How To Convert Audio To Text: 6 Easy Methods

    Danilo Coviello

    If you have an audio file and want to convert it into a written transcript, you’ve got a couple of options. But sometimes they can be quite overwhelming, especially if you don’t convert audio and video files often.

    That’s why in this article, we’re going to take a look at how to convert audio to text (audio transcription). We’re going to take a look at 6 different options, some of which are done through automatic transcription, while others are manual.

    Convert Audio and Video Files To Text: 6 Methods

    Here are the 6 methods you can use to convert audio & video files to text:

    1. Google Speech To Text Converter
    2. SobolSoft
    3. InqScribe
    4. Bear File Converter
    5. 360 Converter
    6. Use Speech-To-Text Apps on your phone

    Below, we’ve explained each of these options in further detail to help you find the right transcription method for your audio and video files.

    1. Google Docs Speech To Text

    While there are lots of pieces of software and specialized websites out there to help you transcribe audio to text, Google docs can be quite useful too.

    Google Docs has a voice typing/speech-to-text feature that can listen to your audio and video files and type it out into a file.

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    The way it works is through recognition of the speech within the audio, and it types it out from there.

    It’s fast, easy, online, and free, so why not use it?

    So, go ahead and grab the audio you want to transcribe and play it when using this voice typing. You may need to alter your PC settings to make sure it picks up the voice.

    But, once it does, you can play it, and Google docs will create a transcript for you.

    Of course, using this to transcribe audio and video won’t be as accurate as doing it manually, but that’s always the case with automatic transcription or text converter tools.

    2. Sobolsoft

    Another good option if you want great results in an MP3 audio to text conversion is Sbolsoft.

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    The cool thing about Sobolsoft is that there are no limits on how many audio and video files you can transcribe at once, so it can be very efficient.

    Plus, the accuracy of the transcription is often better than most other options on this list, including Google doc.

    It’s also quite affordable at just £19.57.

    Considering this is automatic, the accuracy is extremely good.

    3. InqScribe

    InqScribe is one of the tools that make manual audio to text transcription a lot easier.

    If you are looking to manually transcribe your files for the best results, IncScribe will help you quickly insert timecodes into the transcript.

    You can also assign keyboard shortcuts and perform various other tasks to make transcribing easier.

    4. Bear File Converter

    Another decent option to help you with audio to text transcription that is online and free is the Bear File Converter.

    In order for the Bear File Converter to work well, the audio does have to be extremely clear otherwise the text will not be the best.

    For example, it’s not very good with transcribing song audio files to text. Another thing that might be quite annoying about the Bear File Converter for you is that it can’t record for any longer than 3 minutes.

    However, it is free and entirely online so we can’t complain.

    5. 360Converter

    360Converter is also a good option for audio to text transcription.

    Just like many other options on this list it also can help you transcribe both audio and video files. It also lets you download the results via a PDF or a word file.

    If you do need any other file type you can go into Word and save the document as a different file type from there.

    6. Use Speech-to-Text Apps on Your Phone

    Last but not least your phone also has many apps available to it that come with speech recognition.

    You can download an app like Speechnotes for Android which will give you a decent transcription. Depending on the app, this method will also usually be free and easy.

    Some apps will even allow you to upload your audio file and convert it for you. However, it always depends on the app’s features.

    Final Thoughts

    As you have seen throughout this article, there are lots of ways to transcribe audio to text online and offline.

    We hope this article has been helpful for you in finding the right option for your audio transcription.

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