12 Tips to Provide Quality Document Translations

    Quality translation requires a company to control and manage their translators, if the project is be delivered per the client’s specifications. Though the qualifications and experience of the translators contribute to an excellent job, the evaluation of the management system makes a difference. We are a committed translation company, and we take pride in providing a quality document translation — on time, and on budget.

    We have invested in a team of professionals that each excel in a variety of languages. We have specialists in both target and source languages, in order to meet legal requirements; they also possess an understanding of legal terminologies relevant to the region in question.

    We have a project management team that will meet with you, to learn and understand the scope of the project. You are guaranteed a quality translation if you make your needs and specifications clear right away. We understand your linguistic terminologies, and we will adhere to your rules and requirements as well as those of your country of origin.

    We will do everything it takes to provide you with the highest quality document translation. Accuracy and proofreading are mandatory, and we follow the 3-step TEP (translation/editing/proofreading) process.

    Here are 12 ways we provide quality document translations:


    When choosing a document translator, be careful: There are translation services that fully depend on translation machines. We are committed to your project, and will use the method that best fits your needs. And although we may apply technology if requested by you, we believe that the human touch is vital. There is a remarkable difference between hiring a skilled translator, and using automated, online translators.


    We offer 24-hour support to all of our clients. There is a project manager that acts as the link between you and our company; any query or doubt can be easily addressed with the services of the ever-available project manager.

    We make sure that all avenues of communication are available to you, at all times. Do you have an edit to make before your document is taken to the final stage? Not a problem! We are readily available to serve your needs.


    Quality translations can only be acquired from qualified and professional translators. In addition to the expert translating team working on your project, we also utilize our team of editors and proofreaders to carry out the final touches.

    Each of our translators, editors, and proofreaders understand the target and source languages, and we always adhere to the TEP system to ensure accuracy and consistency with quality.

    Industry Experience

    Our document translation agency has extensive experience in the translation industry. Our team of translators are knowledgeable in all aspects of grammar, speech, and vocabulary as they have been exposed to a wide variety of projects.

    Are you looking for a translator that can preserve the tone and syntax of your project? We are a translation company with enough industry experience to deliver what you are looking for, and more.

    Easy to Work With

    During the project, you will have frequent contact with your project manager, so it needs to be someone that is easy to get along with. Translation work calls for a lot of communication, and a project manager that is easy to work with makes that process much simpler.

    Have a Plan

    Translation work is made up of multiple tasks, and a work plan helps this process move forward in an orderly manner. Our work begins with the translation team developing a draft document; it is then passed on to the editing and proofreading teams, to meet the set ISO standards.

    We keep you in the loop, and involve you in the planning; this is important, as it will help to avoid miscommunication, which leads to misunderstandings. Planning also helps save time.

    Writing Skills

    Translation is an art, and a good translator is one with strong writing skills. Our translators not only know the meaning of the languages in the source document, but also find the best ways to express its meaning in the target language.

    Flexible Payment Options

    Contracting the best translators is not inexpensive, and we take each project as unique. We are open to your budget needs, and offer flexible payment options to meet your requirements.


    Our translation business is an investment; we are not ignorant to modern technological advancements, and we do utilize translation CAT tools if requested by you. These tools make some of the more difficult projects easier, thus helping us to meet deadlines.


    We are a responsive team of professionals that listen to you, and work with you in order to understand your requirements and meet your needs. Our level of customer care is unsurpassed—you will always receive a prompt response to any queries via email or phone.


    A quality translation needs an attentive translator—one that has a keen eye for even the finest of details.  We always work alongside you, and are attentive to your observations, comments or criticism.


    A project is only successfully completed if it meets your needs and requirements, and if it is delivered on time. We know how long each stage of translation takes; we set a plan from the beginning and know what needs to be done, and when it needs to be done by. We only work with translators that can deliver quality work on time.