Certified Degree Translation Services

    For an accurate translation of your degree and transcripts at a competitive price, look no further than Espresso Translations. With our dual concentration on quick turnarounds and utter precision, we provide great value along with expert customer service, all while keeping an eye on compliance with US government guidelines on degree translation services.

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    Our certified foreign college degree translation services

    Anyone planning to work or continue their studies abroad will most likely need to submit a certified translation of your academic documents as part of your application, whether you have a high school diploma, an undergraduate degree, a postgraduate degree, or anything in between. Espresso Translations also performs diploma translations, educational certificate translations, academic transcript translations, and academic document translations of any kind of educational credential. 

    Our expert team of more than 1,500 fully certified and accredited translators can provide professional translations in more than 150 different languages. Our skilled and experienced translators are always native speakers of the target language for the most natural sounding results, so we can guarantee that our translations will be accepted by universities and potential employers. Furthermore, all our translators are highly qualified and have more than 5 years experience in the translation industry. 

    When you choose the reliable document translation service at Espresso Translations, you can feel confident that your certified translation of a degree or diploma certificate will be translated to comply with the specific criteria of the requesting entity. If you are submitting your academic documents to a US government department, academic institution, or employer, you can enjoy the assurance that our translations will follow .gov guidelines.

    Once we have double-checked your completed translation to our satisfaction, we send it back to you electronically along with the translation certification requested by the specific agency or country that will receive the translated documents.

    In most cases, Espresso Translations can complete the translation and certification of your degree certificate in 24 hours, always with the highest translation standards. We also offer an express service for more urgent situations, delivering digital copies of your translated document to you in just a few hours. When needed, Espresso can also send you hard copies of your translation for a modest additional fee. 

    The process for getting a translation is straightforward: when you need degree certificates translated, just reach out to Espresso Translations using our online contact form along with a clearly legible digital scan of your certificates. Withing just one hour, Espresso will respond to you to provide a free quote for your translation needs. 

    Our reasonable prices for certified translations start at $30 (plus tax/VAT). Prices start at $90 (plus tax/VAT) for those institutions that require a sworn or notarized translation.

    Here is a summary of our translation services at a glance:

    Accepted by Universities and other academic institutions, employers, government entities, USCIS
    Translator CredentialsAccredited translators with at least 5 years of experience
    Types of LegalisationCertified, sworn, and/or notarized are available
    Quality AssuranceISO 17100 certified
    CostStarting at just $30 + VAT
    LanguagesMore than 150 languages
    DeliveryExpress service for urgent translation deadlines
    Other servicesApostille service available

    Which degrees can be translated?

    In the US, a degree or certificate from a foreign university, if not originally in English, must be translated into English. You should always ask for an official translation in these situations.

    A translation of an academic degree faithfully recreates your document into the language you need, called the target language. This may be necessary if you apply for a job in another country or submit an application to attend an application to a foreign university.

    Regardless of the specific degree or diploma (bachelor’s degree, technical certification, study achievements, or other academic credentials), their purpose is to communicate your qualifications in having successfully completed a course of study in your subject area. Naturally, to convey the information in your documents, they must be readable by the recipient. If you are seeking employment or further study in another country, chances are good that we have an expert in the right pair of languages. 

    All degree certificate translations should be done by an accredited translation company, like Espresso Translations, to ensure they will be recognized and accepted when they reach their destination.

    Where can I translate my degree?

    Be sure to select a professional translation company like Espresso Translations to do the translation of your degree or diploma certificate. For any translation task, you should seek a translation service provider that is ISO-certified or accredited by a translation association. Also be sure to look at online reviews to be sure that the translation agency you choose has a proven track record.

    At Espresso Translations, all you need to do is tell us what you need and send us clearly legible copies of your certificates or other documents. Then, within just 60 minutes, we will send you an affordable quote for the translations services you need. Once you agree to accept our services, we will complete the translation carefully, certify it, and delivery it to you in digital format within 48 hours.

    How much does a foreign degree translation cost?

    When you need a certified translation, our reasonable prices start at just $30 (+VAT), which includes a certificate of translation and free delivery of digital copies. When you need to receive hard copies of the translation(s), we will add a modest postage charge based on the location where the hard copies will be sent. 

    The specific price for a certified university degree translation depends on a few factors: the language pair required, the length of the degree, and the complexity of its terminology and formatting. A bachelor’s degree translation and a master’s degree translation may have the same price unless they are significantly different in other respects.

    If you need a translation that includes additional related services such as notarization or sworn translations, Espresso’s prices start at $90 (+VAT).

    For translation services at affordable prices, Espresso Translations can translate your diploma or degree with guaranteed accuracy of the translation regardless of the optional services you choose.

    Can you get a translated degree online?

    Espresso Translations is an official UK translation company in London that provides a reliable, fast service for translating official documents including degree certificates. Our customers, however, may be located in the United States or, really, anywhere in the world. Espresso Translations provides an academic translation service that is entirely online, which means that you can order your university degree translation from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you happen to have a smart phone on hand.

    These days, you no longer need to seek out a translation service in a specific location. With the Espresso Translations network of 1,500 experienced translators extending around the globe, a qualified linguist can complete your translation entirely remotely and deliver it promptly wherever you need it.

    How long does it take to get a degree translated?

    Espresso Translations offers both standard and express delivery options for all our translation services. With our standard service, your translated document will be ready within 48 hours. With our express service, you can enjoy a 24-hour turnaround, perhaps even less than 24 hours. Even getting a quote is speedy: Fill out our handy online form, and we will respond to your translation request with an affordable quote and an expected turnaround time — within just one hour.

    US certified diploma translation service accepted by education institutions and universities

    In the United States, the universities and other educational institutions wanting proof of your previous academic achievements will accept translated documents from Espresso Translations. Our translations are also accepted by corporations and other employers in the US, as well as government agencies like the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

    If you need an English degree or credential translated for submission to foreign universities and employers, rest assured that we offer certified, notarized, sworn and apostille translation services, which foreign countries may require. These requirements can differ from country to country, so you should be sure to find out what the destination entity will accept. If you encounter difficulties in determining the requirements of local authorities, get in touch with Espresso Translations, and one of our helpful project managers can offer advice on the specific type of translation you need for your particular situation.

    For official translation of academic records of all types, you can rely on Espresso Translations to give you the best translation.

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    What does a certified diploma translation look like?

    degree translation services

    Here is an example of a translation certification:

    certified translation services uk

    What are the requirements for a high school diploma and transcript certified translation in the US?

    US universities will require any academic certificate that is not in English to be translated as part of the application process. You may also need to provide a translation of your academic transcript (meaning a record of all the subjects and modules that you have studied as well as the corresponding grades, credits and any exemptions). Other translated academic papers or research papers may be requested by some universities. As always, make sure to ask what is required for your paper work to be accepted, and be sure to let Espresso Translations know what you need.

    In the US, you may or may not be required to submit the degree translation together with a translation certification or statement of truth that is signed by the translator stating that it is a “true and accurate translation of the original document.” The statement would also contain the translator’s or translation office’s contact details. This service is available should you need it.

    How do you get a degree translated?

    Whether you need to get an official degree translated into English or another language, the process is simple. Just send us a clearly legible scan of your original certificate (or other academic document) by email or using our online contact form. You don’t need to send us the physical degree certificate for your translation, because all we need is a legible, scanned copy. Then, when your translation is done, our experienced translators will return to you a certified translation of your degree or credential. And translation accuracy is always our focus.

    Do I need my translated degree certificate to be notarized?

    Most US universities only require a certified translation of documents. Requiring notarization is a little more unusual. When in doubt about whether your translated degree certificate needs to be certified and notarized, just certified, or sworn, contact Espresso Translations with your specific requirements. We will be happy to advise you on the level of certification required and the services we provide.

    What do our clients say?

    We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, including speedy support and comprehensive guidance from our project managers. Check out our customer reviews:

    I recently utilized the certified translation services offered by Espresso Translations, and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed. From start to finish, the entire process was seamless and efficient.

    – David


    The translations provided by Espresso Translations were of exceptional quality. The accuracy and precision with which they translated my official documents were impressive.

    – Paul

    British Embassy

    When do you need a degree certificate translation?

    When you are submitting an application to a foreign university, applying for a job abroad or requesting a student visa, you will likely need your degree translated. At times, you may also need to provide translations of other documents such as education certificates, diplomas or papers, depending on the requirements of the organization you are dealing with.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I receive a physical copy of my translated degree, or is it digital only?

    As part of our affordable translation services, a digital copy of your translated degree is always provided without an extra charge. If your circumstances call for a hard copy of the translation, however, you can request one and Espresso will send it to you for a small fee.

    Can I update or make changes to my translated degree certificate later?

    As a matter of principle, a translated degree or certificate cannot be changed unless you find a translation error. This is because a certified translated degree certificate faithfully reproduces all the original content you submitted, and the translator signs their name to certify that it is a true translation of the original file. Should there be an error in the original degree or certificate, you will need to get your university to replace the degree or certificate before Espresso Translations (or any other ethical translator) can make any changes to the translation.

    Can I translate my own university degree?

    In a word, no. You should not translate any academic credentials unless you are yourself an experience professional translator! Even if you happen to be a professional translator, if you are applying to a university or need the degree for another official purpose, the documents must be translated by an independent third party. Also, that person or translation agency must be qualified to translate the documents and able to certify their accuracy.
    When you need a diploma translations, rather than doing it yourself, a much better choice is to ask an established translation provider like Espresso Translations to provide certified diploma translation services.

    What should I do if I find an error in my translated degree certificate?

    Any errors that may appear in your original degree certificate will be duly translated by the translator. The translator will flag an evident error with the words “sic erat scriptum,” meaning “thus was it written.” Translators are not allowed to change any content of the original document, even obvious errors. 
    Espresso Translations is a translation agency with a solid reputation for providing great service and high quality in our certified diploma translation services and other education-related translations. We make every effort to ensure that your translation is complete and accurate. Mistakes, however, can happen to anyone. In the unlikely instance you find an error in the translated document, Espresso Translations will correct that error free of charge as part of our guarantee of accuracy to you, our valued customer.

    Is a degree certificate mandatory for WES?

    The World Education Services (WES) offers credential evaluation services. To provide credential evaluation, WES only needs to receive an academic transcript. If the transcript is not already in English, it will have to be translated. 
    The WES does not require you too provide your degree certificate; as a matter of fact, you should not send them original documents, lest they be destroyed. The WES report identifies and details your credentials, verifies that your credentials are genuine, and offers an evaluation of the authenticity of your documents.