Certified Criminal Record Translation Services

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Certified criminal record translation services

Criminal records and related documents may include background checks, police clearance certificates, birth certificates, and other sensitive material. The document translation services at Espresso Translations are provided by a skilled team of experienced professional translators using ISO-certified quality control procedures that produce the most accurate, reliable translations in the industry, all with scrupulous care for your confidentiality.

You may need this translation service if you plan to work or study in another country, particularly a country that uses a different language. Any criminal record information you provide needs to be understood and trusted by officials who speak another language. A good reputation for accurate and faithful translations — such as you find at Espresso Translations — is essential in gaining acceptance of your translated documents as having equivalent legal validity to the original records. Not only do our translations accurately reflect the information in the original documents, the translation must follow the original formatting and are double- and triple checked. They can also be provided with additional services to help the authorities accept them, such as certifications, notarizations, and legalizations.

At Espresso Translations, we are fully aware of the essential nature of precise translation services. We use an ISO-certified quality management system, especially important for personal documents that can affect employment, business dealings, and immigration. This is why our certified translation services place a strong emphasis on quality control, attention to detail, and speed. When you need your criminal record translated, we make very sure to deliver translations that officials can rely on to be legally valid reflections of the original documents.

The table below gives a brief overview of our visa document translation service:

Accepted ByUSCIS, courts of law, corporations, foreign officials throughout the world
Translator CredentialsAccredited translators with 5+ years of experience
Quality Assurance ISO 17100:2015 Certified
PricingAlways reasonable, starting at $30 (+VAT)
Turnaround Time48 hours, 24 hours, same-day delivery
DeliveryFree digital delivery. Postal fees start at $5.
Supported Document FormatsPDF, JPG, PNG, Word, and others
LanguagesMore than 150 language pairs
Types of DocumentsCriminal records, police clearance certificates, background check reports
Additional ServicesIn addition to standard translations, we provide sworn, notarized, and apostille translations
AreaUS, UK, Europe, and beyond

Do I need a certified police clearance certificate translation?

If you are making plans to live, work, or study abroad when different languages are involved, get your criminal record or police clearance certificate translated.

Law enforcement agencies and government departments issue police record certificates as official documentation of a person’s criminal history or clean record, as the case may be. As for when a certified translation of this documentation may be necessary, there are several possible scenarios.

  1. Hiring clearances: If you are seeking employment in a different country, your prospective employer may request a criminal record translation as a pre-screening measure. Your record should be translated into that country’s language to ensure acceptance, and a certified translation is more likely to be trusted. Requirements for translations vary from country to country, so ask if you are not sure. Espresso Translations can provide guidance on this.
  2. Studying abroad: Universities and other educational institutions may require you to submit your criminal record, especially in educational programs involving education, health care, and law enforcement. An apostille may be required for the translation of your record (Espresso Translations can provide this, too).
  3. Immigration procedures: Your eligibility for visas, citizenship, or a new immigration status could depend on a certified translation of your police clearance certificate. When immigrating to the United States, for instance, the USCIS will require a certified translation of any documents submitted.
  4. Adoptions, weapons licenses, and other personal reasons: These are some additional cases when a police certificate translation could be useful.

Whatever your reason for needing a translation, only put your trust in a reliable translation agency with a strong reputation for accuracy and acceptance, such as Espresso Translations.

How do you translate a criminal record?

The first thing to do is to identify a professional certified translation agency with a good track record in translating official documents for international acceptance. 

Next, request a quote for the translation of your criminal record. If this is reasonable and the agency is trustworthy, the translation can be under way quickly.

  • What to look for: A good sign is an agency that is ISO certified or a member of the ATC or ITI. If customer reviews are satisfactory, ask about the agency’s quality control measures and confidentiality guarantees. 
  • Getting a quote: Send the agency a complete and legible electronic copy of your source document for inspection and be sure to mention any particular deadline or other requirement (certification, legalization, apostille service, printed copies, etc.) you have.
  • Agree to the terms: Once you give your okay to the quote, a selected linguist will translate your criminal record or police clearance certificate.

Certified translations of criminal record checks accepted by the USCIS

At Espresso Translations, our certified translations of criminal records and police clearance certificates will meet the requirements for acceptance by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) and other government agencies, universities, and corporations. We can also advise you on the requirements in the UK, EU, and beyond.

The expert translation you will receive from Espresso Translations will give you the following advantages in your quest:

  • Our highly qualified translators have plenty of experience in translating criminal records and other legal documents in complete confidentiality.
  • A second qualified translators double-checks all translations in compliance with ISO 17100:2015 quality assurance standards.
  • A certificate of translation is affixed to all certified translations.
  • We also provide sworn, legalized, and apostille translations as required.
  • Our prices and turnaround times are always competitive. Ask about our discounts for frequent translation customers.
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Who can translate overseas criminal record certificates in the US?

Be sure to select a translation agency like Espresso Translations that provides certified translations that meet the requirements for acceptance by authorities in the United States and around the world.

Our certified translations all come with a signed statement from the translator taking responsibility for the accuracy and faithfulness of the translation. This statement of truth, as it is sometimes called, includes the translator’s contact information and seal. The USCIS will require translations to bear this statement, as will many other agencies and organizations in the United States.

A certified translation from Espresso Translations of your criminal record and other documents will meet government guidelines. You can place your trust in us because of our long experience in providing translations of the utmost quality and accuracy.

What do our clients say?

At Espresso Translations, we are proud of our superb customer service and the expert advice our project managers offer when providing criminal record translation services. Here is a small sample of the tributes our customers give to our high-quality translation work.

Fast and accurate criminal record translation services, ensuring confidentiality and precision. Highly recommended for seamless legal document handling.

– David


Exceptional service with meticulous attention to detail for criminal record translations. Quick turnaround time and professional communication throughout the process.

– Paul

British Embassy

How long does it take to translate criminal record checks?

Send your criminal record documents to Espresso Translations for an affordable quote, which we return to you in an hour or less. Upon your approval, our translation and quality assurance process will usually be complete in one or two working days.

The following factors can influence the specific delivery time for your criminal record or police certificate translations:

  1. Urgent services: We can provide same-day or next-day translations for an additional fee.
  2. Special requirements: Always ask the recipient of the translated document if they have any particular requirements. A sworn translation, for instance, is not usually required in the United States, but some countries demand this. A sworn or notarized translation may take extra time because of the appointment needed with officials.
  3. Rare language combinations: Translations from or to unusual languages may occasionally take a little additional time. Rest assured that Espresso’s team includes translators proficient in more than 1,500 languages and dialects, but you can always ask if you have special concerns.

Regardless of your specific translation needs, you can always get your criminal record translated at Espresso for a reasonable price, with full assurance of the accuracy of the translation.

Can I translate my US police clearance certificate online?

These days, most translations are performed entirely remotely. Online police or criminal record translations are common.

Just be sure to provide a legible scan of your original criminal records to ensure accuracy. Your assigned project manager at Espresso Translations will manage the entire process online, whatever your requirements.

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Our certified criminal record translations include a statement of accuracy like the following:

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How much does a sworn translation of a criminal record certificate cost?

The affordable cost of a certified translation from Espresso Translations starts at $30 + tax/VAT per page. Your total charge may vary depending on your individual requirements, such as complex formatting and urgency. Simple documents will generally be cheaper, and optional services will incur an additional fee.

A sworn or notarized translation of your criminal record certificate for use in the U.S. may incur an additional fee, and the turnaround time may be affected by the availability of the officials required.

A sworn translation for use in a different country may entail administrative fees and taxes. Likewise, an apostille translation will cost extra.

Another possible charge is postage fees in the event that you need to receive printed copies of your criminal record translation, and this fee is location dependent.

To find out the exact cost for your criminal record translation, ask Espresso Translations for a quick, free quote on our certified document translation services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is a criminal record check required?

The requirement for a criminal record check or police certificate will be most often encountered during immigration-related processes and citizenship applications. It may also be required when seeking employment in certain types of jobs, such as those with a government agency or in some public-facing scenarios. Particular cases, such as adoption or fostering or working with vulnerable people, might involve an enhanced or in-depth background check of your criminal record.
Naturally, the specific requirements for a criminal record check will differ in particular locations or specialized situations, but remember that Espresso Translations can often provide advice based on our extensive experience.

Why should you professionally translate a criminal record check?

When the stakes are as high as they are in an employment, education, or citizenship application, it is best not to leave anything to chance. When there are stringent official requirements — and when accurate terminology is exceptionally crucial — always choose a reputable translation agency to perform translations of your criminal records or police certificates.
Espresso Translations is a professional translation agency with long experience translating official documents for use in the United States and around the globe. Criminal record and police or background check translations are sensitive to the following factors, where Espresso Translations can be most helpful:

– Legal requirements: Immigration or visa procedures in the US and other countries often call for a translation of your criminal records with a special certification, notarization, or apostille. Espresso Translations is an experienced provider of such translation services.
– Official acceptance: Your application is more likely to be trusted and accepted by the authorities when all translated documents have an agency certification affixed.
– Accuracy and confidentiality: Your personal information and the details from your criminal record check should only be handled by a professional translator who understands the critical nature of accuracy in these cases and who will approach the translation with respect for your privacy.
– Regulatory and legal compliance: Espresso Translations is a translation agency with ISO 17100:2015 certification. We comply with government guidelines in the US, the UK, and the EU.
– Trust: A professional translation of your criminal record means that you need not worry about your translated documents. You can put your trust in the quality of work in every document translated by Espresso Translations.

Can I translate my criminal records for USCIS?

You should never do your own translation of documents as important as a criminal record check or police report, when translation accuracy is vital. The USCIS, in fact, requires certified translations of any translated documents it receives, so you should hire a professional agency like Espresso Translations that routinely provides certified translations. Do not risk the errors of a DIY translation; always get a human translation of important documents.

Obtaining your criminal record can be done in a few different ways in the US:
– Ask the FBI or your state bureau of investigation to provide you with a copy of your criminal record.
– You can ask the state police for this information, but this will only include records for that individual state. If you have lived in multiple states, you should ask the state police for each state.

Do translated criminal records need to be notarized for USCIS?

First, you should understand what notarization means. Any notary public in the US can notarize a translation if the translator appears before them with the translation and their identification documents, upon which the notary can witness their signature on the translation certificate. Having said this, notarization is not required for translations submitted to the USCIS, but notarized translations may be required at other agencies or for international adoptions. Always ask the intended recipient of a translation what level of certification they require.

Is a background check the same as a criminal record check?

There are substantial differences between a criminal record report and a background check.
A criminal record is related only to your history with the police and any crimes you may have committed.
A background check goes beyond your criminal record to delve into your education, your employment history, your financial record, and your references. A background check is more of a summary of an individual’s reputation and overall personal background from several perspectives.

Is a police certificate the same as a criminal record check?

In the US, a police certificate and a criminal record check are closely related but not identical.
A police certificate, police clearance certificate, or certificate of good conduct (CGC) is an official document listing all a person’s arrests, court appearances, and the outcome of those arrests in one state. Because many US jurisdictions erase your arrest upon acquittal or if the charges against you are dropped, the arrest does not form part of your criminal record unless you are convicted of a crime. An arrest without conviction will only appear on your police clearance certificate (and may show up on a background check). 
A criminal record shows only arrests that result in conviction. It may include misdemeanors, felonies, warrants, pending cases, and any incarcerations. The information on your criminal record can differ from state to state, however.
Always be sure to find out which of the two you need for your purposes before asking for a translation. 
Once you are clear on what you need, simply ask Espresso Translations for a quote, and we can quickly and affordably provide a certified translation of these sensitive documents.