Marriage Certificate Translation Services

    Espresso Translations provides certified translations of marriage certificates, marriage licenses, and marriage records that are accepted for official use in the US, including by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and other government agencies, institutions, and courts.

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    Our official marriage certificate translation services

    Espresso Translations has years of industry experience in providing ISO-certified translation services for marriage certificates and other important documents that are accepted by US government agencies as well as most authorities in other countries. This means that we proudly guarantee that your marriage certificate translation will be accepted for official use by US authorities.

    When you want to translate a marriage certificate, Espresso Translations has a network of more than 1,500 accredited translators who provide certified translation services in more 150 languages and dialects. Because we are ISO-certified in our quality standards, our wedding document translation process involves translators with more than 5 years’ experience who only translate into their native languages. Our goal is always a fluent, natural-sounding, and accurate translation of marriage certificates and other important documents, at reasonable prices and with fast turnaround times.

    We translate marriage certificates issued in foreign countries with careful attention to detail. Our certified marriage certificate translations are accepted by all US government agencies including the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). We additionally can offer a rapid translation service when required, so that your important documents can be translated accurately and ready for delivery fast, sometimes within 24 hours.

    If you need to translate your US marriage certificate for use overseas, Espresso also offers sworn translations of marriage certificates that will be accepted by foreign embassies or government bodies. Sworn translations may be demanded in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. We can also have your certified translation verified by a notary public, which may be necessary for some court proceedings.

    To take the first step on getting a great translation from Espresso, just email us, use our online form, or give us a call.  We will need to receive a clearly legible scan or electronic copy of your marriage certificate. Once we start on your translation project, we assign you your very own project manager, who obtains a full understanding of your needs and the required deliverables, then handles everything from start to finish.

    Your assigned linguist from our team of experts will tackle your translation systematically to ensure that no details are skipped. When the translation is complete, the project manager passes your project to a second translator for a thorough proofreading. Next, the project manager checks that all formatting is suitable and that the project meets your requirements. Then we email you a copy of your translated and certified marriage certificate (remember that we can always snail-mail a printed copy of the translation to you for a modest fee). This careful process ensures that the translation you receive meets the highest quality standards.

    Refer to the table below for an at-a-glance summary of what Espresso Translations provides when you need to have your marriage certificate translated.

    Accepted by Most government bodies in the US and abroad
    Translator CredentialsAccredited translators with 5+ years of experience
    Types of LegalisationStandard translations and certified, sworn, and notarized translations
    Quality AssuranceISO 17100 certified
    Cost for standard servicePrices start at $30 + VAT
    LanguagesMore than 150 different languages
    DeliveryExpress service available for urgent translation needs
    Other servicesApostille service available

    Translation of marriage certificates accepted by most US authorities and official institutions

    As the leading provider of certified marriage certificate translation services, Espresso Translations is proud of a strong history of translations being recognized by US courts and government agencies. Our official translations into other languages are also accepted by the authorities in other countries. When you need to translate your marriage certificate, birth certificate, or other important documents, Espresso Translations meets your translation requirements.

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    Should I translate my marriage certificate?

    You may need to translate a marriage certificate from the US for the following purposes:

    • A request to present it to a foreign government office
    • An application for a foreign visa or citizenship
    • Submission to a foreign court
    • An application for a job or further education in another country
    • Purchasing property abroad

    You may also need a translated marriage certificate when renewing a visa or passport or filing for a divorce, or as part of an immigration process. In all cases, your marriage certificate must be professional translated by a qualified translator in order for the authorities to accept the translation as an accurate representation of the original document.

    Do I need to translate my marriage certificate for USCIS?

    If your marriage certificate is not already in English, for instance, if you were living abroad when you got married or if you travelled from the US to get married in a foreign country, you will need a certified translation for the USCIS and for any official immigration procedures in the United States. Not just marriage records but all translated documents for USCIS need to be certified.

    If, however, your marriage certificate is in English but you will be using your marriage certificate for procedures in other countries that do not have English as an official language, you will certainly need a professional translation of that certificate, and you may also need to arrange for a certified, notarized, or legalized translation. Our expert project managers can offer advice on your specific needs.

    What do our clients say?

    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, including speedy support and comprehensive guidance from our project managers. Check out our customer reviews:

    Espresso Translations exceeded my expectations with their precise and prompt translation of marriage certificates. Their professionalism and accuracy make them my top choice for any translation needs

    – David


    I was thoroughly impressed by Espresso Translations’ swift and accurate translation of marriage certificates. Their professionalism and attention to detail make them my go-to for any translation service.

    – Paul

    British Embassy

    How to translate a foreign marriage certificate for USCIS?

    To get a certified translation of a wedding certificate, a qualified marriage certificate translation provider is what you need. 

    At Espresso Translations, our process for getting a certified translation of your marriage or wedding certificate is completed in a few simple steps.

    1. Send us a clearly legible copy of your marriage certificate and other documents using our online form.
    2. Tell us the source and target languages, which country will receive the translation, and the purpose for which it will be used.
    3. Expect an affordable quote within one hour of your form submission.
    4. Espresso Translations emails you a copy of your translated and certified marriage certificate, which will follow the formatting in the original.
    5. Ask us if you need a hard copy sent out (there will be a small fee to cover postage costs).

    If you have any questions, just call or email us. A helpful team member will be happy to assist you.

    How to translate marriage certificate to English for USCIS?

    If your original marriage document is in a language other than English, you need to have it translated by a company that offers official document translation services.

    There are many translation services around, but not all of them have our record of excellence in translations. When you need your marriage certificate translated, you should always use a translation company that is accredited or certified by an independent party, as we are.

    Espresso Translations is ISO 17100 certified, meaning that our translation work includes strict quality control measures to be certain that our marriage certificate translations meet our high standards in translation quality. Our team of skilled translators all have at least 5 years of experience doing professional translations in their specialty fields. Our certified translations always include a certificate of faithful translation that meets requirements in the United States.

    Marriage Certificate Translations for Divorce Proceedings

    You may need a certified translation of your marriage certificate in the event of a divorce when different countries are involved. We understand that the process may be intimidating for those in the middle of this difficult transition, so our project managers will guide you through the entire process, providing advice on how to proceed for straightforward results.

    Whether a US marriage certificate needs to be translated into another language or a foreign marriage certificate needs to be rendered into English or another language, we recommend a certified translation. A certified translation will come with a certificate from the translator or translation agency, with the translator’s signature, stamp, contact information, and date. The certification process confirms that the translation is an accurate reflection of the original marriage certificate, providing an assurance to officials of the translation’s faithfulness to the original content.

    Some other countries may have additional requirements, such as a Statement of Truth, notarization, or an apostille. If you are not sure what you need, our expert team can provide advice.

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    Template of a certified marriage certificate translation for USCIS

    Marriage Certificate Translation

    Here is an example of a translation certification:

    certified translation services uk

    How to get a certified translation of my marriage certificate?

    If you need a certified translation of your marriage document, start by choosing a qualified translation agency serving the US, like Espresso Translations.

    Next, you should be clear about what is required by the recipient of the translation. Getting a standard document translation may be sufficient, but you may encounter requirements for the translation to be certified or notarized. Certain foreign countries may only accept a translation with an apostille. Espresso Translations can provide all of these types of translations of your marriage certificate.

    If the English translation will be used by the US government, the relevant .gov website should tell you what is required. For instance, the USCIS requires translations to be certified. If a foreign country will receive the translation, check that country’s website or ask at that country’s embassy. 

    Once you know what you need, use Espresso’s online form to send us a clear scan of the marriage certificate. Be sure to fill in all the fields on the form, particularly the “select your service” field, which is where you can indicate that you need a certified translation. Provide a detailed description of what you need and any concerns you may have. We will respond with a competitive quote within one hour.

    When you accept the quote, the rest of the process can be completed online. Make sure to let us know if you need an urgent translation, which can be done in 24 hours.

    How do I get my marriage certificate translated online?

    The good news is that most marriage certificate translations can easily be done online. Just be sure to use an official, accredited translation agency. You need a translation agency that understands the requirements for acceptance under various circumstances, like Espresso Translations, for the best quality translation that will be accepted by officials.

    We offer marriage certificate translation in more than 150 languages, so it is most likely that we can meet your requirements for any language pair. Just send us a scan of your marriage certificate by email or using our online form. Let us know which language we should translate your certificate into, which country and/or agency it will be submitted to, and what the purpose is. 

    Someone from Espresso Translations will respond with an affordable price quote and a time by which your project will be finished. If you accept our quote, we will complete the translation and add any certification, notarization, etc., you asked for. Our ISO-certified quality procedures include proofreading of every translation by a second linguist to ensure the translation is accurate, plus free revisions to the translation for 14 days. The file will be emailed to you free of charge, but we can also send you a hard copy by postal mail for a small fee.

    Where can I get my marriage certificate translated?

    If you are anywhere with decent phone and internet access, you are in the right place to get your marriage certificate translated. An accredited translation service like Espresso Translations will make sure that your marriage license translation or other document will be accepted for any official or legal purpose you request, provided you state what that purpose is.

    Where can I get my marriage certificate translation near me?

    Espresso Translations is based in New York, but we routinely perform marriage certificate translations and more in the United States and around the world. Geographical proximity is no longer a concern, because everything happens online, wherever you are.

    Our network of qualified linguists extends around the world, and when you need notarization or legalization, this can be accomplished in a number of different countries as well.

    How much does it cost to translate a wedding certificate?

    At Espresso Translations, prices for a certified marriage certificate translation start at $30 plus tax/VAT, and digital copies will automatically be sent to you. Your specific translation quote will depend on the specific languages involved, the number of words to be translated, any special formatting required, and the service you are asking for (certification, notarization, or legalization). When you need a hard copy of the translation, our postage charges start at $5.

    How long will it take to translate a marriage certificate?

    With documents the length of a typical marriage certificate, Espresso usually can deliver a certified translation in one working day once you have confirmed your order. We will let you know if we expect the translation process to take longer because of formatting or other special considerations. 

    For urgent projects that call for fast turnaround, an expedited service is available that can have your translation back to you in a matter of hours. Be sure to make it clear that you need this quick turnaround service and tell us your deadline to receive your translation. This is easy when you use Espresso’s online request form.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I translate my own marriage certificate for USCIS?

    Unfortunately, you cannot translate your own marriage certificate, and indeed it would be unwise to attempt to do it yourself. In order for the destination country to accept the translated marriage certificate and use it for official purposes, you must hire a qualified professional translator that is competent to translate a certificate of marriage with a certification added. 

    How do I certify my marriage certificate in USA?

    When requesting a translation of your marriage certificate to be submitted in the United States, be sure to specify that you want a certified translation. At Espresso Translations, this means that we sign and stamp a certificate provided with your translation. We have a great track record of professional certified translations being accepted by corporations, government agencies, and other institutions in the US and around the world.

    Does USCIS require certified marriage certificates?

    When submitting a translated marriage certificate or other official document to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the translation must be certified. A certified translation is a complete translation that is provided with the translator’s signed statement taking responsibility for its accuracy and faithfulness to the original.

    How do I legalize my marriage certificate in USA?

    A legalized translation of a foreign marriage certificate to be used in the United States has to have an apostille affixed to it. The apostille is an assurance to you and to the official who receives the translation that all the signatures, stamps or seals have been checked against the local government’s records.

    The Espresso Translations agency boasts many years of experience in providing translation services in more than 150 languages and dialects. Our legalized translations of marriage certificates and other official documents are accepted around the world, and your project manager may be able to advise you on any special requirements you may encounter.

    Our professional translation agency takes pride in the high quality of our translations and our record of success in helping people to submit translated marriage certificates and other documents. You can be a satisfied customer, too, by getting in touch to let us know how we can help you.