Vaccination Record Translation Services

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    Trusted immunization record translation services

    Vaccination certificates and records show the dates of immunizations against specific diseases. Some countries issue these records as a vaccination booklet, while others issue cards or other proof of vaccination. Many countries require proof of immunity to a number of diseases before allowing travel or immigration.

    When your vaccination records are in a different language than is spoken in the destination country, most likely you will need to get these records translated into another language. This need for translated vaccination records may also arise when returning to your home country after visiting abroad, and could even be required for access to schools.

    For precise and trustworthy translations of vaccination records and helpful customer service, you can count on Espresso Translations for fast, excellent translations. These translation services can include certification and various kinds of legalization, in addition to extra-speedy turnaround for urgent deadlines. Our team of expert linguists can provide translations from or into more than 150 languages, all with a close eye on the quality of work we perform.

    Are you ready to get your vaccination records translated? Then use our web form to get a fast, free quote from Espresso Translations. If you prefer, you can telephone or email us with your request, too. We promise to respond to you within just one hour.

    The table below gives a brief overview of our vaccination record translation service:

    Accepted byUSCIS, foreign visa and immigration agencies, universities, banks, and embassies
    Translator credentialsQualified translators with at least 5 years of experience
    Quality guaranteeISO 17100:2015 certified agency
    PricesFixed rates per word starting from $35 + tax/VAT
    Turnaround times 48 hours, 24 hours, same-day delivery
    DeliveryFree digital delivery. Postal shipping starts at $5.
    Supported document formatsPDF, JPG, PNG, Word, and many others
    LanguagesMore than 150 different language combinations possible
    Types of documentsVaccination certificates, vaccination booklets
    Services offeredStandard, sworn, notarized and apostille translations
    Service areasThe United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and other international locations

    Certified vaccination record translation accepted by USCIS, local authorities, courts and universities

    The professionals at Espresso Translations are experienced linguists providing top-quality translations of vaccination records with a strong history of acceptance by major government agencies around the globe.

    US department of interior
    US immigration
    US health service

    Who can translate my vaccination record?

    In order to translate your vaccinations and immunity to disease, you should work with a professional translator in order to avoid delays or rejections.

    For example, Espresso Translations, as an ISO 17100 certified translation agency, has the quality and accuracy you should insist upon when getting translations of any health information, as well as outstanding service. Espresso can also furnish certified, sworn and notarized translations for extra peace of mind.

    At Espresso Translations, the linguists handling your vaccination translation are highly qualified, credentialed and experienced.

    In short, even a native speaker, unless they are an experienced translator trained in public health regulations, should be avoided. Employers and government agencies often require certification or other types of legalization that a person not versed in professional translations may not be able to provide. You will get the best results with a certified translator at Espresso Translations.

    Where can I get my vaccination record translated for Immigration?

    You will be in good hands with the professionals at Espresso Translations. Here is an outline of how the process will go:

    1. Call us or email us with your request, or use our quote request form to tell us your translation needs.
    2. We respond to requests for quotes on translations within one hour, so you will not need to wait long.
    3. When you get the go-ahead, place your order by emailing or uploading an electronic copy of the front and back of your vaccination document.
    4. We will deliver your translation in two or three working days unless you arranged an expedited delivery.

    What do our clients say?

    Espresso Translations takes particular pride in its outstanding customer service and translation accuracy. We go the extra mile to help our customers, including expert assistance from our project managers. Take a look at reviews from our happy customers:

    When I needed a sworn translation of a vaccination booklet to enroll my son in kindergarten in a foreign state I moved to, I turned to Espresso Translations and experienced rapid delivery times, affordable prices and satisfaction for all, including my son!

    – David


    Some time ago I urgently needed a Covid vaccination certificate for a work trip to Singapore. After a quick internet search, I contacted Espresso Translation to ask for more information. Even though it wasn’t really business hours, I received a very fast response.

    – Paul

    British Embassy

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    Example of certified translations of vaccination records

    certificato di vaccinazione

    This is a sample of a certified translation of a vaccination certificate:

    certified translation services uk

    Do I need to translate my vaccination records?

    You will need a translation of your vaccination records in a number of circumstances, such as:

    • Submitting documents to move to a foreign country
    • Enrolling a child in school at any educational level abroad, from kindergarten to university
    • Applying for a visa
    • Providing proof of vaccinations performed while in a different country
    • Getting a job in another country in some industries
    • As requested by courts of law, embassies, and government agencies

    Bear in mind that some vaccinations are mandatory and cannot be omitted when seeking entry into a foreign country, while others may not be required but are rather recommended for your health and safety and that of the public at large. All immunization records should be translated into the language spoken in the country you are transferring to.

    Although the COVID-19 emergency has faded away from the news, certain countries still want to see your COVID-19 immunizations before allowing entry, so make sure you ask about requirements.

    For your health: Even if vaccination records are not required officially for travel, it can be beneficial to have these records translated as a measure to protect your health and treatment options while spending time abroad. The last thing you should deal with if you suddenly have to visit a hospital is questions about your vaccinations in another language.

    How much does vaccination records translation cost?

    The price of a standard translation of a vaccination certificate and vaccination booklet will usually be around $35 plus tax/VAT. Depending on your individual case, the price you pay may vary due to factors such as:

    • Text length: this is usually measured per word or per page, and longer text will cost more.
    • Unusual languages: Rare languages or language combinations may require extra time and a linguist with special skills.
    • Terminology: unusually detailed medical terminology could require a specialist.
    • Short turnarounds: requests for expedited delivery will incur an extra fee.
    • Special services: legalization, attestation, apostille, sworn translation of the document, a certificate of translation compliance, and the like will cost more.
    • Print delivery: hard copies sent by courier or postal mail is an additional service.
    • Stamp duties: any duties or taxes due will need to be factored into the price.

    When you work with Espresso Translations, you will be informed of the price in advance, and the cost will be competitive. Our quotes list full details on the cost and payment policies, along with the date and time you will receive the finished translation.

    How long does it take to translate a vaccination record?

    It should rarely take more than a couple of business days to complete a simple translation of a vaccination record. If a certified or sworn translation is required, the extra steps involved may add from 2 to 10 days to the turnaround time. Rare languages or special terminology could also take additional time.

    Espresso Translations is fast at all phases of the translation process, from getting a quote (within one hour) to the provision of special services and final delivery. If you find yourself confronting a deadline that is approaching quickly, you might consider our express service. For a reasonable fee, translations can be fast-tracked for speedy turnaround while maintaining our usual scrupulous quality standards.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get my immunization records translated and certified?

    If your immunization records are not available in the language spoken in the country you are applying to, they will need to be translated. The requirements for translated records may vary from country to country. In the United States, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires all translations to be certified. Certification means that the translator adds a signed and sealed certificate to assume responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the translation. The certification process will generally add to the cost and sometimes to the time required to complete a translation. The Espresso Translations agency provides timely, precise certified translations of your immunization records, and getting a free quote is quick and easy.

    How do I access my immunization records?

    In the United States, your healthcare provider should be able to provide a copy of your immunization records or give you access to download them. If you have a separate card listing your Covid-19 vaccinations, you should submit that as well.

    Can I translate my vaccination record for USCIS?

    The USCIS wants to see evidence that an applicant should not be excluded from the country on public health grounds. That means submitting vaccination records, and if the vaccination records have been translated into English, the translation must have a certificate from the translator that attests to the accuracy of the translation. Please note that translations must be typed or printed, as the USCIS will not accept handwritten translations.

    Do translated vaccination records need to be notarized for USCIS?

    The USCIS does not require notarization of translated vaccination records, but the translation must be certified as complete and accurate by the translator in order to be accepted.