help your translated banking document be accepted as credible and reliable.

    What does a translated bank statement certificate look like

    Bank statement translation

    See below for an example of a translation certification:

    certified translation services uk

    How much does it cost to translate a bank statement?

    At Espresso Translations, our affordable prices for a certified translated bank statement start at $30 (plus tax/VAT). The sworn translations required in some civil law countries like France start at $50 (+ VAT). Our prices for notarized translations start at $90 (+ VAT). Finally, our prices for legalized translations (sometimes referred to as apostilled translations) start at $90 (+ VAT).

    The specific cost of translating your financial documents or bank statements will be determined by several aspects of those documents. A primary consideration in the cost of translating a bank statement is the source language and the target language (called the language pair). 

    The type of translation you need also affects the price: find out if the recipient requires a certified, notarized, sworn or apostilled translation. Additional factors influencing the price are specialized or complex terminology, elaborate formatting and an unusually tight deadline.

    Translating bank documents always calls for specific expertise and a knowledge of financial terminology, and you are sure to get these from Espresso’s certified professional translators. We provide the best bank statement and financial statement translations with pride.

    Certified translation costs are generally priced on a per-word basis. If your documents are uneditable, however, you may be quoted a price per page instead. That price will assume that a typical page consists of about 250 words.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the requirements for a bank statement?

    A bank statement is the official document your bank sends you in printed and/or electronic form periodically, usually every month. The statement identifies the bank and the account holder, then lists all the financial transactions that occurred during that time span. Each bank account you have will generate its own monthly statement.

    Is transaction history and bank statement the same?

    For a given period of time, a bank statement is, in fact, essentially a transaction history. The statement has a starting and ending balance and details all your deposits, withdrawals, and other activities related to that account. A certified bank letter is something different, however: your bank issues a certified bank letter to prove that you are the individual who holds the account.

    How do I get a certified bank statement?

    There are laws in place that help banks to prevent fraud or money laundering, so the standards of financial institutions dictate that a certified bank statement must meet certain requirements. The statement must have a date within the previous 90 days, must be signed or stamped by the bank, and must include the bank’s name and logo as well as the account number and the account holder’s name and address.

    How do you read a US bank statement?

    First, look at the bank statement’s summary, which provides an overview by showing your initial account balance for the period as well as the ending balance.
    Next, look through the individual transactions, keeping an eye out for any fees the bank charged, and any transactions that you suspect may be in error. Notify the bank right away if you suspect any errors. Also, any transactions you don’t recognize may be a red flag for possible identity theft or fraudulent activity.
    In time, looking over your bank statement each month will give you an idea of how your expenses are trending, especially if you think of different categories like utilities, groceries, medical expenses, income, etc.