Certified Birth Certificate Translation Services

    When you need an industry-leading birth certificate translation provider that is known for accuracy and precision, look no further than Espresso Translations. Our dedicated team members are native speakers of the target language who have at least 5 years of experience in their field for the best, fluent translations with attention to detail. Our reliable, high-quality work includes certified translation, sworn translation, an apostille service, and notarized translations of birth certificates and all related official documents.

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    Our certified birth certificate translation services for USCIS

    A birth certificate translation is commonly required when performing many types of domestic and international procedures. Often a birth certificate must be translated from its original language into another language for use by officials in a different country. 

    Our customers may need a birth certificate translated for a number of reasons, such as passport and citizenship processes or presentation to US authorities or foreign government bodies for administrative purposes, and for university or employment applications.

    Under most circumstances, Espresso can handle your translation of a birth certificate within 24 hours. Costs start at $30 + VAT (tax). In a rush? We also offer an express same-day service when you need your birth certificate translated quickly yet accurately.

    Either way, the Espresso team of talented, accredited linguists will provide you with a complete and accurate birth certificate translation that is fit for its intended purpose and meets your specific requirements.

    See the table below for an at-a-glance summary of our birth certificate translation service.

    Accepted by A wide range of government bodies
    Translator CredentialsAccredited translators with 5+ years of experience
    Types of LegalisationCertified, sworn, notarised
    Quality AssuranceISO 17100 certified
    CostPrices start from $30 + VAT
    LanguagesMore than 150 different languages
    DeliveryExtra speedy turnaround for your urgent translation needs
    Other servicesApostille service available

    What is a sworn translation of a birth certificate?

    Birth certificate translation is the process of translating a birth certificate from its original language into another language. In the US, there are two types of birth certificates: an informational or short form birth certificate, and a long form birth certificate, also called an official or certified birth certificate.

    The informational or short form certificate lists the person’s full name, gender, place of birth (city, county, and state), and time and date of birth. A long form or official birth certificate has all this information in addition to name, address, and occupation information for the person’s parents and details on the birth (single, twins, or multiples). Some of the specifics may be different for different states.

    To be on the safe side, when getting a birth certificate translated for official purposes, you should get the long version translated. Also, some organizations and governments may require your birth certificate to be apostilled and/or sworn. 

    For official uses in the United States, we recommend getting a certified full birth certificate translation to meet the needs of official bodies like the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), universities, and the different states.

    Why translate your birth certificate?

    You may need an official translation of your full birth certificate for the following occasions:

    • Applying for a visa or passport   
    • Getting married or entering a civil partnership 
    • Applying for residency
    • Confirming your country of birth
    • Applying to join a foreign country’s healthcare system

    Document translation for US visa applications is required when the original documents are not written in the English language. 

    Non-US nationals getting married in a US church or court will need a foreign birth certificate translated into English. 

    Also, when applying for residency either in the US or overseas, the local immigration office may request a certified copy of your translated birth certificate as part of your application.

    Another instance is when the admissions department at a foreign university you are applying to requires your birth certificate to be translated into their language. Foreign students applying to US universities will likewise encounter requests for a translated foreign birth certificate if the certificate is not in English. 

    In order to be considered valid in the US, your entire long form birth certificate must be translated, without omitting any of the stamps and seals and including any handwritten notes on it. The translation should be performed by a qualified, professional translator (you can count on this being true with Espresso), and the translation should have a signed translation certificate added to it that attests to its accuracy. The translation requirements in other countries will depend on that country’s specific regulations, but oftentimes you will be required to submit a sworn birth certificate translation. Espresso is a translation company that offers these services and more.

    How can I translate a US birth certificate?

    Espresso Translations is a certified translation agency based in London and serving the Americas, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and beyond. We provide certified translations of birth certificates that are valid for official use in the United States and elsewhere.

    The translators at Espresso boast many years of experience providing certified translation services in the United States and abroad. Espresso Translations can guarantee that your birth certificate translation will be suitable for any official or legal purpose. Our team of specialist translation experts can even offer advice on what type of official translation you need for your birth certificate. We make getting your translation easy!

    What’s more, Espresso’s network of more than 1500 translators can offer certified birth certificate translation services in more than 150 different languages. Espresso Translation is an ISO certified agency, so you can trust that our translators have at least 5 years’ experience and only translate into their native languages.

    Our certified birth certificate translations are accepted by all US states and government departments, including the USCIS, as well as US courts of law. They are also accepted by universities and other academic institutions in the United States.

    And, outside the US, if you need to submit your birth certificate to foreign embassies or government offices, a birth certificate translation service like Espresso can translate and certify it in a number of different languages.

    USCIS Birth certificate translation for official use:

    For applications to the USCIS, your birth certificate (and any other official documents in a foreign language) must be included, and it must have a full, certified translation into English done by a qualified translator who is fluent in the source language and a native speaker of English. Be sure to tell the translator that the document will be presented to the USCIS.

    Our translators can translate your birth certificate to ensure that it meets the requirements.

    US department of interior
    US immigration
    US health service

    How do I get my foreign birth certificate translated?

    To get a certified translation of a birth certificate, you will need to seek the assistance of a birth certificate translation provider. 

    Espresso Translations uses a streamlined process to ensure that your birth certificate translation is completed fast. Here’s how it is done:

    1. Send us a clear and completely legible electronic copy of the birth certificate, either by email or using our online form.
    2. Tell us the language combination involved, which country you need to submit your documents to, and what the purpose is.
    3. Espresso Translations will get back to you within one hour with a quote and turnaround time.
    4. We will email you a copy of your translated and certified birth certificate that uses the same formatting as the original.
    5. If you need hard copies, your translation will be delivered by postal mail for a small fee.

    What are the requirements for USCIS translation of a birth certificate?

    The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires birth certificates to establish a person’s country of birth. The USCIS wants all foreign birth certificates or other appropriate official birth records to have a certified translation into English. The translation must also be entirely complete, with translations of every stamp, seal, and notation included.

    What do our clients say?

    The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires birth certificates to establish a person’s country of birth. The USCIS wants all foreign birth certificates or other appropriate official birth records to have a certified translation into English. The translation must also be entirely complete and accurate, with translations of every stamp, seal, and notation included.

    The quick response and service offered by Espresso Translations enabled us to meet a tight deadline for our documents. Excellent!

    – David


    It has been a joy to work with Espresso Translations who provided us with a very friendly and responsive translating service.

    – Paul

    US Embassy

    How long does it take to get a birth certificate translated?

    Normally, Espresso Translations can translate and certify a birth certificate within one working day of your formal request. This may take longer if the original document has particularly complex formatting. 

    If you need birth certificate translation done in a hurry, our professional translation service can provide an expedited solution that gets your translated birth certificate back to you within a matter of hours. 

    How much does it cost to translate a birth certificate?

    The cost of translating a birth certificate starts at $30 at Espresso for standard certification. Digital delivery of your translation is always included. You should know that fees for translation work are generally calculated based on the language pair, the number of words to be translated, and the complexity of the document’s formatting. Postage fees for printed copies start at $5.

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    Birth certificate certified translation template

    Certified Birth Certificate Translation

    Here is an example of a translation certification:

    certified translation services uk

    Who can translate a birth certificate?

    A professional, qualified translator or translation agency like Espresso Translations should translate and certify birth certificates for official use. Espresso works with native speakers who specialize in translating birth certificates for use in the United States and other countries. Our translators only translate into their native language for the best quality.

    Who can translate a birth certificate for immigration?

    If you are moving to the US from abroad, or if a US citizen is born abroad, the birth certificate will need to be translated and submitted to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The translated birth certificate is often used to verify your identity and nationality and is a vital part of background checks for authorizations to stay in the United States.

    Similarly, if you move from the US to a non-English speaking country, you will need to have your US birth certificate translated into that country’s language. Espresso Translations can do both types of translations.

    Where to get my birth certificate translated and notarized near me?

    Espresso Translations is based in London, England, but we provide official birth certificate translation services around the world. In today’s global world, translations can easily be performed remotely, without needing to leave your desk in most cases. We are as close as your phone or computer.

    We have translated thousands of birth certificates, and our network of skilled, professional translators extends to many countries. Our team of notarization and legalization partners in several countries means that we can help you with a notarized birth certificate or anything else you need related to the translation of documents.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does a translated birth certificate expire?

    In most cases, a certified translation of a birth certificate should not expire unless name spellings or other details have changed since the translation was done. For the rare cases when a particular official requests an update, however, this can usually be done quickly.

    Does USCIS accept translated birth certificates?

    The USCIS accepts and, in fact, requires a translated birth certificate if the original birth certificate was not written in English. The USCIS does insist that any birth certificate translation for immigration be certified, too. Espresso Translations can help with both tasks, so please get in touch so we can provide you with a translation!

    Do translated birth certificates need to be notarized for USCIS?

    For most purposes in the United States, you will not need to get your translated birth certificate notarized, and this includes birth certificates submitted to the USCIS.
    For translated birth certificates submitted overseas, some US-based embassies may require the translations to be notarized by a US notary public. Different foreign countries may have different requirements, which is why our team of experts stands ready to provide advice on how to determine exactly what kind of birth certificate legalization (certification/notarization) your translation will need.

    Can a notary translate a birth certificate?

    No, only a qualified translator can translate documents. Most notaries are not also qualified translators. The notary’s role is simply to verify the identity and signature of the certifying translator.
    Espresso is happy to help when you need a notarized translation. Get your birth certificate translation started today.

    Can I translate my birth certificate?

    Do not translate your own birth certificate if you need to use it for official purposes. A DIY translation will not be accepted by government bodies, foreign entities, or academic institutions. The purpose of the frequently requested certificate of translation is to attest to the accuracy of the translation. You should get your birth certificate translated by a professional with experience translating birth certificates, like the ones at Espresso Translations. Get a free quote today.